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Just as the two entered the restaurant, there was a handsome guy in a suit who greeted them. When Qin Chao took a look, oh boy, isn’t he the Manager of the HR Department, Zhang Chusong?

Today, in order to attract the attention of Li Xue, this guy even dressed up to the nines. Before he even came close to them, Qin Chao’s nose has already smelled the faint smell of cologne.

Ah, this smell is unbearable to some people. What was he thinking? Did he think Li Xue would like him just because he put on some perfume?

Qin Chao remembered that perfume was originated from the West especially French. But later, it spread all over the world, and now it has become some kind of fashion.

Many women like to wear perfume to make themselves more attractive. But Qin Chao always thought that a man wearing perfume and a woman wearing perfume was not the same.

Women and fragrant smell were a perfect match. But a man should be manly, be a real man.

Relying on perfume to attract people, what kind of man is that? A cross-dresser?

Even coming to a company dinner this Zhang Chusong dressed up in a suit like this, he really thought himself as a really high-level person.

Different from Li Xue, before coming to this place, Zhang Chusong went to his apartment first to dress up a bit, changing his clothes into a new set of suit.

But no matter what suit he switched to, it was always the traditional black suit, so he still has the same rigid look.

“Xue, you’re finally here.” Zhang Chusong seemed to have been here for quite a while. When he saw Li Xue appeared, his two eyes emitted an aggressive light as he immediately strode to the front of her.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time, let us go in together.”

With that, he slightly bent over, making an invitation gesture.

Li Xue was slightly stunned. She did not want to accept Zhang Chusong’s invitation, but if, in this kind of situation, she refused him, it would hurt the feeling between colleagues.

“Go on, you should come out from the shadow of your husband.” Qin Chao counseled from the side.

Li Xue’s heart jumped and somewhat absent-mindedly looked at Qin Chao. Why would he say such a thing? Doesn’t he have ideas toward me?

When it comes to ideas, Qin Chao indeed has. Encountering such a beautiful woman like her, if he does not have any ideas, Qin Chao is a eunuch.

But for now, Qin Chao had enough trouble. Not to mention Su Ji, in Dongchuan City, there were Yu Lu, Wu Xin, as well as Liao Shasha.

It was already a difficult thing to explain, so Qin Chao did not want to mess with another woman.

Therefore, even if Li Xue was such a beauty, Qin Chao cannot afford to mess with her.

“I, really can?” Li Xue turned her head to look at Qin Chao, seemingly asking him.

Hearing these words, Qin Chao’s heart moved. Why would manager Li asks me about this? Don’t tell me she is starting to have a sense of dependence on me?

This is bad, I have to nip this in the bud.

Qin Chao’s mouth floated out a smile, he wanted to give Li Xue some warmth.

“You can, a new world is waiting for you.” Without knowing why, when he said these words, Qin Chao felt somewhat sore.

In the end, I am still an amorous ghost, saying such a thing is basically against my nature.

What he actually wanted to do was to step forward, embraced Li Xue by the shoulder, picked up her chin and said.

“Yo, little girl, why do you want to eat for? Better come with uncle to a Hotel.”

Alas, although he was a cultivator and a devil’s path one at that, Qin Chao cannot truly let himself become unbridle because he is Qin Chao and not Luo De.

“All right.” Li Xue nodded her head, went over to Zhang Chusong and gently took his hand.

At this moment, Qin Chao’s heart was beating violently, he seemed to be taken by this feeling. His uncle, I hate this feeling.

Meanwhile, listening to Qin Chao and Li Xue’s exchange, Zhang Chusong felt very humiliated. This Li Xue, who has always been an independent woman, actually asked for her assistant’s opinion? If Qin Chao did not let her, would she refuse his invitation?

But when Li Xue’s cold hand pulled his hand, that unpleasant feeling immediately vanished. Zhang Chusong felt like he was floating. He held Li Xue’s hand in return, raised his head and, seemingly showing off, cast Qin Chao a glance. And then he went to the dining hall with Li Xue.

Qin Chao can only shrug his shoulders as he followed behind them.

He never took Zhang Chusong seriously, but the other side seemed to treat him as a rival.

He was not even worth it; Qin Chao’s opponent were the likes of King of Hell Sect and Skeleton. Regardless of who else, Qin Chao would not put them in his eyes.

“Brother Qin, you’re here!”

In this packed dining hall, there were people dancing.

There was a big dance floor in the middle which surrounded by tables. The Skyhawk Company’s employees were either sitting at the table or dancing on the dance floor, the atmosphere was very cheerful.

As Qin Chao walked through the door, Alice, with her big bright eyes, came running and proactively pulled Qin Chao’s arm.

“Brother Qin, you came so late, Renjia is impatiently waiting for you.”

Alice said, like a pampered girl, shaking Qin Chao’s arm.

