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With these peerless techniques in hand, Qin Chao naturally spent his entire focus on cultivating. Throughout the entire night, Qin Chao did not sleep at all, he immersed himself in practicing these techniques.

In the cultivation world, strength is the only currency that can be used to protect oneself and to have a say on any matter.

Moreover, with the passage of time, the Skeleton will once again wake from their deep slumber. The next time this evil organization makes their move against the two daughters of Su family, they would probably use a powerful killing blow.

So he must move quickly to improve his own ability, although it was still impossible to become a big devil god, practicing these cultivation techniques will, at least, equip him with a more powerful attack.

Especially the Evil King Sword that was given to him by Rosy, which made him even more powerful.

After a night of practice, Qin Chao gradually mastered the three peerless techniques. Even the Nine Secret Summoning, Qin Chao vaguely felt that he was about to have a breakthrough toward the second layer.

However, Qin Chao discovered one thing. If he wanted to complete this Nine Secret Summoning technique, he must offer something as a sacrifice. Last time, he inadvertently summoned the Nine Secret Devil Dog, merely relying on the power of his blood.

But that was not a complete Nine Secret Summoning Technique, the Devil Dog that he summoned only has half of its normal power.

“I still need a sacrifice….” Qin Chao thought for a moment; The sacrifices for the first two layers were not hard to figure out. But the third layer was a bit harder. Qin Chao did not want to think too far, he will think of it after he mastered the first two layers.

“Okay, I think I should prepare the sacrifice.” Qin Chao slowly extricated himself from his ‘practice’ state, ready to go out to look for these two offerings. But when he opened his eyes, he found that the Sun has appeared outside the window.

“F*ck me, is it morning already?” He exclaimed and looked up, looking at the clock on the wall.

My God, it’s already eight o’clock!

Qin Chao opened his mouth wide, Did I practice for so long?

He hastily shoved open the window and looked outside. I am on the third floor, it’s a bit too low. If someone sees me, I would probably appear on the front page of the newspapers.

Qin Chao thought a bit and decided to go up toward the rooftop.

The winter was here, so outside was really cold. Everyone else wore thick cotton clothing, except for Qin Chao who was still wearing his trench coat. He was a cultivator, how could he fear a mere cold.

Looking at the busy crowd below him, Qin Chao suddenly has such a superior feeling. I am already beyond mere mortals, this is the pleasure of being a cultivator.

He took out his Evil King Sword, first by using his thought ability to make it float firmly in front of him.

If he wanted to use the flying sword, he will have to first offer his Samadhi Real Fire to the sword. Unfortunately, what Qin Chao cultivate was devil’s path, so he did not have this Samadhi Real Fire.

But it did not stop him, although he did not have the Samadhi Real Fire, he got something that was even more powerful, the Nine Secret Yin Fire.

While thinking, a faint white flame jumped out. Sensing the Evil King Sword, this white flame immediately wrapped it like maggots attached to the bone.

Soon, this white flame wrapped the entire Evil King Sword.

The Evil King Sword slightly quivered, seemingly in pain but also in pleasure.

This was the process of tempering (different from refining an artifact), which completely burned all the impurities in the Evil King Sword and integrated Qin Chao’s own life force within it.

This process of tempering has a total of eleven layers, each layer needed nine times. For each sword moves that he cultivated, he needed to temper the sword another layer.

Qin Chao wanted to cultivate the three sword moves all at once, it was fine. But, it took him a full hour of effort which almost exhausted the true qi in his body and he even lost the strength to produce the Nine Secret Yin fire before he finally finished the refining process.

After this refining process, numerous thin white mark stripes appeared on the surface of this black sword. Moreover, it now seemed to have an intelligence, floating in mid-air constantly rotating around Qin Chao.

With the aid of the superiority of his natural born devil body, Qin Chao sat cross-legged on the rooftop, slightly restoring his true qi.

“Very good. Evil King Sword, later on, I will have to rely on you.” Qin Chao said some words to the Evil King Sword, treating it like the way he treated his own friend. The sword gently buzzed, seemingly happy.

Qin Chao was very satisfied. This time, he no longer used his thought ability. Instead, he stretched out his middle and index fingers upward, commanding the Evil King Sword.

The Evil King Sword flexibly flipped up and stood before Qin Chao’s feet.

Qin Chao jumped on that black sword, the sword swayed slightly. Just like the feeling inside the pirate ship in the amusement park, Qin Chao’s body also swayed a bit.

He immediately steadied his own body, at the same time, he launched the Wind Sword move. His feet seemed to have a powerful suction force, which firmly attached his body to the Evil King Sword.

Meanwhile, the sword, along with Qin Chao, slowly flew forward.

Qin Chao’s heart was particularly excited, His uncle! His father, I finally can fly!

“Sir, the plane will take off in a second, please put your seatbelt on.” At this time, a woman’s voice suddenly rang from the side. Qin Chao turned around and saw a beautiful female attendant in a nice blue uniform looking at him with a sweet smile on her face.

However, if she was not floating in mid-air, Qin Chao might feel she’s a bit more real.

