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Li Xue hopelessly laying at the edge of the elevator, her tears could not stop dripping down.

But at this time, on the first floor. The elevator was deformed because of the fall. The previously open door was now twisted, firmly blocking the way out.

At this time, the steel elevator was like a coffin.

A plume of smoke floated downstairs, then condensed into a beautiful woman with a coquettish look.

“Humans, are really fragile….” Mei Ji was fiddling a skull with her hand. Looking at the twisted elevator, a faint smile floated on her lips, “Such a simple is really boring.”

But her eyes suddenly tightened.

She heard from the inside of that twisted elevator, came several loud banging sounds.

Then, a black crescent-moon-like light pierced through the elevator door and continued to fly out until it slit the wall on another corner of the building.

That steel coffin now has an opening gap.

Then, a man dressed in a black trench coat came out from the elevator. His hand was still holding a black sword.

“Oh?” Mei Ji’s heart suddenly started to beat fast, but she soon calmed down, “So you’re not an ordinary human….Finally, this play is getting interesting.”

“Beautiful, since you like to play, then I will play with you.” Qin Chao held the cigarette with his hand and then put it on his lips, “But, I am really curious, who sent you to kill me?”

Qin Chao knew that he has too many enemies. The Skeleton, King of Hell sect, Japanese Black Dragon group, and several big and small dark forces.

“Rest assured, since you’re not an ordinary human, I will satisfy your curiosity right before I kill you.” Mei Ji was like a pampered girl; She twisted her waist and said, “When you go to hell and see Yama, be sure to tell him that you die in Mei Ji’s hand.”

Hearing this familiar greeting, Qin Chao’s heart moved; He put the Evil King Sword in front of his chest.

“You’re from the King of Hell sect!”

“Yo, little guy, how do you know?” Mei Ji said, charmingly looking at Qin Chao while licking the skull in her hand, “What a clever guy, Renjia is becoming more interested in you. So, come on then.”

With that, Mei Ju suddenly grabbed a mysterious blue flame, inserted it into the skull and charmingly said, “Use your corpses….Go, ghosts.”

With that, the skull in her hand burned with that mysterious blue flame, its pair of dark eyes lit up, seemingly staring at Qin Chao with curiosity.

Then, when Qin Chao opened his devil eyes, he saw dozens of ghosts rushing at him.

I can’t fight here, it will affect the innocents!

Qin Chao thought. He backed away a step or two and started launching the sword move on his Evil King Sword.

“Sword rides the wind, flies away! The Wind Sword!” Qin Chao made a seal with his hands and chanted the sword spell. That Evil King Sword immediately flew to his feet and let him step on it.

Screaming loudly, the ghosts were getting closer and closer, seemingly wanting to shred Qin Chao into pieces.

But Qin Chao stepped on that Wind Sword and, with a blast, rushed away from these ghosts.

The nearby window glass was directly shattered as Qin Chao suddenly came to the wind-blowing outdoor night. He turned the Evil King Sword to climb upward, flying straight to the roof.

The roof was the best venue for fighting. After experiencing several battles, this was his conclusion.

Just as he stepped on the roof, a trailing black smoke came to his front.

Mei Ji’s coquettish face appeared in front of him once again.

“Do you think you can get away?” Mei Ji giggled, “My targets never lived to tell the story! Even if you are the Shu Magic Mountain disciples.”

Seeing him riding the Wind Sword, this Mei Ji obviously regarded him as the people from the Shu Magic Mountain.

But this was actually okay. Qin Chao did not deny this, but his eyes secretly flashed a bit.

At this time, those screaming ghosts have caught up with him and continued to rush toward Qin Chao.

“As long as a rainbow, as swift as a meteor! Rainbow Sword!” Qin Chao did not want to reveal that he has Diamond Sutra. Keeping one or two killer moves from this fight would give him supreme experience. Otherwise, if the enemies see through all of his cards, it would be bad for him.

However, Qin Chao did not worry too much because this Mei Ji in front of him was also the same Foundation Building experts as him. For the King Of Hell sect who have lost most of their high-level experts, a Foundation Building master like this one should be one of their current top experts.

As Qin Chao launched the sword move, his Evil King Sword fluttered and then turned into a black light as it cut through the air, shooting forward.

This sword not only has speed, it also has massive sword qi. The sword flew out like a small storm, driving and transforming the air around it into a sword-like weapon, which then stirred and tore those ghosts.

“Yo, little guy, that’s quite powerful.” Mei Ji twisted her waist and coyly said, “I just don’t know if you have that kind of ability in bed….Is yours useless or not!”

While saying that, Mei Ji did not stop her attack. She suddenly reached out his hand and let loose that skeleton in mid-air. This seemingly artifact thing hovered in mid-air, constantly emitting the mysterious blue light.

Then, that light swept the ground, drawing out a bizarre array.

“Come out, heed my summon.” Mei Ji muttered, her hand constantly making various kinds of seal sign, “Ghost dog from the ghost world, come out and show your power.”

