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After she thought about it, Shi Xin suddenly became bolder. Her dancing started to become sexier. Like a water snake, she posted her body on Qin Chao as her waist kept swaying from side to side and her soft ass, as well as her ample chest, took turns in grinding Qin Chao’s body.

This dancing was quite stimulating, if it were to happen to a certain kind of people, they would undoubtedly accidentally come.

Being the ‘victim’ of this grinding, Qin Chao felt funny as he noticed Shi Xin’s breath started to became heavy, yet she still had that determined look, as if she did not want to lose to her friend.

Although she was doing it to make her boyfriend jealous, she did not know that she was flirting with Qin Chao’s beastly desire.

If she kept doing it, Qin Chao afraid that he might lose control.

Seeing her friend suddenly became bold, Alice snorted and became even bolder.

At this time, Jiang Lei had also noticed how intimate her girlfriend Shi Xin with Qin Chao was, but when he was about to say something about it, Alice suddenly pressed herself against him, put her arms around his neck, lifted up one of her thighs and rubbed Jiang Lei’s waist with it.

Unconsciously, Jiang Lei stretched out his hand and started to hold Alice’s fairly slim and smooth thigh.

“Alice you bastard!” Shi Xin really wanted to rain curse on her so called best friend. She knew that once this friend of her took a fancy of something, her friend would stop at nothing to fight for it.

Her friend was trying to make her angry so that she would agree to exchange their dance partners.

But Shi Xin was a very proud girl. She especially wanted to know if her boyfriend could stand this temptation.

But it seemed like Jiang Lei was actually enjoying it; he kept holding Alice’s leg, unwilling to put it down.

Shi Xin became furious and increased her dance’s boldness level by several points. Like a pendulum, her body went straight into Qin Chao’s arms after making a spinning movement.

Qin Chao naturally reached out and embraced the girl by her waist. At the same time, he leaned over and whispered in Shi Xin’s ear.

“Hey, little Xinxin, don’t be so spiteful, us men can easily make mistakes.”

“Humph!” With a blushing face, Shi Xin immediately replied, “I knew it, all men are animals.”

“How could you say that? I am a real gentleman.” Qin Chao quickly defended himself.

“A gentlemen?” Shi Xin curled her lips, “How come a gentleman hold my buttocks instead of my waist?”

“Cough, cough, my hand slipped, it’s just an accident.”

Qin Chao dryly coughed twice and moved up his ‘accidentally slipped’ hand.

But because Shi Xin’s buttocks were round and soft, he couldn’t help but trace them while his hand moved up. Unfortunately, the girl was someone else’s girlfriend and was only suitable for taking liberties with. But if he took too many liberties, it would be really awkward.

Shi Xin rolled her eyes, but she also felt strange.

But the thing that made her furious was not because Qin Chao took liberties with her, but because her boyfriend completely ignored her. His only focus was dancing with Alice.

But among the six people, it was Zhang Chusong who took this dancing seriously. He cheerfully danced, twisting his body from side to side according to the rhythm.

But a pity, his partner in dancing Li Xue simply couldn’t keep up with him. Her movement was too sluggish.

Perhaps, Li Xue really did not want to dance.

Especially since her heart went sour when she saw how intimate Qin Chao and Shi Xin was. It was as if someone had taken her belonging.

My God, when did Qin Chao become mine? Oh right, he is MY assistant. That’s it!

Li Xue continued to find excuses to comfort herself.

But she did not know that through these two days of contact, Qin Chao had already left an indelible mark in her heart. There has never been a guy like Qin Chao who, at the most critical time, always blocked all of her dangers and settled all her problems for her.

Even Yang Fan, her late husband, was incapable of this feat.

This was actually what a girl needed from a boy.

They did not need someone that was too handsome, nor extremely rich. Especially the kind of successful women like Li Xue who has a very good career and income. She needed a man who can give her a sense of security, someone she can rely on.

Both Zhang Chusong and Chen Qiang did not meet these criteria, even though they were both successful in careers. But if someone had to ask Li Xue why she herself did not know how to answer.

At most, she can only say it was because of her feeling.

“Xue, why won’t you dance?” When he finally lifted his eyes, Zhang Chusong noticed that Li Xue had stopped dancing, so he couldn’t help but curiously ask.

“Huh?” Li Xue woke up from her reverie and awkwardly smiled. However, this smile was not sincere. “I am sorry, I am feeling uncomfortable.”

“Oh, okay then, let’s go back and rest.” Zhang Chusong had to stop dancing, to his regret and offered his hand to lead Li Xue back to their seats.

But Li Xue ignored his offered hand and went back to her seat by herself.

“Let, let’s go back.” After dancing vigorously for quite some time, Shi Xin felt a bit tired, plus because of the constant friction between her and Qin Chao, she started to feel wet.

In particular, she did not want to see Alice and Jiang Lei who had plunged into their own world, ignoring everyone else. It was the so-called see nothing, hear nothing.