“Rosy, this time, you’re cosplaying as a flight attendant?”

“Oh, darn it, how could you immediately see through it?” That flight attendant cutely pursed her mouth and said, “Renjia carefully dressed up for so long and thought there’s no flaw….”

“This….Anyone can see that….You are not an ordinary flight attendant.”

“Hate, you don’t even give Renjia a look of surprise, even for a little bit.” Rosy charmingly rolled her eyes at Qin Chao, “Why are you always so good at guessing?”

“It’s your body fragrance, it’s too strong….”

“It’s obviously you who has a dog nose.” Rosy humphed.

“Ok, ok, next time I promise to cooperate with you, ok?” Standing on the flying sword, Qin Chao made a bow with hand clasped in front of him.

“Hihi, that’s more like it.” Laughing, the devil woman’s expression turned happy, “Well, flying for the first time, how do you feel about it?”

“Very good, flying through the air makes one feel free and unrestrained.” Qin Chao said, “No wonder everybody dreams to be a cultivator, this feeling is really wonderful.”

“Do you think everyone has your unique condition?” Rosy could not help but say, “You have a natural devil body, so your cultivation speed is multiplied. Otherwise, how could you practiced these three peerless sword moves in a single night! Without the Nine Secret Yin Fire and only relying on the Samadhi Real Fire, one would need ten days to half a month to learn a single move.”

“So, it seems like I am really a genius.” Qin Chao touched his nose and smiled. Seeing the peevish look on Rosy’s face, he quickly added a sentence.

“Of course, that won’t happen without the help of our beautiful devil girl.”

“What is this?” Rosy looked at Qin Chao as if he was a stranger, “Right now your smooth talking skill has improved a lot, your attitude toward Renjia is also different.”

“Huh? Really?” Qin Chao blinked his eyes.

“Of course, you used to be fierce with Renjia. No matter how Renjia helped you, you never treated Renjia nicely.”

Rosy had wanted to squeeze out two tear drops and say something even more preposterous, but Qin Chao would definitely not believe the devil’s tears.

“How could I….” Qin Chao knew what Rosy referred to, but sometimes, he could not accept the devil’s request. After all, he was a human being, not a cold-blooded devil.

“But I still want to congratulate you, for conquering your heart devil….Well, I’ll give you a reward then.”

With that, this beautiful female devil suddenly floated in front of Qin Chao and held on to his body like an octopus.

The Evil King Sword underneath his feet clearly sank a meter downward; Although Rosy did not have a body weight, Evil King Sword carry capacity was based on soul, not on mortal’s body.

“Sir, don’t do this, Renjia already has a boyfriend, he is our captain….” While groping Qin Chao with her little hands, Rosy looked at Qin Chao with terrified eyes.

“What the, what are you doing with your hands then?” Qin Chao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Hihi….Renjia just watched a TV series in Hell and could not help play a bit.” Rosy charmingly laughed, writhing in Qin Chao’s arms.

“What TV series?”

“Days Of Cohabitation With A Female Flight Attendant.” Rosy laughed and grinningly asked Qin Chao, “What do you think, seeing me in this uniform, do you have the desire to tear my clothes off and ravage me?”

“The desire is there, but to tear down and ravage you, that is impossible.”

“Why, Renjia is willing.” Rosy extended her small hand to hook Qin Chao’s chin, deliberately provoking him.”

“Because I am going to be late for work.” Qin Chao sadly thought.

Originally, he had an awkward relationship with Li Xue, although it has since become better….He was about to come to work late today….

“What are you afraid of? You’re the magnificent Luocha sect’s cultivator; The future devil god is actually afraid of being late for work, that is so funny.”

Rosy slowly twisted her body. Feeling her softness, Qin Chao was about to give up. He did not know what this devil woman ate when she grew up, her figure was perfect to the extreme. Whether it was the big part or the small part. In particular, wearing this flight attendant uniform, she did have that kind of temptation uniform.

Speaking of flight attendants, Qin Chao also could not help but think about Shangguan Yan and Liu Chang, these two girls. These two girls were pretty interesting, especially Shangguan Yan. He wondered whether he can run into those two again.

Em….Shangguan Yan’s body is also pretty good.

“Hey, you’re thinking about another woman.” Rosy suddenly leaned forward and said in Qin Chao’s ear.

“Huh?” Qin Chao woke up from his daydream, “No, what are you talking about.”

“Humph, you can’t fool me.” Rosy said with a smile, “Anyway, I can let it go, I am naturally not a jealous type. But, if you don’t pay attention and inadvertently let Su Ji knows….Hihi, the consequence is very serious.”

“….Rosy, can you tell me one thing?”

“Okay, I’m not hiding anything.”

“How did you know?”

“Make a wish, as soon as you make a wish, I will immediately tell you the answer! Moreover, I will also teach you how to hide it!”

“D*mn, didn’t you say you’re not hiding anything?”

“Oh, how can you forget, Renjia is a devil….” Rosy giggled, “Haven’t you heard, devil’s talk does not count?”

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