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Hearing Qin Chao’s joke, Shi Xin immediately rolled her beautiful eyes at him.

“Go to hell. Don’t talk nonsense, my boyfriend will be jealous.”

“Hehe, no, I wouldn’t.” Jiang Lei chuckled, seemingly wanting to show his magnanimity in front of Li Xue.

Shi Xin won’t accept this, so she immediately kicked her boyfriend on his foot.

“Haha, see, your boyfriend said he doesn’t mind.” Like teasing a little girl, Qin Chao just couldn’t stop. He deliberately stood up, faced Shi Xin and extended his hand, “Come on, Shi Xin, let us dance.”

“No, I am not going to dance with you!” Shi Xin repeatedly shook her head. Her boyfriend was here, so how she possibly go dance with Qin Chao.

“Xinxin….” Alice very resentfully looked at her, as if she has just robbed her things.”

“It’s okay Xinxin, since he is your colleague, you should accept his invitation to dance.”

Meanwhile, Li Xue somewhat tensed up, because Qin Chao actually invited another girl to dance, which made her, unexpectedly, slightly upset.

“I am not going!” Shi Xin’s face has turned red as if she was embarrassed, “If you want to dance, you can invite manager Li, or bring your girlfriend here!”

“Where do you think I could find her?” Qin Chao touched his nose. According to the agreement, he cannot have any form of communication with Su Ji for a year. “Moreover, manager Li is my boss, I wouldn’t dare to invite her.”

“Then, there’s still Alice!” Shi Xin’s eyes fell on her good friend.

Alice immediately excited, desperately trying to pin Qin Chao with her big eyes to entice him.

But Qin Chao seemed immune to her offensive.

“We can talk about Alice later. Now I am inviting you, are you rejecting me?”

A solemn aggrieved expression hung on Qin Chao’s face. He was just acting, but his acting often fools people.

And Shi Xin was apparently fooled. Seeing Qin Chao’s desolate look, she really felt she has wounded his dignity.

Shi Xin gave her boyfriend a glance, seemingly wanting for help, only to find Jiang Lei actually gave her an encouraging look.

The girl suddenly became angry, You son of a b*tch, I have been trying to reject his invitation, but you actually want me to take it, pushing me into the arms of another man. Fine, I’ll go dance with him, I am going to make you jealous and angry!

“Well, okay then….” Shi Xin then stood up and put her hand on Qin Chao’s offered palm, accepting his invitation.

Feeling Shi Xin’s soft and small hand, Qin Chao suddenly smiled and took her to the dance floor.

Li Xue’s eyes never moved away from Qin Chao, only after he entered the dance floor and other people blocked her view did she gradually give up.

The nearby Zhang Chusong also saw this scene. His jealousy flared up, thinking that Li Xue thought Qin Chao more than just an assistant.

If Qin Chao was just an assistant to her, then, according to Li Xue’s temper, she would not give him even a single glance.

However, Li Xue actually paid so much attention to that guy. Something strange definitely happened between those two.

Seeing that his girlfriend has gone to the dance floor and out of his sight, Jiang Lei immediately turned and offered the orange juice to Li Xue.

“Manager Li, please have an orange juice.”

The nearby Alice cannot help but roll her eyes and sarcastically said, “Jiang Lei, what do you mean by this, why don’t you offered it to me?”

“Ah?” Jiang Lei was surprised for a moment and then rolled his eyes, “Manager Li is the boss here, so I have to curry her favor for our Xinxin. How about you drink from Xinxin’s cup?”

“Humph.” Alice sneered. Meanwhile, Li Xue pushed the orange juice back.

“It’s okay, you guys can drink that, I am not thirsty.” Without Qin Chao near her, Li Xue has resumed her cold look, and her voice was as cold as the ice in winter. But this look actually made people want to conquer her more.

“Manager Li, do you like watching basketball?” This Jiang Lei seemed to have been taken by Li Xue’s look, so he tried to get close to her by asking her some questions.

“Yeah, somewhat, sometimes I watch NBA game.” Li Xue remembered her days in College. At that time, she was a full-fledged basketball fan.

Her favorite star was Kobe Bryant, to her this man was really amazing.

Meanwhile, Yang Fan was a point guard in his College team; His basketball skill was quite good. In every gym class, there will be a group of girls sitting together at the basketball court, cheering on Yang Fan.

Of course, Li Xue was also one of them. Moreover, she was the head of the fan club.

Thinking about her days in College, Li Xue could not help but want to smile. Those days were good days, she was carefree and only know how to do crazy thing everyday.

Hearing that Li Xue sometimes watch the NBA game, Jiang Lei began to open up, incessantly talking non-stop. Of course, the nearby Zhang Chusong would not let Jiang Lei have the upper hand, so he tried to interject from time to time, trying to talk about the company. If they discuss the company, Jiang Lei would not be able to intervene.

But Li Xue, who was caught in the middle between the two guys, cannot help but irritated.

