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Pain tightly wrapped around Qin Chao, making him wish that he were dead.

“Aa!” His nerves overloaded with pain, Qin Chao finally could not help but cry out. This pain brought his consciousness back, along with his strength.

But Qin Chao dared not use this force because he did not want to hurt those girls, especially Su Ji.

“Are you stupid?” That voice sharply rebuked him, “If you don’t kill her, you will be killed by her!”

“D*mn it, so what, you’re so long-winded!”

Drawing up his strength, Qin Chao cursed back, “This is my choice, what has that got to do with you!”

“I told you, I am you, you are me.” That voice answered him, “If you die, I will also die.”

“F*ck, then let’s go to hell together!” Qin Chao suddenly burst out laughing, spewing out blood from his mouth. His smile looked ferocious.

“You, you’re not afraid to die?”

“Afraid, of course I am afraid!” Qin Chao felt that the sound feared his laughter, “But if I were given a choice, I would rather let Su Ji live!”

The reason why he can obtain all of these was because of Su Ji, that lovable beautiful girl.

If not for her, his consciousness would have been consumed by Luo De. If not for her, he would not have worked at Guangyuan College as a security. If not for her, he would never have came into contact with Liao Shasha, Yu Lu….

Therefore, the most fortunate thing for Qin Chao was, when he was having a hard time he met with this girl who can make him feel especially happy.

If Su Ji was gone, he would be alone, what’s the point in living anymore?

Only by staying alive together, diligently practicing their cultivation method and becoming a pair of happy immortal couple, will his life be interesting.

“Ba!” While Qin Chao was anxiously thinking that he would rather abandon his life to save the girls, Su Ji once again raised her wrist. Blue seal mark flew out and directly crashed into Qin Chao.

This time, there seemed to be dozens of bullets penetrating his body. Qin Chao’s pupils dilated to the max, the pain was instantly stretched to the extreme.

The pain was so severe that he cannot even cry out.

Qin Chao silently counted in his heart that this was the fourth incantation. With Su Ji’s strength, she can only launch four out of six of the Six Bright Incantation. If she really launched the fifth incantation, he might really lose his life.

But then, Su Ji did something that stunned him.

He saw this beautiful girl quietly made a Buddhist hand seal.

“Motionless Brightest Image!”

A golden image of Buddha appeared behind her and quickly melted on her body.

The first incantation of the Nine Characters Incantation Seal was the incantation to enhance the user’s strength and physique, which was what Su Ji just displayed.

Qin Chao hung a wry smile on his lips, he forgot that Su Ji has begun practicing the Nine Characters Incantation Seal, which can help her stride forward toward the Divine Ability stage.

“External Lion Image!” Soon, Su Ji made another hand seal, the golden Buddha entered the
Buddhist prayer beads on her wrist.

That Buddhist beads suddenly emitted a divine golden light, its strength was enhanced to the extreme.

After enhancing her own strength, she then enhanced her artifact. It seemed like this time, the
girl really wanted to finish him.

“Last chance!” That nasty voice floated out, “If you choose to kill her, you will live, and later on
will be free and unfettered, and no one can stop you!”

Qin Chao did not say anything as if that voice was just a dog bark in his ears. He stood there, quietly waiting with a smile on his face for Su Ji’s strongest attack.

He thought that if he had never met her, he would have been killed by Luo De.

Since she wanted to take back this debt, he would gladly return it to her….

“Mi!” Su Ji finally launched the fifth Buddhist incantation. Red seal marks continued to appear
in the air one after another, and then, like rain, they fell on Qin Chao.

Qin Chao was somewhat panic, although he did not care if these seal marks fell on him, this time, the seal marks would also hit the other girls.

They were not cultivators, so they simply cannot withstand such an attack.

Was Su Ji really crazy? She did not even care her own sister?

“Get out of the way!” Qin Chao roared and launched his thought ability. The few girls around him were pushed to the distance with his thought ability.

But he himself, stood there, ready to accept the baptism of the red seal marks.

“Since you don’t want to live, then go to hell yourself!” That voice shouted and then laughed smugly, “Hahaha, if you die, your body will be mine!”

“Bang, bang, bang!” Successive loud explosions rang in the air. At a time when that voice proudly laughed, Qin Chao’s body suddenly emitted a dazzling golden glow.

The light became more and more bright and soon spread throughout the abyss, washing everything.

Those corpses, along with the girls that Qin Chao cared about, including Su Ji, quickly vanished from this place.

But Qin Chao himself, like a small golden Sun, squatted on the ground.

“How, how is this possible!” That voice yelled in panic, “How, how could the Diamond body be activated?”

“Idiot!” Another voice rang, it was the voice of the old man Luo De, “You, this heart devil must be an idiot. Qin Chao is a Devil Arhat, the Buddha is the Devil, the Devil is the buddha. Since he has his devil power, how could you confine his Buddhist power? Little heart devil, you better leave this place.”

“No, that’s impossible!” That voice yelled, he was unwilling, “I won’t let you be born again, this body is mine!”

With that, a thick black smoke suddenly appeared in the abyss and then fell to the ground.

Just then, the golden light began to converge, back to Qin Chao’s body.

He slowly stood up and opened his eyes. At that moment, his eyes emitted two golden lights that fell on top of that black smoke like two swords.

That smoke screamed, twisted and dodged these golden lights.

