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This time, the pressure that Qin Chao felt was even more powerful. He felt like being compressed in a very small space, the pressure was multiplied.

At the same time, the surrounding air ‘boiled,’ as if being forced to combust by some kind of force.

Qin Chao II shook his hand, the fake Evil King Sword emitted a fierce roar. Then, a black light in the shape of a half moon suddenly flew out from it and roared toward Qin Chao.

“Go, Evil King’s Half Moon Attack!”

This huge half moon shaped black ball was wrapped with a layer of transparent circular light. Qin Chao with eyes wide open, also found the previous feeling; He once again waved the golden Evil King Sword in his hand.

The golden greatsword flashed out again. When it was about to collide with the half moon light, it was blocked by the transparent light, which severely contracted for a moment. But the transparent light soon returned to normal, bouncing off that greatsword, and then crashed on Qin Chao’s body.

The Diamond Sutra defense mechanism activated instantly, Qin Chao’s body emitted a dazzling golden light.

If he did not reach the Diamond Skyscraper realm, perhaps Qin Chao has now become a minced meat on the ground.

But even so, he did not feel any better. His internal organs were shocked by the impact. If he was not in his own mini-universe, perhaps Qin Chao would spit a few mouthfuls of blood.

Some of the force was reflected back, but Qin Chao II just waved his fake Evil King Sword to disperse this force.

Evil King Sword’s Half Moon Attack! Qin Chao recalled these five words that were shouted by Qin Chao II a moment ago and his heart slightly thumped. According to that shout, this attack only has half of the maximum power, but even so, it already has such a terrifying power.

Then, what about the full moon attack!

“What do you think, can’t withstand it anymore, right!” Seeing Qin Chao’s distressed appearance, Qin Chao II smiled proudly, the fake Evil King Sword in his hand seemed to respond by emitting a dragon roar, “The Evil King Sword is very powerful. You can’t even fully grasp its power, how could you possibly defeat me? Just give up and leave your body for me to control!”

Saying that, Qin Chao II raised the fake Evil King Sword, it lit up like it was absorbing black awns.

“Come on, this time I will thoroughly end you; Begone! Evil King Sword Full Moon Attack!”

As his words fell, the fake Evil King Sword suddenly threw a mass of black light in the shape of a ball with two meters in diameter toward Qin Chao.

Before it even launched, Qin Chao has already felt its power.

Powerful, truly powerful!

His body slightly trembled, he felt that even with the Diamond body, he would still die here.

“D*mn, I haven’t married Su Ji yet….” Qin Chao was unwilling, “Am I, am I really going to die here….”

At this time, the Evil King Sword in his hand violently shook.

“What’s wrong, Evil King Sword?” Qin Chao looked at that golden sword in his hand, which seemed to respond to him.

“You also don’t want this fake to go rampant, right?” Qin Chao finally felt the will to fight from this sword, a warm feeling entered his body, a strong fighting instinct returned to him.

“Good, in that case, let’s fight together, Evil King Sword.” Qin Chao suddenly roared, the golden light in his body seemed to pour into that Evil King Sword.

The golden sword brightly shone like a small Sun. It gradually disappeared from Qin Chao’s hand, replaced by a 10-meter long huge light sword.

“This is….” Looking at this huge sword, Qin Chao was amazed, “Is this the real form of the Evil King Sword?”

Without giving him the time to think, the Black Moon has already arrived in front of him.

“No matter what you are, let’s fight!”

Qin Chao did not hesitate to immediately wave that huge ten-meter long sword.

With a bang, that golden sword almost cut the sky open and then fell to the ground. That Full Moon Attack was actually divided into two halves and each exploded to the side.

The ground was also cut, creating a long gully.

Even Qin Chao II was not spared.

The two people’s distance to each other was close to begin with, less than ten meters. So, this sword naturally fell on him, who was stunned with all of this.

“No! How is this possible!” Being cut by the golden sword, Qin Chao II’s body immediately divided into two halves and changed back into two black smoke, but not before his mouth uttered an unwilling cry.

“Watching you panic like this….” Qin Chao curled his lips and waved the sword sideway, dispersing that black smoke, “You don’t deserve to be my heart devil!”

“Qin Chao! I’ll definitely come back again!” That voice finally wailed loudly and then completely disappeared.

Although Qin Chao felt a bit tired, no matter what, he succeeded in defeating his heart devil.

“Do you think you are the Grey Wolf….?(A Chinese cartoon character from the series ‘Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf’)” Qin Chao withdrew this golden giant sword; The golden light dispersed from the Evil King Sword, turning back into its original dark appearance.

Qin Chao looked at this sword that was given by Rosy and muttered to himself.

“Evil King Sword, Evil King Sword, what kind of sword are you?”

After conquering his heart devil, Qin Chao’s consciousness was gradually pulled back to the real world.

Originally, he thought that he should still be in that Mercedes-Benz. Chances are, this car has already been mangled or destroyed by him. But when he opened his eyes, he found himself sitting on the carpet in his apartment.

A black cocoon-like halo wrapped around him, seemingly acting as a barrier.

Seconds after Qin Chao opened his eyes, that black halo blinked twice and then slowly faded, disappeared from his eyes.