On this side, the conversation was in full swing, while on the other side, in the middle of the dance floor, Qin Chao and Shi Xin, two people stared at each other.

“Tell me the truth, can you dance or not?!” Seeing the wooden action from Qin Chao, Shi Xin cannot help but roll her eyes.

“Em, to be honest, not really.” In terms of dancing, Su Ji was number one. However, Qin Chao only knew how to watch her dance, but he himself cannot.

“You pig!” Shi Xin cannot help but pinch Qin Chao’s arm, only to find it was as hard as an iron, and her fingers were hurt instead.

“My God, what did you do with your arm!?” Shi Xin complained, “If you don’t know how to dance, why did you even invite me in the first place?”

“Ahem, it’s all because I am captivated by little Xinxin, which made me confused for awhile.” Qin Chao awkwardly touched his nose and gave the beauty a compliment.

“Go to hell.” Hearing this, the beauty cannot help but feel happy and playfully said. Forget it, no matter what, we are still colleagues, “Let me teach you.”

With that, Shi Xin pulled Qin Chao’s hand and placed it on her waist and pulled his other hand on her back.

Shi Xin was not a skinny little girl, she was slightly plump but definitely not fat. So, her waist was very soft. When Qin Chao placed his hand on it, he felt really good and immediately wanted to move his hand down a little bit. However, the consequence was too high, so Qin Chao immediately stifled this impulse.

“Follow my steps and follow the rhythm of the music, synchronize our steps.” Shi Xin said and, together with Qin Chao, slowly moved along with the music on the dance floor.

Because the music was currently a slow music, their movements were relatively simple. If only Qin Chao did not misplace his foot, that would be so much better.

“Ouch!” Shi Xin’s feet were stepped on for the third times and finally could not help but crouch down and rubbed them, “My God, are you stupid? Why did you step on my foot!?”

“Sorry, sorry!” In fighting, Qin Chao was absolutely great, he can even fight a whole bunch of people at once. But in dancing, Qin Chao was really helpless.

No one is perfect, Qin Chao was not an exception.

He quickly bent down, just as Shi Xin took off her high-heeled shoes, revealing her small feet. She pursed her mouth and said, “You see, they’re swollen now.”

Sure enough, there were some slight swelling in Shi Xin’s pretty little feet. His feet were indeed heavy.

“It’s okay, I know how to massage. I’ll help you rub them.”

Qin Chao said and picked Shi Xin up, wanting to walk to the other side of the dance floor to sit there.  At the same time, one of his and also carried her shoes.

If he went back to where the other were, perhaps her boyfriend would not accept him massaging Shi Xin’s feet.

“Ah!” Shi Xin loudly exclaimed when he picked her up. Her 45 kg was easily lifted by him with one hand, He is really strong, she thought.

Like floating on the cloud, Qin Chao finally brought her to the dinner table on the other side.

Qin Chao put Shi Xin on the sofa and then sat right next to her. He then put her legs on his thighs.

Because of the dancing, the room was quite dark. If no one paid attention, no one would recognize the person near them.

Therefore, Qin Chao boldly put Shi Xin’s legs on his lap. Otherwise, if this was to be seen by their colleagues, it would be bad for this girl’s reputation.

“Are, are you sure you can do this?” Shi Xin looked at Qin Chao, very much in doubt, her feet were really painful. If he was just faking it, her feet would be out of luck.

“Rest assured, this brother is a senior military doctor.” Qin Chao said, gently pressed Shi Xin’s small foot, his right hand held the palm of her foot.

“Slow, slow down!” Shi Xin could not help but cry out, her feet were very ticklish, “What senior military doctor, isn’t that the same as those who advertise on the street?”

“Bite your tongue, this doctor and those deceitful charlatans are different.” Qin Chao’s hand gently rubbed Shi Xin’s foot. His hand was wrapped in a layer of faint golden light.

That was his true qi, which he wrapped around his hand, and used it to massage the swollen feet.

This true qi entered the acupuncture points through the skin. It was like reflexology on steroid. Shi Xin felt her feet really comfortable. Moreover, there was a strange current-like feeling that went from her feet, straight through her body, and shocked her brain.

“Oh!” She could not help but groan, her body was like a taut bow that was suddenly being let go, a strange sense of excitement overwhelmed her and she subconsciously put her arms around Qin Chao and raised her buttocks high.

When she fell, she naturally sat on Qin Chao’s lap.

Suddenly their posture became ambiguous and both of them were stunned.

But in her heart, Shi Xin felt weird. She actually felt warm in Qin Chao’s embrace and very comfortable, which made her want to stay there for a while longer without moving away.

The impact on Qin Chao was the biggest. Shi Xin’s body was somewhat plump, and her buttocks were also plentiful, so it was incredibly comfortable when they pressed on his thighs. As a result, his lower part began to wake up, wanting to stand straight.

Only a saint can endure this kind of stimulus.

Qin Chao secretly chanted the Diamond Sutra again and again, trying to calm himself down.

“Don’t, don’t stop rubbing….”

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