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Shi Xin’s little face flushed, her whole body was boiling hot. She only felt a sense of shame, which lingered in her mind. My boyfriend is on the other side of the dance floor, but I am sitting in the arms of another man.

But, it seems like my swollen feet is getting a lot better with the massage.

Qin Chao suddenly awoke and immediately reached out his hand toward Shi Xin’s feet and, with his true qi, began to rub them.

This true qi was like tiny needles which stimulated Shi Xin’s acupuncture points on her feet, while simultaneously scattering the clotted blood in the swelling area. This made Shi Xin’s mind blank and her body constantly trembled in Qin Chao’s arms, tightly clinging to him.

Qin Chao suppressed his own desire by meditating on Diamond Sutra while continuing to help Shi Xin heal.

No wonder the heroes in ancient times went to bed to treat their injuries. His uncle, it’s actually because of this. Using true qi to stimulate the acupuncture points is indeed really cool…

“Stop, stop it, that’s enough!” Shi Xin suddenly shook violently twice and then cried out, “I, I can’t take it anymore!”

Hearing her voice, Qin Chao felt weird. But since she wanted him to stop, he immediately stopped the true qi and then released the other’s small feet.

Shi Xin buried her head in Qin Chao’s arms, panting again and again, afraid to look up for half a day.

She felt her whole body completely wet, which caused by her perspiration.

She felt Qin Chao’s hands have some kind of magic, otherwise, how could he made her lose control like this.

Moreover, her tone of voice when she cried out just a moment ago made her feel ashamed.

“Put, put me down….” Shi Xin, with mosquito-like voice, muttered some words.

“I can’t….You’re still holding onto me….” Although Qin Chao somewhat suppressed himself, he still could not help but quip. He wanted to divert her attention.

“D*mn you!” Sure enough, the girl immediately looked up and gave Qin Chao a dirty look, “This girl let you held her, you should thank the Heaven and the Earth, not complain! Humph!”

Shi Xin said and picked herself up.

Fortunately, the lights were dimmed, so no one can see her previous embarrassed look and her current blush. Otherwise, Shi Xin would really want to quit her job, leaving the company and hiding elsewhere.

“All right, your feet should be fine now, let’s continue our dance.” Qin Chao suggested.

“No!” Shi Xin immediately shook her head, “You this pig, after trampling my feet, took the opportunity to take advantage of me.”

Shi Xin rolled her eyes and ruthlessly turned down Qin Chao’s proposal.

She started to walk limply but soon returned to normal as they walked across the dance floor toward their original position.

Qin Chao helplessly touched his nose. The girl really has a temper, but, she said it right.

When the two arrived in their original position, Shi Xin immediately furious.

It turned out that her boyfriend was still seeking Li Xue’s attention, still asking her what does she want to eat and help her choose.

But because of the dim light, Shi Xin can hear her boyfriend’s voice but her boyfriend did not notice his girlfriend standing behind him.

Unlike Li Xue, who immediately noticed when Qin Chao returned from the dance floor.

This guy still has his improper look. But strange, why is Shi Xin’s hair wet?

Would dancing make people so tired like that?

“I am furious!” Shi Xin shouted, Jiang Lei finally realized his girlfriend was behind him.

He quickly stood up, embraced her by the shoulder, led her back to the seat and said, “Xinxin, you’re back, what about the dance?”

“Humph!” Shi Xin gave her boyfriend a dirty look, then cried, “It’s so irritating, he’s like a pig, cannot dance at all. I am so tired teaching him!”

Oh, so she taught him how to dance, no wonder she’s so tired.

Li Xue secretly comforted herself, and then said to Shi Xin.

“Yeah, he is kind of stupid, I am considering whether I should find a new assistant.”

“Okay then, as long as you, Li Xue, agree!” Zhang Chusong immediately took this chance to speak, “I will immediately arrange a new assistant, according to your liking, for you.”

“Ah! No need! That’s too much trouble.” Li Xue was just joking, why would she want to replace Qin Chao?

If one day, Qin Chao really left the office, she would feel very uncomfortable.

“It doesn’t matter, there’s no trouble at all!” Zhang Chusong could not see through a woman’s mind, continued to press on, “I can also arrange a recruitment process to pick the best candidate from several Universities for you.”

“Forget it, that was just my random thoughts, don’t take it seriously.” Li Xue waved her hand, feeling this gallant offer came from a mentally handicapped person.

“It seems like manager Zhong finds me not pleasing to your eyes.” Qin Chao could not help touch his nose, “So you want me to get fired from the company.”

“Hehe, to fire you? I wouldn’t dare.” Zhang Chusong sarcastically said, “You are Director Chen’s younger brother, who would dare fire you?”

That day, Chen Qiang absurdly said he and Qin Chao were sworn brothers. Except for Li Xue and Jiang Lei, the rest of the people present knew about it.

