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Being played at by Rosy early in the morning, Qin Chao was very upset. He no longer talked to that girl. Controlling his Evil King Sword, Qin Chao flew through the sky above the city.

Initially, Qin Chao thought that riding his old bike, jumping between buildings was very exciting. But now, using this Wind Sword, it was basically like floating through the clouds.

This was the true flying speed. Even if next time someone kidnapped Liao Shasha, Qin Chao did not need to ride his old lucky and struggle to catch up, with this he can catch up in a flash.

Moreover, if he wanted to go to Dongchuan City, he did not need to buy a ticket anymore, he could just step on his flying sword and go there.

How fast was the flying sword? In a word, it was not much slower than a commercial plane.

The only drawback was the wind at the high altitude, which was quite big. Fortunately, Qin Chao has his true qi that protected his body, otherwise, this knife-like wind would tear him apart.

Thus, almost like the speed of a super Saiyan, Qin Chao quickly arrived at his company’s location.

Now it was already around nine o’clock, all of the companies have begun to work.

So, no one was outside. Thus, Qin Chao safely brought down the Evil King Sword and when it was getting close to the ground, Qin Chao jumped down and landed on the floor.

Both of his legs were still ‘light as a feather,’ apparently, he was feeling the after effect. After flying a few times more, he should get use to it.

Qin Chao adjusted his disheveled suit and straightened his messed-up-by-the-wind hair and then started to walk toward the building.

At the 10th floor, he first went to the front desk.

Seeing Qin Chao came in, Shi Xin and Alice both, with their beautiful eyes, stared at him.

“What’s wrong, beautiful?” After using his card, Qin Chao looked at the two beautiful women in front of him, “Is there a flower on my face?”

“You don’t have flowers on your face,” Shi Xin said, “But I think you ass is going to bloom! Man, do you know what time it is? Manager Li is already here for quite a while, and she’s been asking where were you.”

“Yes.” Alice coyly said, “Renjia thought Qin Chao gege did not want to work here, so Renjia was very sad. Renjia cried a lot, you see how swollen my eyes are?”

Alice said and pointed to her eyes and said to Qin Chao

“Em….This, I have something that delayed me.” Qin Chao smiled awkwardly.

“Humph, you can explain your reason to Manager Li. When I looked at Manager Li’s appearance, she seems very unhappy.” Shi Xin warned Qin Chao, “You have to watch out, don’t mess with her. Otherwise, if she’s really angry, even Chen Dong can’t stop her!”

“Yes, that’s right.” Alice added, “Manager Li has a bad temper, but she can actually draw many clients to the company, so Chen Dong very much think highly of her. Unlike Renjia, who has a good temper. Qin Chao gege, how about you ask Renjia out to eat?”

Both Shi Xin and Qin Chao were speechless, this Alice seemed to be single-mindedly eyeing Qin Chao, planning to conquer this seemingly handsome guy with a background under her pomegranate skirt.

But truly, the King has the intention, the goddess is ruthless….Ah, wrong, it’s the Goddess has the intention, the King is ruthless.

Qin Chao was about to change the subject, but the company’s Chairman, Chen Qiang actually went out of his office and walked toward Qin Chao.

This man hugged Qin Chao and then, beaming with a smile, vigorously patted Qin Chao on the shoulder and said, “Brother, you almost scared me to death, I thought weren’t coming to work at all!”

“How could I….” Qin Chao was a bit embarrassed, but he suddenly remembered something and asked, “Hey, brother Chen, didn’t you say you were going on a business trip?”

“Ah, this, cough, cough….” Chen Qiang awkwardly coughed twice and then said to Qin Chao, “It’s nothing, it’s just that something came up and I have to go back from my trip. If not, I would have to go catch a plane. Brother, what do you think about working in this company?”

“Not bad, thank you brother Chen for your care.” Qin Chao secretly thought, I can’t say I went out for a drink with manager Li.

“Oh, by the way, I ask manager Li to lead everyone to go to a dinner party tonight. I have something to do, so I can’t go out with you, but you guys have to go to get some fun.”

Chen Qiang said, patted Qin Chao on the shoulder and then ordered the two front desk girls.

“You two have been in the company for quite a while, so I want you two to look after my brother, make him feel at home here.”

“Rest assured Director Chen, I will take a good care of brother Qin!” Alice quickly said, not giving Shi Xin the opportunity to talk.

“Then good.” Chen Qiang nodded with satisfaction, “I just came out to say hi to my brother, you can get back to work now and let me be free of worry. If brother wants to come a bit late, it’s okay, our company’s door is always open for you. Next time, you don’t have to use the punch card.”

With that, Chen Qiang turned around and walked away.

Looking at the back of her chairman, Shi Xin spat out her tongue.

