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As he chanted the formula, on the platform of this building, a depressing aura of despair suddenly wound around above the array. Meanwhile, tears of blood flowed out of those three dog’s heads.

“Bam!” The next second, a black flame suddenly burst out from the edge of the array. At the same time, vaguely, Qin Chao can hear the bark of the vicious dog. Moreover, these barks seemed to be more than one.

Qin Chao’s eyes lit up, sure enough, the Nine Mysterious Devil Dogs love this sacrifice.

The level of sacrifice directly determined the power of the dog. Therefore, Qin Chao did not just casually choose a random dog but chose this ghost dog instead.

“This time, its power is guaranteed.” Qin Chao was very pleased, but he was not in a hurry to summon the Nine Mysterious Devil Dog out.

In any event, these Nine Secret creatures are evil creatures, when they came out, they wanted to see blood. Usually, Qin Chao will not summon them casually.

In particular, he still has to go to the company’s dinner. After all, he was still an ordinary staff; To have a good development in the company, he has to know more about some of his colleagues in the company.

When he befriend many of his colleagues, it would be easier for him later on.

Although Director Chen regarded him as his brother, Qin Chao did not want to take advantage of this relationship, he wanted to rely on his own ability.

After thinking about it, Qin Chao launched his Wind Sword move. Stepping on his floating Evil King Sword, he flew down from the roof.

From the air, he saw Li Xue sat on a platform outside the building, crying.

Qin Chao’s heart was touched. He silently landed behind Li Xue.

Without knowing why, Qin Chao felt that this crying Li Xue was very beautiful. And her cry was particularly sad, her shoulder constantly trembled, as if she was suffering from the cold.

“Manager Li, why are you so sad? Do you want me to lend you a shoulder to cry?”

Li Xue suddenly looked up, eyes wide, glancing at the back. When she saw the dusty Qin Chao, she covered her mouth in a pleasant surprise, unable to say any word for half a day.

“Manager Li, what’s wrong? We have to go to the restaurant now, or we’re going to be late.”

“Are, are you okay?” Just now, Li Xue was like a walking dead, after coming here, she sat down and began to cry. She did not even dare to go back to the elevator to take a look, otherwise, she would have found that the elevator was empty.

“I am all right.” Qin Chao then jokingly said, “I am thick skinned and durable.”

“You’re still joking in time like this.” Li Xue could not help but get angry, and even glared at him several times. Then she looked at him with interest.

“Are you injured?”

“I don’t think so, I am quite strong you know.” Qin Chao said and patted his chest as he mentioned strong.

“But, the elevator is broken and need to be repaired.”

“Em!” Li Xue nodded her head, “This time property developer will burn money to fix this. Fortunately, you’re okay, or they would have to pay a lot of money.”

“Why are you talking about money, we need to go.” Qin Chao pointed at the lucky bike behind him, “You see, I rode this when I was on the way here.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Li Xue somewhat worriedly asked. She was afraid that Qin Chao was actually hurt but was too ashamed to say it, and when he rides the bike, he will be unable to bear it.

“I said I am okay, come on, sit here, manager Li.” Qin Chao patted the back seat of the bike and then sat on his seat, “Let me tell you, people who can sit on my bike are generally a great person. Manager Li, you are blessed.”

“Bah, what does it have to do with being a great person.” Li Xue rolled her eyes at him. Knowing that Qin Chao was really all right, her jumped-in-panic heart finally calmed down. She lifted her ass and sat on the back seat, and then put her arms around Qin Chao’s waist.

Without knowing why, when she put her arms around Qin Chao’s waist, Li Xue felt the satisfaction of finding something that has been lost to her a long time ago.

“It even has a GPS, is that real or fake?” Seeing the GPS device attached to the handle at the front, Li Xue could not help but ask.

“Of course it’s real! If not, with how big this Sunan City is, I would get lost to the province.”

Qin Chao looked back and said to Li Xue.

“Hold on, I am going to pedal this.” Qin Chao said and started pedaling the bike.

It was like a train that suddenly speed up, Li Xue felt her body ruthlessly pulled back. Unconsciously, she leaned her body against Qin Chao’s back, tightly clinging to this man.

The bicycle was like a mini sports car, it suddenly leaped forward.

“Ah!” Li Xue uttered a scream. She saw sparks of fire continued to splatter around behind the bike as it continued to rush forward.

Wind blew all around her, only at the back of Qin Chao where there was none. Li Xue naturally leaned her body against his back, letting Qin Chao’s body blocked the cold.

This was definitely more exciting than riding a motorcycle. Li Xue felt the bike quickly shuttled along the city.

Under this speed, Li Xue could not even speak a word. If she opened her mouth, she would swallow a big mouthful of wind.

Since the last time losing that road race, Yang Shu sold his SUV and bought himself a BMW Z4. This was a small sports car, so Yang Shu was confident that no one could surpass him again.