“Devil’s enchantment….” Qin Chao talked to the air around him, “Rosy, is that you?”

But no one answered him, perhaps Rosy that girl was having a great time in one corner of Hell.

But no matter what, Rosy helped me once again.

Qin Chao secretly grateful. He slightly restored a bit of his physical strength and took out two books from his ring. One of the books was the Nine Secret Law – the second volume, another one was the incomplete version of the Dingjun Eleven Swords.

Since he was now a Foundation Building expert, he has officially passed the true threshold of the cultivator. From now on, he was a ‘devil catcher.’ In the devil’s path, he was one step closer to become the Devil God.

He thought for a moment and decided to first learn the Nine Secret Law. After all, he has mastered the first layer of the Nine Secret Summoning Technique, so perhaps it would be easier for him to learn the rest.

The so-called Nine Secret Summoning Technique was a technique to use one’s own Nine Secret Yin Fire to summon creatures from the Nine levels of Hell to fight for oneself.

This Nine Secret Summoning Techinique has a total of nine layer. He has mastered the first layer when he was in the Divine Concentration stage. At the time, he was already able
to defeat a Foundation Building expert.

But this Nine Secret Summoning Technique also has its limitation. The nine hell of the Nine Secret corresponded to the cultivator’s nine layers of heaven.

In other words, with Qin Chao’s current power, Foundation Building, he can only practice until the fourth layer of the Nine Secret Summoning. Moreover, each layer was nine times harder to learn than the last.

So, the fourth layer would be 729 times harder than the first layer.

In other words, this Nine Secret Summoning Technique relied heavily on the talent of the caster. If the caster did not have a true talent, the caster would have to give up this technique.

This Nine Secret Summoning Technique can be considered as an auxiliary method, as for the attacking method, it would be the Nine Secret Devil Clutch!

This Nine Secret Devil Clutch was Luo De’s secret move that made him famous in those days.

At the time, there was a saying that said, The devil clutch came out, the ghosts wailing and the wolves howling, the wind sighing and crane calling.

These nine secret sinister palm strikes were overbearing and insidious. It attached the Nine Secret Yin Fire to the palm in its original white form, so as to produce a terrifying and powerful force.

This palm strike was one of those ‘hurting oneself before hurting others’ kind of palm strike. If the disciples of the Luocha sect did not have a way to counter this effect, perhaps after practicing this technique for a while, their hands will become disabled.

Therefore, this palm strike can only be practiced by the people from the Luocha sect.

“Good, I’ll start practicing this palm strike and summoning technique!” Qin Chao confidently said, “Later on, if I encounter cultivators from another school, as long as they are not some big shots, I can deal with them.”

All of Luo De’s famous skills, Qin Chao believed that he could bring them to the next level.

After he finished reading, Qin Chao put aside that second volume of the Nine Secret Law and began to read another book that Rosy gave him. Qin Chao did not worry that he would swallow more than he can chew, because he has his unique natural devil body.

As long as he practiced his cultivation method, the true qi in his body will continue to circulate non-stop. Therefore, he has a lot of advantages.

This Dingjun Eleven Sword was a secret sword technique from Zu magic mountain. It has a total of eleven sword moves. In those days, the head of Zu magic mountain, relying on this eleven sword moves, defeated the number one cultivator under the heaven. Since then, the Zu magic mountain was widely admired by the cultivation community and regarded as the number one sect among the main upright sects.

It was also because of this sword technique that there were abundance of young talented experts from the Zu magic mountain on each generation, which were the envy of the other sects and schools.

In Qin Chao’s hands, although there were only three sword moves, they were rare secret moves. Coupled with his peerless Evil King Sword, Qin Chao felt that his combat capability would improve a lot.

These three moves, respectively, are Rainbow Sword, Shadows Sword, and Wind Sword.

Among them, the first sword move needed to draw support from one’s own ability to control the sword, making the sword turn into one’s own incarnation; The sword then will fly, like a rainbow, to hurt the enemy.

Like in those novels, the sword will fly to cut the enemy.

Compared to his thought ability, this was the real ability to control a sword. He remembered when he controled two knives to attack Mang Shan with his thought ability but was easily destroyed by the other party and even got ridiculed that it was a fake sword move.

Now, he finally got this sword move, the real sword move to control the sword, which made Qin
Chao very excited.

And the second move was Shadows Sword, it made the sword into several sword shadows, which was a good choice to use whether the enemy was single or many. It was the so-called hundreds sword shadows blot out the sky. For a beginner, creating three or four sword shadows was already quite good.

The last move was the Wind Sword. This was the move that excited Qin Chao the most. After he practiced this sword move, he will have an alternative to his old lucky bicycle.

This Wind Sword move will turn the sword into a vehicle. When one stood on top of it, it can leap a thousand miles in an instant. It can be said that this was a very convenient method of flight.

A cultivator who wanted to fly must wait until one reached the Foundation Building stage. This meant that Qin Chao can also do this, but a normal flight consumed a lot of true qi, so unless it was a last resort, most people were unwilling to use it.

There was also another way to fly, by using the help of the Yin soul. This Yin soul movement was very fast, it change the body into an aurora-like light that can instantly leap a thousand miles.

This was the move that was used by Bai Jiaojiao and Hua Niang to come and go.

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