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My God, I’d be living in this place for quite a while. Why didn’t I think of this horrible thing before! Looks, looks like I have to buy an apartment real quick!

However, before the deal with Xin Kun is completed, the money in Li Xue’s hand was not enough to buy an apartment in Sunan City. As for renting an apartment, she was not quite comfortable with the idea of living in other people’s apartment.

Thinking to this, Li Xue secretly sized Qin Chao up.

Do I really want to sleep together with this guy?

My God, why would I think of this shameful idea! Even if I let him stay after the office hour, he can always sleep outside, why would I need to sleep together with him!

I must have been influenced by this guy’s messy ideas!

Qin Chao did not know that he was being treated unjustly; He floated his glance out of the window and suddenly said.

“Manager Li, did you see something floating outside the window just now?”

“Ah!” Hearing this, Li Xue cannot help but scream and hugged Qin Chao from behind.

Her soft chest was against Qin Chao back, which immediately fired Qin Chao up.

“D*mn, you beast, why did you say such a thing to deliberately scare me!” Li Xue tightly closed her eyes, but her mouth loudly scolded Qin Chao.

Qin Chao helplessly touched his nose and said, “Manager Li, I did not lie to you….”

“Why are you still saying that!” Li Xue clenched her small fists, randomly banging Qin Chao’s back.

Qin Chao was helpless, but he can guarantee that he certainly saw something flew past the window. Is there something strange with this building? Or that thing is just eyeing on me?

“Ok, ok, my eyes were wrong, let’s go.” Qin Chao had to pull the unwilling-to-open-the-eyes Li Xue toward the elevator.

When they left the office, a black smoke suddenly got in from the gap between the windows.

This black smoke fell to the ground and slowly became a woman dressed in black.

That woman’s face was quite pretty, yet painted with a very flirtatious makeup. Her lips were red and her eyes were black, which were also filled with murderous intention yet seductive look. These two distinct type of looks blended together in her, which made her look quirky and strange.

“He almost found out about me….” She put her hand on her waist, tilted her body and somewhat unhappily pouted, “I really don’t know what’s wrong with the Sect Leader that he actually wants me to observe this man. Looking at him, he is just a normal human.”

With that, she leaned her round and delicate rear on one of the desks, put her finger on her lips and muttered, “Could it be that the Sect Leader is gay? Mm, it is possible, no wonder he never put his eyes on me, this old lady.”

“Hihi, but since you’ve been eyed by me, this old lady, I will have to entertain you….”

Then, her body turned into a black smoke and silently flew out of the office.

Qin Chao did not know, someone was following him. He took Li Xue to the elevator to go downstairs.

When the elevator almost reached the fourth floor, the light suddenly blinked a few times and then, with a snap, it suddenly turned off, along with the elevator.

“Ah!” Li Xue could not help but scream. This sudden blackout made her heart uneasy and immediately thumped fiercely.

Qin Chao continued to scold ‘bad luck,’ D*mn, what the hell is this, how could I bump into a broken elevator!

He remembered the flashlight that was given by Rosy and took that out, wanting to give illumination to Li Xue.

Who knew, this flashlight was a specially manufactured product, in addition to illuminating the ghost, it won’t shine in any other situation.

After pressing it’s on button for a few times to no avail, Qin Chao really wanted to throw this flashlight.

Finally, without any other choice, he had to pull up his domestic phone and used its bright screen to illuminate the elevator.

Just as he lit his phone, Li Xue, after recovering a bit, looked up. The light from the phone dimly lit Qin Chao’s face, which made his face looked scary.

Li Xue screamed out in fright and unconsciously slapped Qin Chao’s face.

This sudden slap also stunned Qin Chao.

“Smack!” A crisp sounding sound resounded in this dark elevator. Qin Chao was depressed, His uncle! Who provoke who now!

“Manager Li….Did you hurt your hand….” Qin Chao touched his face and bitterly complained.

Li Xue felt as if she just slapped an iron sheet, her hand ache. D*mn this Qin Chao, his skin is so thick! I just slapped him but it’s like nothing to him, yet my hand hurts.

“Qin Chao, what do we do? We can’t get out. Are we going to be stuck here?” Li Xue panickedly asked. Usually, she looked very capable, but when confronted with such a scene, she went back to become an ordinary woman.

“Don’t worry, with me here, nothing will happen to you.” Qin Chao slapped his chest, “This is nothing, I’ll take care of it.”

With that, his thought floated out. After entering the Foundation Building stage, his thought ability was more than just a skill, he now has the ability to find out the outline of his surrounding without looking at them.