Staring with a pair of golden eyes, Qin Chao’s mind was clear.

At that moment, he broke through the second stage of the Diamond Sutra, Diamond Skyscraper!

He realized that in order to make a breakthrough in the Diamond Sutra, not only it relied on the cultivation, he also needed to improve his state of mind. If Qin Chao did not have the mind to willingly sacrifice himself, he would probably not enter the second realm.

As he reached this Diamond Skyscraper stage, his Diamond Sutra undergone a significant change. From now on, no longer would he be passively beaten like a cockroach, when the enemy beat him, the Diamond Skyscraper counter-attack effect will appear.

When his enemy threw their attack at him, he would receive only seventy percent of that attack, while thirty percent of the attack would be reflected back at his attacker. But he was protected by the Diamond Sutra, while his attacker did not.

A powerful stage indeed….

Especially when he reached the pinnacle of the Diamond Sutra, his attacker would suffer an equal amount of force as him….

“Since they cannot kill you, then I will personally end you!”

That black smoke twisted a few times and slowly condensed into an entity. When that entity was fully formed, Qin Chao was stunned. That face and that look were clearly his!

However, the other side has dark skin. For the time being, he would be called Qin Chao II.

“Hihi….” Qin Chao II laughed strangely, his pair of dead-like eyes swept Qin Chao’s body.

“So you are my heart devil.” Qin Chao waved his hand, the Evil King Sword flew from somewhere to his hand. When this black evil sword landed on Qin Chao’s hand, it suddenly emitted a buzzing sound. The black sword seemed like it shatters, in the blink of an eye, it turned into a golden sword.

Attribute conversion!

For the Evil King Sword to change like this, Qin Chao also did not know why. After all, when the sword was given to him by Rosy, she only said that the sword was powerful, without giving any other explanation.

However, right now the Evil King Sword was as close to him as flesh and blood, even if it was a strange sword, Qin Chao would take it to the new extreme.

“Hihi, you think you can defeat me with a sword?” Qin Chao II waved, a shadow appeared on his hand. That shadow then gradually condensed into another Evil King Sword.

“You are me, I am you. Everything you know, I know it too, including your flaws.”

Qin Chao II said with confidence, waving his Evil King Sword twice. A black sword qi was suddenly generated out of thin air and rushed toward Qin Chao.

“Sword qi?” Qin Chao was surprised, he did not know that the Evil King Sword can create such a thing.

However, by relying on his Diamond Sutra, Qin Chao simply held his golden Evil King Sword in front of his body to block that attack.

“Bam!” The golden Evil King Sword issued a crisp sound, the sword qi was immediately divided into two halves and crashed into Qin Chao.

His Diamond body automatically reacted, the second realm effect showed up.

A portion of the sword qi bounced back, which shocked Qin Chao II. The later did not seem to have the power of the Diamond Sutra, he waved his Evil King Sword to break that portion of sword qi.

“Diamond Skyscraper!” Qin Chao II said with clenched teeth, “How did you break through the second realm!”

“You miscalculated.” Qin Chao put down his golden Evil King Sword and dismissively said, “But can you tell me how could you use the Evil King Sword so freely?”

“Want to know why?” Qin Chao II sneered and wielded his Evil King Sword, “Go ask Yama in hell!”

With that, the Evil King Sword shone with black light. Then a black ‘crescent moon’ was thrown out and flew toward Qin Chao.

This ‘crescent moon’ directly cut the ground on its path, creating a deep line on the ground.

Qin Chao’s eyes narrowed, although this ‘crescent moon’ has not arrived, he felt a strong murderous aura from that ‘crescent moon.’

And this ‘crescent moon’ was extremely sharp, his intuition told him he cannot be one hundred percent sure that his body could withstand it.

“Evil King Sword, if you can hear me, let’s show that fake how fierce you are!” Qin Chao roared and wielded his treasured sword.

The golden Evil King Sword also shone, but it did not emit a ‘crescent moon.’ Instead, a golden greatsword appeared in mid air and chopped that black ‘crescent moon.’

That ‘crescent moon’ was immediately cut. The golden great sword, after it cut through that ‘crescent moon,’ disappeared into the air.

The two halves of that ‘crescent moon’ flew by Qin Chao’s side, sweeping his two sides.

“You accidentally cast out its power!” Qin Chao II said, “But that one was just superficial. Now I will let you taste something even more powerful!”

With that, Qin Chao II waved his fake Evil King Sword, the intense black light flashed out again.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 242 Evil King Sword

  1. This … this is a case of stockholm syndrome or something . iirc it was Su Fei who sent him to Yu Lu and Liao Shasha , memory wasn’t his strong point anyways .

    Also , unlike MKW where he clearly has a reason , here , his “righteousness” seems too forced .
    Think about it , almost everything he does is as if he was following the devil path .
    If he was really that righteous he would go the true pacifist route regardless of his devil cultivation , but he goes this half-genocide route , killing anyone he wants unless he finds a reason not to and wantonly teasing pretty much all females he encounters .

    Maybe he will have some sort of realization after this battle , maybe not .
    I have nothing against his character as a devil but i don’t like hypocrites .

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    1. no, he never admits that he’s “righteous.” This chapter only shows that he will make sacrifices for people close to him. His ‘devil’ side will appear more prominently in the future chapters.


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