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They looked like a pair of teenagers. The boy had a handsome and imposing appearance while the girl has a natural beauty and amazing skin. What was so special about them was their attire. For people who didn’t know, they would think that the two were some big TV superstars.

However, the real superstars wouldn’t put themselves in this kind of situation, and they also wouldn’t punch a security guard.

“You guys not only not paying for the meal, but you also beat people up!” A waitress pointed at the two and loudly said.

“When did we not pay for the meal?” The boys put his hands on his waist and shouted back, “Didn’t we give you the several Spirit Crystal already? That’s enough to pay for several rounds of this meal. It’s not like it’s delicious or anything either.”

With that, he pointed at the several dishes on the table.

“That’s right, we already gave you the money, yet you still accused us of not paying! What an unreasonable jerk!”

The beautiful girl echoed the boy, “Senior Brother, why don’t we destroy this place?”

As she said that, her eyes seemed to lit up. It was like she looked forward to it.

“Junior Sister, they’re just ordinary mortals.” The senior brother cast a loving glance at his beautiful junior sister, “Before we left, Master told us not to take an ordinary mortal’s life. We just need to give them a lesson.”

“How could you two be so unreasonable!” The waitress threw the few pieces of bright crystals onto the ground. “Do you guys think these pieces of glasses could be exchanged with yuan?”

At this time, Qin Chao took notice of those few golden crystals and his heart thumped. He felt boundless true qi coming from those crystals. He correctly surmised that those were the universal currency in the Immortal Cultivation world.

These two individuals should be people who just came out of the Immortal Cultivation world, so they did not understand the rules and customs of the mortal world.

Ordinary people naturally wouldn’t know the true value of these Spirit Crystals because they didn’t know how to use them; It was useless to them.

That was why the waitress thought that the two were just people who didn’t want to pay for the meal.

Qin Chao took a careful look at the two people and found out that their chests were embroidered with golden sword mark. They seemed to be the disciples of the Zu Magic Mountain.

He remembered that Su Ji once told him that in the Immortal Cultivation World, only people of Zu Magic Mountain who had their clothes embroidered with a golden sword.

Since it was simply a misunderstanding, as a member of the Immortal Cultivation World, Qin Chao naturally couldn’t let the two sides continued to quarrel forever.

“What is this Yuan? We all use Spirit Crystal as the currency!” The senior brother haughtily said, “Not knowing this thing doesn’t mean that it’s worthless, it’s just you who lack knowledge.”

“Since you’re so stubborn, we will call the police!”

The waitress pulled out her phone and was about to call the cops.

“Police? What’s a police?” The senior brother ignorantly asked. He looked a country boy who came to the city for the first time.

“Senior Brother, I think it’s their law enforcement.” The Junior Sister seemed to be the one with a bit of knowledge.

“Since it’s their law enforcement,” The Senior Brother frowned. “Then it’s going to be a problem.”

“Humph, if they come, we’ll just fight them off! I don’t believe we, as disciples of Zu Magic Mountain, would lose to their law enforcement!”

The girl raised her fist and shouted. She seemed to have a violent streak.

“No, we can’t. Master told us not to look for trouble with mortals.”

“Senior Brother, we’re not the one who look for trouble here, it’s them who are unreasonable.” The Junior Sister pouted and pulled her Senior Brother’s arm, “Senior Brother, we can’t just let them off. They talk bad about us, so they must be the devil sect’s outer disciples. They would take every opportunity to humiliate us.”

“Whoa, this is just a simple understanding. How could it suddenly escalated like this?” Qin Chao knew he could no longer watch and quickly interjected.

“You guys don’t need to quarrel anymore. This is just a meal money. I’ll pay their tab.”

Qin Chao said as he approached the waitress.

The brother and sister bewilderedly looked at this strange man who suddenly came out, unsure of what to make of him.

“It’s not just the meal money anymore!” The waitress glared at Qin Chao, “You see, they destroyed our table and our security guard is also injured by them. Are you going to pay for them too?”

“This is two thousand yuan, take it.” Qin Chao pulled out a stack of cash from his ring, “This should be enough to pay for the meal, fix the table and for the hospital bill of that security guard.”

The waitress was about to ask for more, but Qin Chao immediately cut her off.”

“Don’t get too greedy. If I wait for the police to come, you’re not going to get anything out of this.”

What Qin Chao said was very reasonable. After all, the table was just knocked over, and only a few bottle of liquors that were shattered. As for the security guard, he was just unconscious and didn’t suffer any injuries. Although these two Zu Magic Mountain disciples were quite ignorant, they knew how to hold back their power when dealing with mortals.

“Do not harm any mortals” was one of the main principles of the righteous sect; to do otherwise would incur scourge.

“Very well, I’m not going to pursue this anymore, but this is because you’re a reasonable man; both of them are still jerks.” After she received the money, the waitress called for the other waiters to carry the security guard away, re-arranged the table, and continued her work as if nothing happened.

“Friend, may we know why did you help us?” Seeing Qin Chao turned to look at them, the Senior Brother finally asked.

“That was an emergency situation.” Qin Chao said and made a signal with his hand.

Seeing his hand signal, the Senior Brother’s face immediately changed. It seemed like he understood the meaning that signal.

