Ma Yixuan, who stood on the side with one hand on her waist, contemptuously looked at Qin Chao and said. “Lui Yi, oh Liu Yi, you are waste wood.”

“Look at your face, have you never saw yourself in a mirror?”

Ma Yixuan pointed at Liu Yi’s shorter figure and worn out school’s uniform and said.

“With a pathetic appearance and weak body like this, you still wish for things that are beyond your capabilities. It didn’t matter when you chase after me because this young lady would never stoop myself to the same level as you. But now you wanted to challenge young master Lan? Liu Yi, oh Liu Yi, sometimes I really wanted to put your head apart and see whether there’s something wrong inside it or not.”

Hearing Ma Yixuan’s words, a burst of chill appeared in Liu Yi’s heart.

Previously, the favourable impression level on top of Ma Yixuan’s head was minus 38. Today, it unexpectedly dropped to minus 50.

It is beyond impossible now for him to make a connection with this girl anymore.

Actually, in his heart, he still has some trace of favourable impression toward her because, after all, she was his first crush.

Too bad, she went all the way to spoil his feelings. Right now, she even insulted his dignity.

Liu Yi could not help but clenched his fists; His blood flow started to accelerate.

A whiff of wicked thought instantly began to spread throughout his whole body.

But Liu Yi quickly circulated his breath according to the cultivation method twice, making his evil consciousness temporarily suppressed.

‘This cultivation breathing that was thought by Fox sister turned out to be really useful.’ Liu Yi thought.

‘Fox sister is the best….’

“Ma Yixuan, I admit that I once liked you. But that is all in the past. In my eyes right now, you are ugly to the extreme. Why? Because I can’t see your outward appearance anymore. Instead, I can only see what’s inside your heart….”

“Liu Yi, I see you want to court death!”

Ma Yixuan suddenly raised one of her eyebrows, pinched her waists and then rudely said, “You dare to say something bad about me?! Hmph, it seems like you don’t want to go out of the school gate today!”

Liu Yi sighed and said, “Ma Yixuan, I pity you.”

“Liu Yi, you moth*rf*cker! You pity me? Who do you think you are?!”

Ma Yixuan immediately exploded in anger and cursed, “I…”

“Ma Yixuan, you had enough yet?”

Seeing Ma Yixuan abusive behaviour, Wang Lele, who was being reprimanded by Murong Die because of her failed attempt at getting Liu Yi away, immediately jumped out and shouted.

“This matter is none of your business! If you have the ability, find your Yuan Shaojun!”

“Do you think I won’t!? Wait for me here!”

Ma Yixuan turned around, tossed her hair and walked away.

Although her figure is very nice to look at, it can’t attract Liu Yi anymore.

“Wang Lele!”

Murong Die glowered at Wang Lele, and lowered her voice to say, “Aren’t you giving trouble to Liu Yi by doing this?!”

“Hehe….Sis’ Die, relax….I already sent a text message to Director Wang to invite him to watch this basketball match!”

Wang Lele shook her cute pink cell phone toward Murong Die, making the later blinked.

“You naughty girl…..” Murong Die finally smiled.

This school is a public school. Therefore, Murong family have no investment in here. But, because Murong Family’s enterprise in this Northern city is big, some of this school’s leadership like to curry favor in front of Murong Die.

As Murong Die’s best friend and also because of some token of influence from her Wang family, Wang Lele is quite unhindered in the school.

That Director Wang, as the guidance director, has accidentally helped Liu Yi once.

By calling him here, he does have a significant role.

Although the school bully Yuan Shaojun was always overbearing in school, he still won’t dare to pick up trouble when there is a teacher around.

Although Yuan Shaojun can beat people, his family doesn’t have any background.

Therefore, Yuan Shaojun would not dare to provoke the teachers in school.

Like Director Wang for example. His authority in the school is not small. Should Yuan Shaojun provoke him, Yuan Shaojun will indeed be expelled by him.

Right now, the school is like a mini society.

Although Yuan Shaojun is fierce, he can only show in the student’s circle.

The one who really have the power are students such as Lan He, Murong Die, and Wang Lele.

“Liu Yi, you’ve delayed this game too long.”

Lan He patted the basketball and said, “Are you afraid? If you’re scared, you can just kneel and bow to me. I’ll pretend this thing didn’t happen, what do you think?”

“Lan He, say the rules and then we’ll start the game!”

Liu Yi bluntly replied.

‘Want me to kneel? Impossible!’ Liu Yi thought.

‘Grandpa said, there’s gold in a man’s knees. He can kneel toward the heaven, toward the earth and the parents, but, he absolutely must not kneel toward anybody else.’

‘If someone makes you kneel in front of them, let them know that your dignity cannot be trifled with!’

“Hei, you are courting death. All right! Then you better listen!”

Lan He is bouncing the basketball while saying, “Within ten minutes, we are going to do a one on one duel with just half of the court. When the time is up, the one who scores more is the winner. What do you think?”

“Fine, let’s get started.”

“Hehe….The competition, begin!”

Lan He suddenly threw the ball firmly at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was taken aback. He subconsciously stretched out his hand to block. The ball bounced off of his hand and fell back into Lan He’s hand.

“I actually wanted you to serve first. But, it seemed you don’t have this chance.”

Lan He said while he dribbled the ball toward the basket ring and then leisurely took a shot.

His dashing figure made many young girls screamed out.

“Oh! Lan He is so handsome!”

“Lan He I love you…”

“Lan He, marry me!”

Meanwhile, Liu Yi was still rooted in his place. His face was slightly feverish.

He felt like he was being toyed by other people.

“Come, I let you serve this time.”

Lan He said and then suddenly threw the ball toward Liu Yi, “You better catch it this time!”

