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Li Xue’s amazing words forced the cold sweat to came out of Qin Chao’s forehead.

“Manager Li, you seem to talk as if I, Qin Chao, am that kind of person.” Qin Chao said as he wiped away his cold sweat, “Something came up yesterday so I had to suddenly leave the car. I’ll go get the car tonight.”

“Humph.” Li Xue thought that only a ghost would believe Qin Chao’s excuse. “Now you’re an employee of this company, so you need to pay attention to your private life. Later, I’ll make a list of things that I need you to buy.”

With that, Li Xue buried her head back into her work, no longer spoke to Qin Chao.

Qin Chao helplessly shrugged his shoulders and returned to his seat. As an assistant manager, not only he needed to be responsible for some of her work, sometimes, he also needed to deal with her private life.

On this point, Qin Chao envied the South. Those managers of big companies in the South usually has two assistants or secretaries. One is work assistant and the other is personal assistant.

And in their offices, they would often invoke the unspoken rules. Qin Chao suddenly thought of something dirty, wondering whether this manager Li will, one day, suddenly invoke that unspoken rule to him.

Of course, it was all just in his mind. While indulging himself in flights of fancy, Qin Chao proceeded to turn on his computer.

Like yesterday, he logged into his QQ account.

He immediately received notifications from his class group. It seemed like because of Chen Xin’s news, many members of this group were excited.

“Look, look, it’s Chen Xin’s personal photo, the latest one!”

Their class leader was also there, reportedly, his family worked in an EO business, so he can go online to chat frequently.

Actually, Qin Chao thought that whichever company hired that fatty was definitely blind. Because in College, their class leader can’t even think clearly. Whenever he planned an event, he will always look for the member of this EO company to do it.

Later on, Qin Chao found out that the reason that fatty was able to sit in that position simply because that fatty’s father is one of the company’s shareholders.

With him, at least, Yang Shanshan would not suffer.

However, currently their class leader has so much information about Chen Xin like he was some kind of rabid fan, Wouldn’t Yang Shanshan feel jealous?

In their class QQ group, a picture of an attractive girl appeared on the screen.

This was the recently popular teen idol Chen Xin.

Initially, this Chen Xin was just an ordinary pretty classmate of Qin Chao. Then, by chance, she went out to do a part-time job as an auto show model.

As a result, a well-known director took a fancy of her and invited her to be the supporting actress in his movie.

And then, because of this movie, Chen Xin became a hit. She also began her career in the music industry. Because when the brokerage firm signed her, they discovered that she can sing very well.

Thus, Chen Xin became a rising star, making those people in their class feel jealous.

Right now they heard she was going back to do a class reunion. So, these people, who have never seen a star in their daily lives, naturally became excited.

“Class leader, we all depend on you, be sure to arrange a great reunion.”

“Class leader is amazing, I love you.”

These people began to flatter that fatty’s butt. There was even this annoying “butt-chasing-insect” girl who professed her love to him.

“Go to your uncle! Your father, I, already have Yang Shanshan, I am not interested in you.” The class leader, seemingly scared, quickly replied.

“Huhuhu, class leader, give me a chance. Renjia has never been in love.” That girl persistently pleaded.

“You can look for Qin Chao, he is still a bachelor you know!” That class leader viciously said, “You and him can make a pair!”

“That’s right, that guy Qin Chao, will surely come, will he?” Someone immediately asked.

In those College days, Qin Chao can be called a person of the year in their class. Because he was usually quiet, when he suddenly captured Yang Shanshan’s heart, other people in the class somewhat cannot accept it.

“Of course, I have his contact information. I will personally inform him, haha.” The class leader suddenly laughed. Qin Chao thought that he just wanted to show off his high social status.

When the time comes, this fatty would probably bring Yang Shanshan to provoke him.

After all, that guy has waited for this opportunity for quite a while.

Do I have to go? Qin Chao began to hesitate. To see some of his old classmates, Qin Chao was actually quite excited. After all, some of the students in his class and him have a very good relation.

But if I go, I will definitely see Yang Shanshan….

Qin Chao began to worry about the potential gains or loses.

“Qin Chao, why don’t you answer the phone?”

At this time, Li Xue’s somewhat cold voice suddenly rang.

Awakened from his pondering, Qin Chao suddenly heard the ringing of the telephone near him. And Li Xue, sitting opposite of him, looked at him with a questioning gaze.

Qin Chao made a ‘I am sorry’ gesture and then picked up the phone.

“Hello, Skyhawk advertising company.”

“I am Xin Kun from Chuanwei Food Company.” A familiar voice came from the other side.

Qin Chao raised his eyebrows and said, “So it’s manager Xin! Hello, I am manager Li’s assistant. I’ll connect you to manager Li.”

