by Ram de Night



My Beautiful Teacher (我的美女老师) is a Chinese novel written by Ram de Night (黑夜de白羊). It is the most popular novel under Modern Xianxia genre at


My Beautiful Teacher tells the story of a university graduate Qin Chao who can’t seem to find a job and is in a downward spiral in his life. Then one night as he walks home from another failed job interview, a vase hits his head, making him get possessed by an old and powerful evil spirit sealed in that vase. A series of adventures then took place as he deals with all kinds of supernatural beings.

Romance, adventure, devil body, ghost, treasured artifact, campus drama, demon, celebrity face, and plenty of humor.

Chapter 1   All Because of Lunchbox

Chapter 2  Heavenly Beauty

Chapter 3   Arrogant Security

Chapter 4   I Am The God

Chapter 5   Snitching Failed

Chapter 6  Going To Tell Your Wife

Chapter 7  Devil Woman

Chapter 8  Nosy People

Chapter 9  Alley Fights

Chapter 10 Next Door Neighbour

Chapter 11 Speeding on Scooter

Chapter 12 Is That Ketchup Really Tasty

Chapter 13 Mysteriously Appear and Disappear

Chapter 14 I want to eat white meat with pickled cabbage

Chapter 15 Both are Villain

Chapter 16 Tractor’s power

Chapter 17 Fall From The Top

Chapter 18 Kongkong Appears

Chapter 19 Both Of You Are Cheater

Chapter 20 To Be Promoted and Gain Wealth

Chapter 21 Southern Jiangsu Rising Star

Chapter 22 Little Snake Demon

Chapter 23 Devil Woman’s Worries

Chapter 24 Campus Suicide Case

Chapter 25 You Are a Swindler

Chapter 26 Red Clothed Evil Spirit

Chapter 27 Not A Ghost But A Beautiful Girl

Chapter 28 Grant You A Wish

Chapter 29 Conversation With Spirit

Chapter 30 Take The Beauty Back Home To Sleep

Chapter 31 Give Me

Chapter 32 Be My Chef

Chapter 33 Posturing

Chapter 34 Two Tigers Cannot Live On One Mountain

Chapter 35 The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 36 Who’s The Boss

Chapter 37 I Only Asked For A Lighter

Chapter 38 I Come To Take Your Life

Chapter 39 Make Sure You Are Not Hurt

Chapter 40 The Power Of A Bullet

Chapter 41 The Magical Speed Of The Investigation

Chapter 42 An Episode Of Turbulence

Chapter 43 Crossroad Devil

Chapter 44 Everyone Will Do the Running Exercise

Chapter 45 I Want To Drive The Cayenne

Chapter 46 Little King Of The Road

Chapter 47 One on One Challenge

Chapter 48 A Ball To Decide The Fate

Chapter 49 Li Na Is In Love

Chapter 50 A Dull Man

Chapter 51 I Am A Monk, You Are A Nun

Chapter 52 Become A Roommate

Chapter 53 To Enter A Palace

Chapter 54 Attorney Huang’s Unusual Interest

Chapter 55 The President’s Arrogance

Chapter 56 Su Ji’s Dance

Chapter 57 To Spout A 500000

Chapter 58 Meeting The Enemy On A Narrow Road

Chapter 59 I Want To Settle The Score

Chapter 60 Don’t Mess With Me

Chapter 61 Birth Control Pill

Chapter 62 Break Your Legs

Chapter 63 Visualize Luo De

Chapter 64 Yanluo Sect

Chapter 65 I Am A Man, Not A Gay

Chapter 66 Sun Xiaofeng Run Away

Chapter 67 Express Delivery And Flashlight

Chapter 68 Underground Parking Lot Assassination

Chapter 69 Bring Su Fei Home

Chapter 70 Spend The Night With Su Fei

Chapter 71 A Mistake

Chapter 72 This Is The City Of Suzhou

Chapter 73 Be My Girlfriend

Chapter 74 Night Chase

Chapter 75 Leave This One

Chapter 76 I Want To Eat Sweet And Sour Short Ribs

Chapter 77 Fighting Badly

Chapter 78 The Killer In The Night

Chapter 79 Massacre

Chapter 80 You Are Not Dead?

Chapter 81 You Are Just Style Without Substance

Chapter 82 What Is This Thing?

Chapter 83 The Leader Of The Demon Beasts Sect

Chapter 84 Refuse To Accept The Treatment

Chapter 85 Powerful Housekeeper

Chapter 86 Let Me Take A Photo Of Your Wife

Chapter 87 Voracious Eating

Chapter 88 The Arrogant And Wealthy Loli

Chapter 89 Your Ace Bodyguard

Chapter 90 Eat This Cake

Chapter 91 Here Comes The Vampire

Chapter 92 Tentacle’s Plot

Chapter 93 To Brandish Castration Knife

Chapter 94 Visiting To Demand The Debt

Chapter 95 Haggling Over House Price

Chapter 96 To Sacrifice Oneself

Chapter 97 Monk And The Diamond Sutra

Chapter 98 Master Shifang’s Disciple

Chapter 99 Who Dare To Stop Me

Chapter 100 Sweet Little Babysitter

Chapter 101 Teaching The Arrogant And Lovely Loli

Chapter 102 The Second Wish

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22 thoughts on “My Beautiful Teacher

  1. If you’re reading & translating from a raw WN link, don’t suppose you could share that link somewhere? Or atleast the characters making up the name, so that I (and anyone else) can read a bit ahead of the current translation, to get psyched up by the coming events?


  2. Hey. It´s a nice novel your´re translating. Have you thought about using reddit/noveltranslations because i just found your novel via luck through novelupdates.


  3. Yo Subdai11 do you still plan to translate this story for when it begins to go downhill later on. Also 2014 chapters is a lot, respect to you if you are commited to translating that many.


  4. Hello, sorry I wanted to ask permission to translate this novel to the Spanish. Obviously I will give you your respective credits :3


  5. Why are the links not working for me i want to read this so much 😭😭😭
    mai kitsune wife is not working as well 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Please try to fix it or see the problem.


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