The ball moved through the air in an arc trajectory. Its target, unexpectedly, was Liu Yi’s face.

Lan He was definitely intentional.

But this time, Liu Yi has prepared himself. He stretched out both of his hands to catch the ball.

After grasping the ball, Liu Yi prepared to launch his attack.

He dribbled the ball a few times to get close to the basket ring.

But Liu Yi’s basketball skill is really not that good. He dribbled the ball awkwardly, making other people mocked at him.

This time, Lan He suddenly stepped forward and, with just a simple stretch, quickly cut the ball off from Liu Yi.

After snatching the ball, Lan He stepped back three steps. After that, with a natural and elegant movement, he ran three steps forward, bypassed Liu Yi, and delivered the ball to the basket.


“I feel like Liu Yi would be impossible to win this match…”

Wang Lele worriedly asked, “If this goes on, will he lose?”

“Jinx…” Murong Die retorted.

Murong Die took a glance at Wang Lele. But, in her heart, she also started to worry.

‘Liu Yi….could he do it….?’

‘He surely would not lose, right?…’

‘Pei, pei, pei. Now I’m the jinx.’

Without knowing why, in Murong Die’s heart, Liu Yi seemed to appear somewhat extraordinary.

Although, prior to this, she didn’t have any impression toward this classmate of her…

This feeling is really strange.

Whenever Liu Yi held the basketball, he always flustered, making Lan He easily crushed him.

After more playing more than six minutes, Lan He already scored 16 points, to Liu Yi nil.

Every time Liu Yi dribbled the ball, the audience always jeered at him.

“Haha, Liu Yi, you suck, what are you waiting for? Quickly kowtow and admit defeat!”

This is the mockery from the male students.

“You wanted to beat our young master Lan with this skill? You really are a disgrace. Young master Lan is more handsome….His posture is the posture of a real man….”

This is the girl’s criticism.

Liu Yi’s whole body went cold.

He felt the urge to have the wish to die. He thought.

‘Could it be….what Wang Lele said were right? Am I just asking for a humiliation?….’

‘Grandpa…don’t tell me that what you have said is wrong…?’

‘What, what should I do….?’

Liu Yi’s confidence is falling apart.

But at this time, a roaring sound suddenly came out from the crowd.

“Liu Yi, you can do it!”

Liu Yi’s tiger body suddenly shook. When he turned around to look, tears were already streaming down his face.

The one who cheered for him proved to be a fat girl!

Fuck me! Although it was a fat girl….but this time, Liu Yi’s heart was still somewhat moved.

“Go, Liu Yi! Don’t you lose! I have bet my lunch on you!”

Chen Cai also cheered him from the side.

Liu Yi’s heart became warm again.

Even if his whole class become his enemy, so what?

He still has some supporters. He still has friends that always believe in him.

“Go, Liu Yi! You can do it!”

Wang Lele also jumped up. With her chest that continuously swayed, she unceasingly cheered at him.

“Beat that nasty Lan He! Sister will give you a chests push!”


“Liu Yi almost spurted out nosebleed.

The surrounding group of male students each have a different look of resentment toward Liu Yi.

‘Damn Liu Yi…why such a waste wood like him received that kind of treatment?!’ They all thought.

“Go Lan He!”

“Young master Lan, defeat that Liu Yi!”

A group of boys suddenly was on the verge of going wild.

Even Lan He was extremely jealous of Liu Yi.

Meanwhile. the nearby Murong Die secretly asked Wang Lele in surprise.

“Do…do you know what the meaning of chest push?”

“Isn’t just a form of chests massage?”

Wang Lele blinked and innocently looked at Murong Die, “Sis’ Die, didn’t you always try to push my breasts up? You also said that the boys must indeed love it…”

“This is my fault…”

Murong Die reluctantly covered her forehead.

‘This child, is too naive…’ She thought.

But, Liu Yi has regained his confidence back. He decided to make a comeback.

After all, if you think about it, he is an immortal cultivator!

Liu Yi prepared to show up his immortal cultivator’s capabilities!

This time, it was Lan He’s turn to hold the ball. Taking advantage of Lan He, who currently did not pay attention to him, Liu Yi, who stood beside Lan He, quickly snatched the ball from Lan He’s hands.

The onlookers were immediately in an uproar.

They did not expect that Liu Yi was able to grab the ball!

Liu Yi was ecstatic. Under the surprised gaze of Lan He, he went inside the three point line and ran toward the basketball ring while dribbling the ball.

An opportunity finally came. Liu Yi intended to do a slam dunk!

If he can do this slam dunk, he will have the momentum to turn the tide!

‘I must try it!’ He cheered himself.

Liu Yi was holding the basketball. He was ready to jump up.

At this time, Lan He suddenly jumped up in front of him. He seemed to be blocking Liu Yi’s shot.

However, Liu Yi still has the confidence that he will succeed in delivering the slam dunk.

Right at this time, Lan He’s mouth suddenly hung a malicious smile.

His elbow immediately moved forward toward Liu Yi’s abdomen.


Liu Yi felt that his stomach was being squeezed up. He immediately stumbled down to the ground, making the dust splashed into the air.

Meanwhile, after Lan He grabbed the fallen basketball, he stretched out his arm and gave him a thumb-down.

“A fool like you thought that you can steal a point? In your dream!”


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  1. Its like he almost forgot he is better than everyone else or something. He could win with just speed alone but for some reason he isn’t doing that. On another note how is playing basketball ‘courting death’ if so I have been courting death for nearly 10 years now

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    1. Don’t forget, that Lan He guy comes from a basketball family, who practised various techniques through countless generations. The toughest challenge for our immortal cultivator yet.


  2. I nearly forgot about this thing…
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