Chang Xi region terrain stands tall and erect, with a continuous mountain range, but if anyone asks which is the highest mountain, people will invariably point to a place.

A sword like towering mountain that pierced through the clouds on the plateau. On this mountain, there is a sect named Spirit Sword Sect, one of the leading prestigious big sect in the cultivation world, which dominate the area. Hence, this mountain is also named Spirit Sword Mountain.

Spirit Sword Mountain summit. In an exquisite small bamboo chamber, an old man wearing a sword-type hairpin was looking at the clear sky. His hands were holding a silvery sword. The sword reflected the starlight, the delicate and complex texture, like the flow of water, slowly went upward along the sword. However, halfway through, the flow abruptly stopped.

The old man’s eyebrows wrinkled, his heart secretly thought this was a bad omen.

“The sword light is interrupted, this means to die prematurely. Sect Leader senior martial brother, are you reading your own fortune?” As the voice came from behind him, a white-robed barefooted woman carrying a yellow wine gourd in one hand and a green bamboo sword in another hand, along with the smell of tobacco and alcohol that reeked from her body, appeared behind the star-gazing old man.

The star-gazing old man’s deduction was interrupted, he had no choice but to control his breathing to stop what he was doing and breathed out a foul air from his mouth.

“Fifth martial sister, next time remember to knock on the door.”

“I knock when I go out.”

“I mean my door, not your door.”

The sect leader sighed: “Why are you looking for me?”

“To borrow money.”

“….If I remember correctly, you still owe me twenty thousand Lingshi.” The sect leader said, eyes solemn and face serious.

The woman very bitterly said: “Ai, it’s all because our Spirit Sword Sect are too poor, me, the magnificent fifth elder, the number two expert in our sect, unexpectedly only has five hundred Lingshi as salary each month, how can I pay off my debt? Martial brother, how about you abdicate your position and give it to me, I can then embezzle the public money to pay back my debt….”

“Martial sister, if you really want this sect leader position, then….”

“Then you will give it to me? Martial brother, sure enough, you are really benevolent and righteous!”

“I want to say, if you want to be the sect leader, first you have to give up the four cardinal vices (wine, sex, avarice, and temper) and cultivate in seclusion for five years. When you reach the Yuanying stage, then you can talk to me again.”

The woman in white immediately pretended that nothing has happened: “Martial brother, lend me some money.”


“….Whom did you just do your divination for that it result in premature death?”

The sect leader martial brother said in a sinking voice: “Spirit Sword Sect.”

The fifth martial sister’s complexion changed, sobered from the alcohol and argued: “You’re joking, right!? Spirit Sword Sect will meet extinction?”

“It’s more than just Spirit Sword Sect, I am afraid this sword light is pointing at the whole cultivation world, do you remember the legend about the end of time….Alas, this sword light broke one-third of its way, I am afraid the days of peace in the cultivation world will only last for several years. Could it be that we really need to produce one billion Lingshi to sponsor the union of ten thousand immortals to repair those five prehistoric divine boats?”

“Spirit Sword Sect’s stars big diffraction technique is among the very few deduction method in the cultivation world and martial brother is a person of outstanding talent, so it is unlikely for you to make an error, but just now when martial brother used the immortal sword, it seemingly not the year sword.”

The sect leader martial brother was stunned: “Not the year sword?” He hastened to bow to take a closer look, the character on the sword hilt was really not ‘year,’ but….

The next moment, this awe-inspiring expert whose name shook a whole nation uttered a cry of horror: “Why is this a tea sword!? Is this not to say only a few tea time before our end?”

The fifth martial sister was scared silly, the wine gourd fell to the ground with a bang; The golden liquor gurgled out but was ignored by her.

“Sect leader martial brother, how many times have I told you that you are nearsighted and you should honestly wear eyeglasses, you can’t even tell the difference between (the character) tea and (the character) sword….Forget it, since now we only have (the time to drink) a few cups of tea before the end of time, martial brother, hurry up and abdicate your position to me, let me die in that position.”