“Many thanks then. We are disciples of Zu Magic Mountain. May I know which sect you are?”

“Senior Brother, why did you reveal our identity?” The Junior Sister next to him became nervous, saying, “Didn’t Master tell us not to tell other people our identity? Let me kill him to keep his mouth shut, okay?”

Upon hearing this, Qin Chao felt incredulous. He thought that this violent Junior Sister was more like a devil path’s people rather than a disciple of a righteous sect.

“Sussh, don’t talk nonsense!” The Senior Brother reprimanded her Junior Sister, “You always want to kill anyone who annoys you, do you think you’re the people from the devil’s path?”

“If you don’t want me to kill him, then I won’t… No need to be so fierce against me like that…” In front of her Senior Brother, the Junior Sister tugged the lower corner of her hem, acting like she has just suffered an injustice.

Seeing her Junior Sister behaved like this, the Senior Brother’s heart softened and looked at her with a look that was filled with affection.

“Junior Sister, I did this for your own good. Moreover, the guy’s hand signal just now was the signal only used by righteous sects. It means he is like us, people from the righteous sect. So we don’t need to conceal our identity in front of him.”

“It turned out to be like that…” The Junior Sister finally understood and nodded. She then began to curiously size Qin Chao up.

Seeing the two finally stopped whispering each other, Qin Chao laughed, “I am just a disciple of a small sect, it’s not worth mentioning.”

“Oh. Nevertheless, we want to thank you again for your help. We’ll take our leave now.”

Hearing that the other side came from a small sect, the Senior Brother resumed his haughty look. It seemed like it would be beneath him if he continued to talk to Qin Chao.

“Humph, his cultivation level is so low that I can’t feel any true qi coming from him. It’s just going to waste my time if I continue to talk to him.”

“But since you have helped us, it would be remiss if we, as the disciples of Zu Magic Mountain, do not return the favor.” With that, the Senior Brother took out a piece of Spirit Crystal from his sleeve and gave it to Qin Chao, “Consider this as our gratitude.”

With that, he pulled her Junior Sister’s hand.

“Junior Sister, let’s go.”


“Oh, ok. Senior Brother, where are we going?”

“Before this, you said you were hungry. Now that your stomach is sated, we will continue our journey!”

“Oh… But I still want to play…” The Junior Sister pouted her mouth.

“We don’t have much time. Moreover, I feel like there’s a demonic energy near us, perhaps it’s the Devil Path’s people from the Demon Beast Sect. Let’s go.”

Although the two were already quite far away and they talked in a low voice, Qin Chao could still hear their conversation.

At this time, Li Xue and the rest came over and asked Qin Chao.

“Who are those people with strange dresses? Why did you help them?” Shi Xin asked on behalf of other people.

“They’re villagers from the countryside.” Qin Chao casually made up their background, “This is the first time they come to the city, so a lot of things are not known to them yet.”

“So that’s why… Okay, let’s go back to our table, Zhang Chusong just ordered the meal for us.”

Shi Xin said and pulled Qin Chao back to their dining table. Meanwhile, Qin Chao can feel the huge amount of true qi coming from the Spirit Crystal in his hand. This would be important to him in case he lost a huge amount of true qi in a short period of time.

This thing was indeed very important to Immortal Cultivators. Moreover, if he had a few of them, he could place them in an array to help him speed up his practice.

These were the reasons why it became the universal currency in the Immortal Cultivation world.

However, based on what just happened at the dinner table, those two ignorant Zu Magic Mountain disciples were bound to get into trouble before long.

“Hmm, why did they leave their sect and enter the mortal world in the first place?”

Su Ji once said to him that the cultivation principle of those righteous sects was to avoid the secular world. Unless there was something huge happening, they wouldn’t have left their practice and came to the bustling city.

Moreover, Zu Magic Mountain was the number one righteous sect. When they appeared, their purpose was certainly not ordinary.

Recalling their words just now, it seemed like they were searching for something or someone.

Qin Chao was very curious. If possible, he also wanted to go and see.

As a member of the Immortal Cultivation World himself, matters regarding this world had a lot of appeal to him.

After he made up his mind, Qin Chao hastily ate his meal.

“I just remember that I need to do something. Manager Li, you can go back to the company by taxi. If not, you can also stay in the hotel.”

Since the elevator was broken, it would be tiring for anyone to climb to the eleventh floor, especially for a woman like Li Xue.

After a few quick goodbye words and under the crowd’s surprised eyes, Qin Chao got up and left.

Since he had trained the Devil Dog’s possession, his sense of smell had been greatly increased, even in his normal state. So even though the two Zu Magic Mountain disciples had long gone, Qin Chao could still faintly smell the female disciple’s body fragrance.

He began to pursue by trailing that body fragrance.

Before long, he found out that the two of them went to a large shopping mall.

“How could there be a demonic energy in a mall?” He wondered.

Although he didn’t understand the reason, he still followed their tracks. His speed was very fast; Soon, he saw the figure of the two people dressed in white robes.

Sure enough, under the bewildered eyes of the people near them, the two entered that shopping mall.

Since they were so conspicuous, Qin Chao didn’t worry that he would lose them.

He chuckled, tidied up his clothes and casually walked into the mall.

He’d like to see how would these two disciples of the righteous sect slay the demon.

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