“Okay.” Qin Chao naturally would not reject Shi Xin’s request. So he took her hand and walked back to their seats.

However, when they arrived, Li Xue, who has been sitting quietly, actually glared at Qin Chao.

Did she just glare at me? Qin Chao touched his nose, Why would she do that?

Just then, Qin Chao realized that he and Shi Xin were still holding hands.

Because their personalities matched with each other, Qin Chao and Shi Xin had quickly become friends, especially after what happened on the sofa on the other side of the dance floor. Therefore, holding hands did not feel wrong to them.

Shi Xin has yet to realize this issue so she did not try to release her hand. And Qin Chao was not just going to let her hand go because doing so would put Shi Xin in a very awkward situation. In other words, It would give the impression that Shi Xin was trying to seduce him, which was not the case.

Thus, he can only wait until Shi Xin realized they were still holding hands…

Alice and Jiang Lei did not come with them. For quite a while, they were still happily dancing on the dance floor.

Jiang Lei was an athlete and has a background in dancing, so he can dance for hours. Especially since he liked a flirtatious girl like Alice; they could be mistaken for a couple.

Shi Xin did not want to deal with this thing for now. One was her best friend and the other one was her boyfriend. She would just wait until they got back and found Jiang Lei afterward.

“We can’t just drink and dance. We need to eat something.” Shi Xin rubbed her flat belly. “After dancing for some time, I am feeling hungry already. Manager Li, what about you?”

“Don’t you want to wait for your friends?” Li Xue asked.

“No, let them dance. I don’t think they’re hungry.” Shi Xin waved his hand. “Let’s just eat. What would you like to eat, Manager Li?”

“Anything is fine with me.” Li Xue was not a picky eater, “You guys can order what you want, the company will reimburse the bill.”

This was a company activity, so everything that they spent here would be reimbursed by the company.


However, there was a limit on how much the company would reimburse their meals. And that was; each person cannot spend more than one hundred yuan. Otherwise, if everyone ordered the most expensive meal, the company would go bankrupt.

“I think I want to try the steak and the fruit salad. I hear that the Western Food here is good.” Shi Xin reached out her hand, called for a waitress and received the menu from her. She then looked for the Western Food part of the menu.

“Oh, I don’t know what should I choose, everything looks delicious…” Shi Xin has always been frugal, so never came to this kind of high-end restaurant. Usually, she and Jiang Lei would go to some budget restaurants. Occasionally, they would go to Pizza Hut for some pizzas, but they never spent more than 200 yuan at a time.

“We have four people here, so let’s combine our meal so that we can share the 400 yuan meals.” Li Xue proposed.

“But I really don’t know what to eat…” Shi Xin pushed the menu to Qin Chao and said, “Why don’t you choose. You have eaten Western food right?”

“I only know French food.” Qin Chao remembered his dinner experience with Su Ji and could not help but smile.

Although according to the agreement, they can’t see each other for a year, he still held their memories together deep in his heart.

Whenever he thought about one of those memories, he would feel very happy.

He only realized it now that he never had a quarrel with her, they were truly compatible with each other.

“Actually, I don’t know what to eat either…”

“Just pick something…” Shi Xin pursed her lips, “Don’t think about it too much, I believe in your choice…”

“Why don’t we let Manager Li choose. She often comes to this kind high-end establishment, so she definitely knows about the high end meal.”

After he finished saying, Qin Chao pushed the menu to Li Xue.

Li Xue could not help but give Qin Chao a glare, This guy is already flirting with a female staff while I am still in front of him, what a pervert!

“I am like Shi Xin, choose anything you want, and we’ll eat them.” Was her only reply.

She then pushed the menu back to Qin Chao.

Qin Chao awkwardly touched his nose. He felt like he was sitting beside a ‘good wife’ and a ‘loving mother’ who deferred their choices to him.

Seeing this exchange, Zhang Chusong was even more jealous. He felt like the females that came across this guy all fell for this guy’s charm. But how could it possible for a man to have such a charm?

How could I possibly be worse than him! I have better education, better look, and better salary!

Although the guy is the “brother” of Director Chen, but what’s the use? In the upper-class society, except for relationship by blood, every other relationship is basically unreliable!

Women, how could you be so silly!

Seeing the menu being pushed back and forth around the table, Zhang Chusong wished he could snatch away that menu.

But just as he was ready to do it, a sound of quarrel suddenly came from the nearby table.

“Ouch!” A security guard was beaten to the ground, knocking over a table. The wine bottles fell down along with the table and broke into pieces.

The nearby people all tried to move away in a panic.

The lights in the venue suddenly lit.

At this point, Qin Chao can clearly see the opposite party.

But what he saw really shocked him. Not because the perpetrators were a young man and a young woman, but because each of them was wearing a white traditional gown that was embroidered with a golden sword.

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