“My God, what kind of treatment is this!” Shi Xin began to express her grievance, “If we’re late even for a minute, we have to lose a lot of money. But you this guy, actually can come and go as you please, that is so unfair!”

“Don’t worry, rest assured, it won’t happen again.” Qin Chao said again and again. Initially, he just wanted to work well, so how could he let himself be late again. Although he managed to get here because of the words of Long Belle, Qin Chao did not want to be treated differently.

In this company, he was just an ordinary staff.

“Xinxin, how can you say that to brother Qin?” Alice rolled her eyes at her friend, “Brother Qin Chao is not like us, he is the younger brother of Director Chen. Brother Qin, this night, we finally can have dinner together. Oh, at that time, I’ll have to drink with you! Hehe, even though Renjia is not that good at drinking.”

What the, you’re obviously trying to provoke me to take advantage of you.

The nearby Shi Xin rolled her eyes, pretending not to know this woman.

“Ok, I’ll be sure to have a drink with you guys.” No matter what, they were all colleagues, so Qin Chao did not decline this drinking invitation. He looked at Alice and Shi Xin, “I going to go to manager Li. I don’t know what her temper would be; beauties, pray for me.”

With that, Qin Chao walked toward the staircase.

“Humph, the more she scolds you the better!” Shi Xin pursed her small mouth and cursed.

“Brother Qin’s back is so good….” Alice muttered, longingly looking at Qin Chao’s back.

“Hey, he’s already gone, that’s enough!” Shi Xin pushed her shoulder, “You can stop acting now!”

“Ah? He’s gone.” Alice lazily stretched herself and said, “Oh, this is so tiring. These days, it’s really hard to catch a rich husband.”

“Then why are you eyeing on Qin Chao? He’s just a newcomer.”

“Shi Xin, you silly girl!” Alice stretched out her slender finger, pushed her friend’s forehead and said, “How could you be so silly, surely your head is not fully grown yet. Qin Chao’s condition is good, he has a handsome face and good background. Moreover, he must be rich, otherwise, why would he refuse when Director Chen asked him to be a Manager? That’s because he is already rich and just wanting to experience life in the company.”

“All of those are just your assumptions.” Shi Xin curled her lips, “What if he’s just an ordinary person? Won’t you go crazy?”

“Impossible!” Alice immediately cried, “Xinxin, you’re doubting my vision! Let me tell you, in the University, my vision was very accurate, it never failed me!”

“Yes, yes, you are amazing!” Shi Xin has no choice but to yield to her best friend’s authoritative power.

“Humph, humph, tonight this girl must conquer Qin Chao!”

Alice raised up her arm and confidently said. Shi Xin covered her face, unwilling to see her friend’s slutty look.

Li Xue was in a terrible mood today, she did not know how she came to the company this morning. She basically operated like a zombie.

Looking at the empty position near her, she almost forgot that she has an assistant. And because of this assistant, her life was almost completely destroyed.

This man was very special, he basically handled the notoriously difficult manager Xin from the Chuanwei Food Company and got him to sign up a more than a month contract.

He acted without scruples, and do whatever he wanted to do. He thoroughly offended her father-in-law and completely exposed the ugly face of Yang Fan’s father.

Now their relationships have been completely broken. Li Xue did not know if, based on what she did last night, she was worthy of her late husband.

Although she no longer has an apartment, the burden on her shoulder has been dropped so much. But Li Xue also had a sense of guilt, she did not know if what she did was right or not.

There were things that needed to be processed at the company, but Li Xue ignored them all, putting them to the side not wanting to bother with them.

She was terribly confused. After so many years, Li Xue had this feeling again.

Not only she needed to address the issue of purchasing a new apartment, she also needed to purchase clothes and other goods. Now, without the apartment, she probably needed to sleep in the office for a while.

She probably should also buy a bed and some daily necessities.

Li Xue has a headache.

How should I face that guy, Qin Chao today?

Also, where is he? Is he still not here in this hour?

While she was indulging himself in flights of fancy, someone knocked the office door.

“Come in!” Li Xue said in a weary voice, Is it that guy Zhang Chusong sending me flowers again? He is so persistent. But, I don’t want to talk about it. When Yang Fan died, I have decided not to marry in ten years.

However, ten years later, perhaps I would lose my youth….

Li Xue touched her smooth white skin and suddenly let out a sigh.

“Manager Li, it’s still early in the morning, why are you sighing?”

At this time, a somewhat ‘wanton and unrestrained’ voice sounded in front of her.

Like a frightened rabbit, Li Xue suddenly looked up, looking at the man in a black suit that cannot conceal the wild aura of him.

“Qin Chao, you, you’re late!”

Li Xue deliberately stared at him and coldly said.

“Sorry, sorry, something delayed my way over here.”

“Humph, I saw your car was still at the hotel, but you were not there. I heard there are whores in the area, you didn’t fool around did you?”

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