Although he can’t see it himself, just by feeling on its contour would inform him about what kind of object it was.

Now with this thought in mind, Qin Chao wanted to find the door on the fourth floor.

Seeing Qin Chao closed his eyes and mysteriously went silent, Li Xue was so anxious that she cannot help but hug this man’s arm, firmly attaching her body against it.

Especially since the light from his mobile phone went off, the elevator plunged into the darkness once again, which made Li Xue even more anxious.

But Qin Chao has no way to take care of Li Xue’s mood, with his thought, he finally found the spot.

The elevator almost reached the fourth floor. He immediately lifted his hand and, using his thought ability, pushed the elevator down.

“Screech” Li Xue was startled. At that moment, she thought that the elevator has got its power back. But she later found that the elevator seemed to move on its own and it was still dark, which made her even more panic.

My God, what is happening here!

What horrible thing control this elevator?

Li Xue held Qin Chao even tighter, she wanted to drill herself into this man to hide inside and not come out.

After lining up the elevator position, Qin Chao let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes.

Seeing that Li Xue was like a frightened rabbit, tightly pressing her soft chest against his arm, he could not help but laugh.

“Manager Li, why are you so scared like this?”

“Who, who said I am scared!” Li Xue immediately opened her eyes and loudly refuted, “I, I am just not used to it. Let, let’s call for help.”

“Manager Li, there is no signal in this elevator.” Qin Chao put his phone in front of Li Xue to let her see for herself.

“That’s a domestic phone, of course it’s bad!” Li Xue pulled out an Apple iPhone from her bag and said, “Mine definitely has.”

Who knew, when she took a look, it has zero signal

“How about it, is there a signal?” Although Qin Chao did not see her cellphone screen, he still smiled and asked.

Li Xue shook her head sadly.

“Well, in the end, you still have to rely on domestic good; Look at me.” Qin Chao said, straightened his back and walked toward the elevator door.

“What, what are you doing?” Li Xue widened her eyes as she looked at Qin Chao, not knowing what he would do.

“I am going to open the elevator!” Qin Chao said and reached out his hands toward the elevator door, pressing his fingers at the gap in the middle.

Fortunately, this was just a simple sliding door, if it was a compound door, Qin Chao can only pull out his Evil King Sword and directly slice the door into two halves.

Qin Chao began to exert his strength to pull each side of the door away from each other, the muscle in his arms bulged up.

Li Xue felt the elevator shook and then, the two sturdy metal door began to move.

“How, how could this….” Li Xue covered her mouth in surprise, unable to believe what was happening before her eyes.

As the elevator door gradually opened, the light from the hallway slowly came through.

Although the light on the corridor was abysmal, at least, it gave Li Xue a bit of illumination.

Qin Chao can open this elevator door just like that?

This kind of thing only happens in movies!

“Ok, you go ahead.” After opening the elevator door and holding it, Qin Chao said to Li Xue.

“Are, are you okay?” Li Xue worriedly looked at Qin Chao and asked, “This kind of thing is very difficult….”

“Don’t worry, my inborn strength is big.” Qin Chao gave Li Xue a big smile, reassuring her, “Come on, I might not hold on for much longer.”

“Oh, ok, ok, I’m leaving!” Seeing this smile, Li Xue’s heart immediately warmed; She lowered her head and passed through from under his arms to go outside.

Leaving the elevator, Li Xue’s heart lightened a lot. I finally left that elevator, Li Xue patted her own chest and exhaled.

She turned around and, gave Qin Chao her very rare smile.

“Come on, get out of there, we can just walk downstairs.”

Who knew, Li Xue’s face suddenly looked panicked, as if looking at the most terrible thing in the world.

Because she saw, Qin Chao’s body, along with the elevator, violently shook. Then, the elevator suddenly lost its support and directly fell down, disappeared from her sight with a screeching sound.

Leaving only the dark hole, which horrifyingly stayed there.

“Boom!” A loud noise came out of that hole.

Li Xue felt that with this sound, her entire world crashed down. A tearing pain appeared in her chest, like in those years, when she saw Yang Fan died.

“Qin Chao!” A piercing cry cried out by Li Xue as if she wanted to shout the time back to its previous moment.

“Qin Chao! Qin Chao!” Li Xue looked down from the edge of the elevator and loudly shouted. In response to her, only a hollow echo.

Although it was fourth stories high only, in the midst of darkness, it felt like looking into the abyss, which made her feel dizzy.

Is Qin Chao dead? My newly arrived assistant died just like that?

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  1. Makes it sound like she’s just disappointed that he died so easily with the “My newly arrived assistant died just like that?”


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