“No, no, no!” Xin Kun’s warm voice came through that phone, “Assistant Qi, I am actually looking for you.”

“Looking for me?” Qin Chao touched his nose, What does this fatty want? Could it be he wants to cancel yesterday’s contract?

“Hahaha, assistant Qin, don’t worry. Tell you what, I am a typical Northeast guy, I like people who can drink. Yesterday, when you won the drinking bet, you thoroughly convinced me. I am not going to dispute the contract, I believe in your Skyhawk advertising company’s ability. However, from time to time, I’ll be looking for you, I want us to have a good drink again!”

“Ok, ok, no problem.” Qin Chao nodded, again and again, thinking, How could this fatty suddenly have a change of attitude?

“Em, very well, in that case, I would like to establish a long-term relationship with your company!” Xin Kun continued, “Our food company will definitely come up with a variety of list, so we need to do a lot of advertising, which we will have to depend on you.”

“That’s great, manager Xin, rest assured, we will not let you down.”

Qin Chao sniggered in his heart, I land this big contract myself. If this turned into ads campaign, I will get my share!

Skyhawk advertising company has a characteristic, whoever landed the ads will have a share of the ads campaign. So this stimulated a lot of people to try to pull ads for the company, which improved the company’s performance.

Otherwise, Li Xue would not personally go out to drink with a prospective client just to get a contract.

“Good, good, then it’s settled. Two days later, I will ask manager Li and you out for a dinner, and we’ll sign our long-term contract there.”

“Very well. Then I’ll wait for your good news, manager Xin.”

Qin Chao put down the phone, walked toward the dazed Li Xue and reported this good news.

“Really?” After hearing about this, Li Xue finally showed a bit of excitement, “Great, after getting the long term contract, my recent work plan is basically done! Qin Chao, tonight in our dinner party, I will give you my respect by drinking a cup!”

“Ah! No need, no need!” Qin Chao became frightened and started to sweat profusely, You want to respect me by drinking a cup? Do you know what would happen after that!

“What, you look down on me, Li Xue?” Seeing that Qin Chao unexpectedly refused, Li Xue could not help but raise her crescent arched eyebrows.

“Ah, no!” Qin Chao hastened to explain, “I am just afraid that manager Li will get drunk.”

“Nonsense, I am a good drinker, how could I get drunk just by drinking a cup!”

“Didn’t, didn’t you get drunk yesterday….” Qin Chao remembered last night when the drunken Li Xue on his back repeatedly asked him to make love to her; His heart could not help tingle.

“Impossible, when did I get drunk yesterday? How come I don’t remember!” Unexpectedly, Li Xue denied all of that, making Qin Chao dumbfoundedly looked at her.

“Yesterday, obviously….”

“By the way, I have printed the list of things that I need you to buy for me.”

Li Xue said, took a printed paper from the nearby printer and handed it to Qin Chao.

When he looked at it, he was stunned.

My God, what are these?

Bed, bed sheet, big bear pillow.

Some toiletries, electric cooker, frying pan, wok….

My God, that’s everything! Qin Chao wondered whether he needed to buy a whole mini market.

Moreover, there was also the ABC sanitary pad, with a different type for the day and for the night.

Qin Chao was speechless; He pointed to that item name on the list and exclaimed, “Manager Li, do you want me to buy this too?”

“So what?” Li Xue gave him a look, “You are my assistant, there is nothing wrong for you to buy this. This is your job as an assistant, don’t try to decline with all sort of excuses.”

With that, Li Xue thought of something and added.

“By the way, the RT Mart supermarket should have a special price for that, you can buy it there.”

Then, she left that paper in Qin Chao’s hand and busied herself with her own thing, ignoring this guy.

Qin Chao helplessly touched his nose, feeling a burst of indignation. His uncle! If you want me to buy you a bed, then so be it, but you still want me to buy your sanitary pad! Finally, as if in retaliation, Qin Chao suddenly asked.

“Manager Li, do you want a single or a double bed?”

“Of course it’s a single bed, why would I need a double bed?” Li Xue asked.

“I was thinking, if I work overtime and got really late, we can sleep together in the bed.”

“You, go to hell….”

At this time, in the office of the General Manager of the Chuanwei food company, the fatty Xin Kun was standing at the side. On his seat sat a denim wearer pretty girl in a leather boot.

“You did well.”

“I am pleased that miss Long is satisfied, I am pleased.” Manager Xin busily said, “You are the daughter of Mr. Long, so it is an honor for me to help you, miss Long.”

“Em, later on, Qin Chao’s performance will have to rely on you.”

“Certainly, certainly, as long as miss Long is happy, the future ads campaign will be handed over to Qin Chao.”

Listening to those words of compliment, Long Belle slowly drifted her eyes toward the window.

Foe, do you know that I have helped you so much….

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