This shaking almost made him dizzy, but Qin Chao soon calmed himself and took a look at Alice. She wore a long black skirt, her overall appearance looked very sexy.

Especially since she put on some light makeup, which covered her freckles. Compared to weekdays in office, she looked several points more beautiful.

Although she also can be considered a beauty, Qin Chao was not too interested in her.

This woman craved too much attention.

“Sorry, sorry, there was a little delay on the road.” Although he was not too fond of her, he still wanted to lay a good relationship. After all, they were all colleagues, so they can’t help but see each other every day.

“Qin Chao, come over here.” From a nearby table, a girl wearing a white sweatshirt and jeans waved at them.

It was Shi Xin, the girl has a smile on her face with just a tiny bit of blush. It seemed like before Qin Chao arrived, this girl has drunk some wine.

In the company, in addition to Li Xue and Chen Qiang, Shi Xin also has the most contact with Qin Chao.

He thought that Shi Xin this girl was good; A very good friend.

“Wait a minute, I am going to dance with brother Qin!” Alice did not want to give up, she pulled Qin Chao’s hand, wanting to walk to the dance floor.

“Manager Li, I would also like to ask you to a dance.” Zhang Chusong reached out his hand toward Li Xue and made an inviting someone posture.

“Alice, let me rest for a while, after that I’ll accompany you to a dance.” Qin Chao was not in a mood for dancing. Therefore, regardless of how far Alice pouted her mouth, Qin Chao walked over and sat down beside Shi Xin.

“I, I don’t want to dance either.” Seeing Qin Chao left her side, Li Xue suddenly began to panic. She quickly rejected Zhang Chusong’s invitation, caught up with Qin Chao and sat down next to him.

Zhang Chusong’s eyes flashed out an angry look, he now wanted to rush over and tear Qin Chao in half.

But, this kind of thing was not something a gentleman would do. Humph, Qin Chao, don’t think that just because you have Director Chen as your backer, you can act with impunity. One day I, Zhang Chusong, will make you pay.

Qin Chao chose to sit beside Shi Xin because he wanted to talk to her. But at this time, a tall skinny guy came over carrying two cups of orange juice.

“Xinxin, who are these two?” The boy seemed somewhat refined, he looked at Qin Chao with a puzzled look. But then he saw Li Xue who sat next to Qin Chao and his neither small nor large eyes immediately exuded a brilliant light.

Every time a boy sees a beauty, it seems like they will have this kind of reaction.

Actually, no one can blame him, mainly because Li Xue’s charm was too strong.

“This is my colleague, Qin Chao, he is the assistant manager in the business department. And that beauty is our boss, the manager of the business department, manager Li.”

“Hello, manager Li!” That boy looked stunned, he quickly put the orange juice on the table and reached out his hand toward Li Xue.

Li Xue lightly shook his hand and, with neither cold nor hot face, said, “Just call me Li Xue.”

“Manager Li, today is our company’s dinner party, what’s with that cold face?” Seeing Li Xue’s as-cold-as-Changbai-mountain face, Qin Chao could not help but say, “You need to smile a little bit.”

Hearing these words, Li Xue cannot help but cast him a look. But to everyone’s surprise, the corner of Li Xue’s mouth suddenly arched up, showing a beautiful smile.

Manager Li actually smiled!

In the company, Li Xue was always known as the millennium iceberg. Although he has been chasing her for a long time, Li Xue never even gave manager Zhang a smile. While Qin Chao, who has only been at the company for one day, managed to make Li Xue smile with just a few words.

Zhang Chusong was extremely jealous, he simply regarded this smile as his. His uncle, I really want to take Li Xue away and make her smile to me every day.

This smile, and this woman, is mine!

Zhang Chusong almost went mad.

That friend of Shi Xin was stunned, standing there with a somewhat silly look.

With a somewhat blushing face, Shi Xin pulled that boy away.

“Little Xinxin, I haven’t seen you for just a few moment, where did you get this guy?” Seeing how the two of them behave, Qin Chao could not help but tease.

“What’s with ‘where did I get this guy’ question!” Shi Xin gave Qin Chao a sharp look, “Renjia already has a boyfriend for a long time, you just don’t know about it. Come on, introduce yourself.”

Shi Xin slapped that boy’s arm, directing her last sentence at him.

“Ah, my, my name is Jiang Lei, I am Shi Xin’s boyfriend.” That boy said, patting his chest, “Don’t look at my thin body, I am actually the power forward in the city’s basketball team.”

“Oh, so you already have a boyfriend?” Qin Chao said with a smile, “Didn’t you say you’re the new era’s independent woman?”

“It’s just a joke….” Shi Xin blushed, showing her shyness.

“Our Xinxin’s boyfriend is the basketball star of our city!” In order to draw the attention of Qin Chao, Alice tried to mention her good friend to show off.

“It turns out our little Xinxin likes a sports star.” Qin Chao chuckled, “No wonder you have no interest in me.”

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