“Director Chen’s younger brother?” Li Xue was somewhat puzzled, How come I never heard about it.

“That’s right, Xue, you didn’t know this.” Zhang Chusong said. Ever since Director Chen asked her to be his mistress, Li Xue was very unhappy with her boss.

If she knows Qin Chao is Director Chen’s younger brother, Li Xue will definitely hate him base on ‘guilty by association.’

I am so smart to be able to link these two.

“So you are Director Chen’s younger brother, no wonder you can be my assistant.” Li Xue had a feeling of suddenly being enlightened, “If you follow the normal recruitment process, you definitely can’t enter the company.”

“What? Why?” Qin Chao was very puzzled, “Am I that miserable?”

“Mainly because you’re not made to be an office worker.” Li Xue explained to Qin Chao, “As my assistant, not only you have to be good looking, you also have to have a good temperament. Because I often go out to a meeting with other company’s executives, the person that I take with me must have the quality of the ‘commercial star.’”

“Wow, you might as well have a star as your gigolo.” Qin Chao could not help but curl his lips, “Moreover, you seem to imply I am not that good looking.”

“Brother Qin, how could you say you’re not good looking, manager Li is just joking.” Alice immediately comforted him, but at the same time, hugged his arm.

Qin Chao wanted to pull his arm but unable to. My God, this girl even sandwiched my arm with her breast. Too powerful.

Li Xue’s face went cold and then said.

“You’re not ugly, but you’re not handsome either. I want an assistant that can lift people’s face when they see him. Because among the people that I am in contact with, there are a lot of female bosses.”

Hearing this explanation, Qin Chao touched his nose and secretly thought, Why would she want to explain it to me?

“Therefore, I need a star as my assistant. You’re just below the requirement a little bit, but your conditions are very good. If done well, you can certainly be presentable.”

“Xue, he is just your assistant, no need for you to explain it to him.” Zhang Chusong said. Hearing Li Xue defending Qin Chao with her words, he was hurt and his heart sour.

He stood up and gave a proper gesture of invitation to Li Xue.

“Xue, I would like to invite you to dance with me, please don’t refuse a gentleman’s request.”

“Sorry….I, I am not feeling well….” Li Xue did not want to dance with him, but can only find a weak reason to refuse him.

“Xue, don’t be like this.” Zhang Chusong’s body shook and could not help but say, “We have been working together for a long time. Dancing with me should not make you feel embarrassed.”

“Yes, yes, it’s just a dance!” Alice butted in, wanting to push away her love rival.

“This….” Li Xue somewhat felt embarrassed. Actually, in the University, she was very fond of dancing. But after her husband died, she never had the urge to do this kind of activity again.

“Don’t worry, unlike someone here, I am not going to step on your feet. I can dance very well. In fact, in the University, I was the dance club president.”

Hearing him mentioning the dance club president, Qin Chao remembered someone surnamed Sun, who was later possessed by the King of Ghost. He was also the dance club president, which he used as a pretext to flirt with girls.

This Zhang Chusong looked well-dressed and well-mannered, but he was probably also a beast in human clothing.

“Very well, but just this once.” Having no good reason to refuse, Li Xue had to get up.

Zhang Chusong was especially excited, his pair of eyes hidden behind his glasses lit up.

At this time, the dance floor was very lively, the music has a fast and strong rhythm. The lights constantly flashing on and off.

“Let’s go dancing once again!” Still angry with her boyfriend, Shi Xin stood up and pulled Qin Chao’s arm, dragging this guy to the dance floor.

Jiang Lei and Alice two people were suddenly left on the table. Jiang Lei somewhat innocently glanced at Alice and suddenly realized this girl was not that bad, especially when she put on a makeup.

“Beauty….How about we go dancing?”

“Are you inviting me?” In front of her best friend’s boyfriend, Alice was quite arrogant, she raised her chin like a proud little swan.

“Beauty, will you dance with me?” This Jiang Lei was not a rookie in this man-woman relationship, so he naturally stood up and made an invitation posture.

“Very well, anyway, there’s no other man, so I’ll just give you a chance.” Seemingly giving a charity, Alice slowly stood up and walked to the dance floor with Jiang Lei.

The lively rhythm constantly resounded, three pairs of men and women faced each other on the dance floor, showing their dance moves.

Seeing Zhang Chusong who seemed to be in tune with the song, Li Xue felt really awkward. She was actually dancing quite well, but she did not feel the least bit happy.

When she turned around, she saw Shi Xin and Qin Chao dancing together, the later followed the former’s dancing step. Although it was a clumsy look, her heart was really unhappy about it.

Meanwhile, Shi Xin was feeling unhappy too. Because her boyfriend was dancing together with her best friend. In particular, her boyfriend deliberately put his arms around Alice’s shoulders, seemingly very intimate.

This Alice, why would she let him do that! It seemed like Alice wanted to excite Qin Chao.

Humph, in that case, let’s see who’s better!

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