By the way, he also got himself a new girlfriend. In one of the College, Yang Shu found a freshman girl. Many College girls were still pure, especially those freshman girls, they were almost too naive.

Just by using a sports car and a flower, he already conquered this girl. The next day, he brought her to a room in a five-star hotel.

That feeling made Yang Shu feel very happy. The taste of a College girl has left a deep impression in Yang Shu. These girls were much better than women who have been contaminated by society.

He heard that in High School, this girl was a beauty queen and, as a result, usually arrogant.

Humph, what arrogant school beauty? Under the money offensive, didn’t she obediently surrender to me?

Thinking about how the girl swayed her hips up and down on the bed, Yang Shu could not help but swallow his saliva. At this time, he was driving his car to that girl’s University, so subconsciously, he raised his speed slightly above the speed limit.

In any case, in this Sunan City, he, Yang Shu, has some influence. Even if a traffic police saw him speeding, there will not be much problem for him. At worst, he would only get a ticket. With his money, he can easily pay the fine.

None of the traffic police brigade in this Sunan City dares to not give him, Yang Shu, some face. Except for that last hot female traffic police, who was so brutal and did not even put him in her eyes.

However, that police officer was really pretty. If he can do her, it would be worth it.

Yang Shu’s mind was full of dirty thoughts just as the light at the crossroad in front of him turned red.

D*mn, why are there so many traffic lights in this Sunan City! Yang Shu cursed as he slowed down his car, preparing to stop.

At this time, a black bike suddenly brushed past him from the side.

Sitting in the car, Yang Shu can even feel the wind from the pavement. He was stunned because that bike was too f*cking familiar.

Behind that bike, there was still a beautiful girl.

F*ck me! How could this bicycle rider always brings a woman that is more beautiful than mine!

This time, I have this BMW Z4, do you think I could not overtake you? Thinking to this, Yang Shu immediately pressed the gas to the max.

With a screech, the BMW turned into a wild beast and directly leaped forward and started pursuing Qin Chao in his bicycle, ignoring the red light.

Sunan City in the evening was not as lively as Dongchuan City. Therefore, there were not that many cars on the street. So, Yang Shu can safely race against Qin Chao.

He wanted to prove to the guy on the bike that no one can be faster than him, Yang Shu!

His money can make up for all the gaps.

This BMW Z4 speed was very fast. In the blink of an eye, he came close to Qin Chao.

“A, a car is catching up behind us.” Seeing the BMW behind them, Li Xue, who was still leaning against Qin Chao’s back, said to him.

“Ha! Just let him eat our farts, hahaha!”

Under this speed, Qin Chao felt very refreshed, so he could not help but laugh.

Li Xue rolled her eyes, Bah, who’s the one eating fart here? I am sitting right behind you, do I eat your fart, or that BMW eats my….

My God, what am I thinking!

Li Xue felt ashamed. She felt that since Qin Chao came into her life, her mind started to become unbridled.

However, behind them, Yang Shu was even more depressed. He continued to increase his BMW’s speed but he just couldn’t catch up with the bicycle guy in front of him.

My God, is that really just a bicycle and not some sort of rocket?

Yang Shu repeatedly crossed the red lights, still trying to catch up with Qin Chao.

But no matter how hard he tried, he can’t even overtake the rear tire of Qin Chao’s bike. Qin Chao actually appeared at ease, pedaling at a moderate pressure ahead of the BMW.

When Yang Shu accelerated, he also accelerated. When Yang Shu slowed down, he also slowed down.

In the end, Yang Shu finally went mad.

“D*mn, your father, I, can’t believe I can’t overtake a bicycle!” Yang Shu finally became desperate, he put the BMW speed to the max, ready to overtake this b*stard’s bicycle in one fell swoop.

When he put the car into the fifth gear, the BMW Z4 roared and rushed out like a lightning.

I did it! I overtake that d*mn bike!

At that moment, Yang Shu felt as if he won an F1 championship, the feeling of infinite joy and glory wrapped around his body. This time, he really wanted to hug her Campus flower, opened a bottle of champagne and mercilessly f*ck her while drinking.

But then, all of Yang Shu’s joy disappeared. Because from the rearview mirror, he saw Qin Chao clearly parked the bike to the side, helped that beauty jumped out of the bike and walked with her to the nearby restaurant.

Motherf*cker! I didn’t overtake him, he just arrived at his destination!

Yang Shu’s anger went through the roof, he wished he could turn the steering wheel and crashed himself on the nearby building.

“Who is that man? Why was he chasing us?” After she got down from the bike, Li Xue could not help but ask.

“Who knows, but that guy is definitely crazy.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, his mind subconsciously thought of a person. Previously, on the road, the owner of Cayenne was also like this.

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  1. “Who knows, but that guy is definitely crazy.”

    Let’s continue with what he really wanted to say :

    “Who knows, but that guy is definitely crazy to try to compete with this father !”


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