With this call, that array emitted black light. Then, a snarling black ghost dog ran out from that array.

Although this dog was not big, it had red eyes which looked ferocious. Its eyes were burning with red flames, the similar red flame also came out from its mouth.

Ghost dog is the lowest form of creature down below. One or two of them may not be terrible. But before his eyes, one by one, they continued to appear, forming a sea of dogs. Nearly a hundred of dogs came out, truly terrifying.

“Arf, arf! Woof!” These dogs ferociously barked at the same time, which made Qin Chao a bit uncomfortable.

As soon as they appeared, these ghost dogs immediately rushed toward Qin Chao, wanting to bite him. Their IQs were very low, so they just wanted to kill. They were summoned to kill Qin Chao, so they will not stop unless they were dead.

Seeing these ferocious creatures, Qin Chao was in no hurry, once again he launched his sword move.

“Sword transformed into numerous shadows, covering the sky! Shadow Sword!”

With that, he made a seal sign in front of this sea of dogs. That Evil King Sword immediately flew upward into the air and then split into two, three, and so on.

Generally, for someone who just learned this move, if they can split their sword into three or four sword shadows, it would have been quite good. But Qin Chao has a natural devil body, his body carried the devil essence, and he was also the successor of the Devil Arhat. This time, the sword actually split into ten sword shadows, which then floated in front of him.

“Go!” Qin Chao gave his order. Those sword shadows then flew upward and then down, piercing into this platform with clanking sounds.

In a flash, more than ten ghost dogs were stabbed by the swords, directly nailing them above the floor.

But those ghost dogs were too many, it was impossible just to rely on his Shadow Sword.

“It’s useless.” Mei Ji laughed, “It’s impossible for you to escape Renjia just by relying on those sword moves. Little guy, why don’t you just yield to Renjia, Renjia will be very gently with you.”

With that, a gloomy smile appeared on her face.

Qin Chao inwardly shivered. He knew that what he lacked was the strength. Otherwise, if he practiced this Shadow Sword to the extreme, he can summon thousands of sword shadows at once.

Later on, he has to pay attention to this.

“Sorry, I am not interested in you.” Qin Chao retrieved the Evil King Sword, holding it in his hand, “Just stay with that skull of yours.”

“You don’t want to make a move?” Seeing Qin Chao withdrew his sword move, Mei Ji could not help but charmingly laugh, “Finally decided to give up, not-wanting-to-admit-his-mistake little guy?”

“When you see Yama, remember to tell him my name, Qin Chao.”

Who knew, Qin Chao actually showed a strange smile to her.

Then, under Mei Ji’s frightened eyes, Qin Chao waved the Evil King Sword. That sword suddenly shone with black light.

“Evil King Waning Moon!” A black crescent light flew out. This crescent light constantly spun, hacking that sea of dogs in front of it. And then, it cut through Mei Ji’s body.

The Waning Moon killing power pretty much can destroy anything. Except for those like Qin Chao who has Diamond body.

Clearly, Mei Ji did not have that Diamond Body. She stared at her upper body that was gradually separated from her lower body.

“Impossible!” Mei Ji’s face, for a moment, suddenly became ferocious. Like those previous ghosts, she loudly wailed. Then, her upper body and lower body suddenly turned into two plumes of black smoke, rolled together in the air and then, like a lost dog, awkwardly ran away.

Qin Chao did not try to pursue her, a hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far. The King of Hell sect have many tricks up their sleeve, so Qin Chao was unsure if they still have some other methods to deal with him.

He did not need to hurry to take revenge, at least until his cultivation is higher than those fallen King of Hell sect. Then he can take revenge on behalf of Su Ji.

Anyone who dares to hurt my, Qin Chao’s, woman, is doomed to go to hell.

Qin Chao sneered, and then looked at those corpses of ghost dogs in front of him. When the sun came out, these ghost dogs will turn to ashes. However, for now, they seemed to have some values.

After thinking about it, he lifted his Evil King Sword up and waved it toward three dead ghost dogs.

This sword cut directly severed their heads, which then rolled on the ground.

With his thought ability, he arranged those three dog heads into a shape.

Then, he used his mind to control the blood from those dogs to draw a strange array on this rooftop.

He then walked to the center of the array, nailed the Evil King Sword into the floor and made a strange seal with his hands. He then began to murmur the summoning formula.

This was the key to the Nine Secret Summoning Technique, if you want to summon the real creatures from hell, you need the appropriate sacrifice. Regarding the Nine Secret Devil Dog, these ghost dogs should be a good sacrifice.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 249 Ghost Dog’s Corpse

  1. a hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far.
    I’m pretty sure it differs according to situation , And rather than pursue it should be “an enemy shouldn’t be cornered too far”
    because at that point instead of fighting to win / lose the battle , the enemy would be fighting for his life , and that would make him reckless , which you wouldn’t want.


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