“…Even if I die, I will not shame our Spirit Sword Sect.”

“I don’t want to die with a monthly salary of five hundred Lingshi! I will die unable to close my eyes!”

As they argued, time flies, the few cups of tea time quietly slipped away.

At the Spirit Sword mountain summit, the bright starry sky was especially dazzling, the stars in the sky slowly but firmly up and running, each star flurriedly trembled, like pollen particles in water being observed in detail under microscopic observation, it’s a never before appearance in the continent for thousands of years.

Seeing this, the martial brother and sister’s heart were shocked.

The stars big diffraction technique was not false, the herald of the end of time casually came to the land to prepare for the merciless wiping of the cultivation world.

At the last moment, the sect leader martial brother, with a trace of paleness in his face, said.

“Martial sister, there is one thing I would like to say over a century ago but never had the chance to say it, since now the end is within sight…”

As the sect leader sent his firm yet magnetic voice, his brimming-with-truth words entered the opposite party’s ears, the trembling of the stars were getting increasingly intense.

“I think it is time to tell you my truth.”

In these last minutes, time flies, the starlight vigorously burst like blooming flowers, the night sky was bright as day. A broom-like shooting sky pierced through the sky.

That was the legendary herald of the end time, the comet Halley; When the comet fell, the world’s vital energy dried up and the end of time arrives….The summit of the Spirit Sword mountain, trembled under this ‘heavenly wind,’ it was as if the sky was about to collapse.

The white clothed woman’s bright eyes swept around, a trace of the reverse image of the golden light was reflected in her frantic eyes. She lazily dragged her bamboo sword upward to cover her eyes from the light in the sky, as if the whole sky was about to collapse.

However, the sky did not change, the shooting star flew past the land and after that, the trembling stars and everything went into silence.

The fifth martial sister bewilderedly swung the bamboo sword around like a tentacle to sense the change in the world’s vital energy.

“It seems…all right?”

The woman turned her head toward her sect leader martial brother for a confirmation; Her martial brother’s cultivation was two realms higher than her – Although she was not afraid to fight, regarding this change in the heaven and earth, she looked up for someone with authority.

The sect leader martial brother’s face was desolate: “At least this is not the end of time.”

“Oh, so the big diffraction technique is wrong? But that’s okay. Martial brother, why do you look disappointed?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Rarely we can avoid such a doom, let us celebrate by relieving the debt.”


The doomsday crisis went past, remembering the surging desire to surrender into his passion just now, the sect leader inwardly heaved a long sigh. In addition, he became more puzzled.

The big diffraction technique was not absolute, but his earlier premonition was not wrong, just now, the doomsday event really brushed past the continent.

Regarding this suddenly arrived and suddenly left crisis, the sect leader was at a loss.

But there was something that can be determined with certainty, its impact on the continent was just a little bit.

The old man looked up at the vast galaxy, sighed, and once again fiddling with the star sword in his hand; After thinking for a long time: “After escaping the calamity, there must be a blessing. The aftermath of this crisis will likely usher a golden age of the cultivation world….By the way, when was the last time we have the immortal ascension general assembly?”

The fifth martial sister widened her eyes: “Immortal, immortal ascension general assembly?” While talking she involuntarily swallowed down her saliva.

The old man ignored her; He pinched his finger to count: “At least it is more than one hundred years, next time, we’ll make it in twelve years. When the time comes, the change in heaven and earth should somewhat appear. I am not asking too much, as long as the golden age a hundred years ago to appear again, our Spirit Sword Sect’s revival is expected.”

Hearing about the sect’s revival, the fifth martial sister withdrew her smile, and took a long yawn. Regarding this, the old man can only smile wryly.

“The golden age one hundred years ago was missed by us, from all the golden generation that time there is only ten of us left, this time, no matter….”

After that yawn, the fifth martial sister coldly humphed, turned and walked away.

Meanwhile, below the Spirit Sword mountain, at the unnamed corner of the Chang Xi area, with a loud cry, a baby was born to the world.


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