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This evil sword was very sharp, almost like a black wind, cutting everything in its path. Those corpses were obviously not its match. Soon, Qin Chao has cut through almost every one of them.

But when Qin Chao was feeling a bit proud, more corpses join the siege.

“F*ck me, did I really kill these many people?” Looking at the numerous corpses in front of him, Qin Chao somehow cannot help but surprise.

“They’re not just your enemies.” That voice rang again, “They also include those who have died at the hands of Luo De, which counted as yours now.”

“What the hell, that has nothing to do with me!” Qin Chao indignantly swore. But those dead bodies came at him like a rising tide, rushing at Qin Chao whether he was willing or not.

The black wind surged forward once again, the Evil King Sword in Qin Chao’s hand swung again and again; The sword drove the wind, dancing in the air.

Before those corpses came into contact with Qin Chao, they were already cut in half into two pieces of meat and fell to the ground. Soon, corpses piled up all around Qin Chao.

Feeling somewhat disgusted, he jumped up. He wanted to escape from the abyss but found out that darkness was everywhere and he cannot find any gap.

“Kill!” That voice yelled, reminding him, “Kill them all and you can go out!”

“Humph!” Although that voice was his own voice, because it was said in a commanding tone, Qin Chao was still somewhat upset. He swung his sword once again, chopping some corpses in front of him into two parts.

Then, Qin Chao launched his thought ability. He controlled the Evil King Sword to float in front of him.

“Evil King Sword, go!” With the wave of Qin Chao’s hand, that Evil King Sword flew forward through a group of corpses. Like threading a needle, the Evil King Sword chopped each of the corpse’ head.

Before this was over, Qin Chao summoned his Soul Binding Lock.

“Soul Binding Lock – Terminate!”

Gathering his force, he launched the spell of the Soul Binding Lock.

The chain suddenly disappeared before his eyes, but it was replaced by the hissing sound of chain from all around him.

Soon, a black hole appeared in the space; The chain, which now was full of iron thorn, unceasingly came out of that black hole and passed through those group of corpses.

Everywhere were densely packed with chain, which soon torn those corpses into pieces.

“Whooh….” Qin Chao took two deep breaths. Those corpses were like the seawater, however, his sword and chain kept killing them all.

Just when he wanted to relax, in the midst of darkness, a few black figure suddenly appeared.

Each of these figures was clutching a dagger-like Kunai. Soon, they came close to him.

Ninjas! Qin Chao did not hesitate to call back the Evil King Sword and cut those ninjas in front of him in half.

Just then, a ninja suddenly appeared behind him, waving the kunai in his hand toward Qin Chao’s neck

Slightly scared, Qin Chao subconsciously leaned his head to the side. That kunai fell on his shoulder and cut his skin.

Blood and the feeling of pain simultaneously appeared. Qin Chao cannot believe that there was his blood on his shoulder, he was injured! Moreover, he was injured in the hands of a little ninja!

My Diamond body! How could it suddenly has no effect!

“In here, your Diamond Sutra is invalid!” That voice continued to ring, “If you want to stay alive and if you want to leave this place, you have to kill them all.”

“D*mn, what nonsense, cut your crap already!” Qin Chao loudly cursed, he was in a very bad mood. He swept the Evil King Sword to the back, poking through that ninja.

How could I run into these many troubles in just one day! Troubles came one after another. After I finally managed to handle Li Xue’s matter, I am confronted with this!

Did I forget to look for my horoscope before I go out today?

With the blood stimulation, Qin Chao easily summoned the Nine Mysterious Devil Dog.

This big black dog growled, guarding by Qin Chao’s side. The nearby ninjas were torn into pieces by him.

Qin Chao felt slightly relieved, Fortunately this Nine Summoning Technique is very useful.

But it seemed like someone deliberately messed with him. Just when his mind began to relax, a huge shadow suddenly fell from the sky. Holding two large black swords, that shadow cut that devil dog into three.

When Qin Chao looked up, he was surprised.

Mang Shan! Turns out it’s this cultivator.

The black devil dog immediately turned into three fires and floated back into Qin Chao.

Having Mang Shan as his opponent, Qin Chao has no choice but to enter the Devil Dog Possession state.

“Die!” Mang Shan roared and wielded the two Horn Swords in his hand at Qin Chao.

This time, Qin Chao did not have his Diamond body. If the swords managed to cut him, he would be cut into three.

Qin Chao quickly backed away. At the same time, he moved the Evil King Sword, keeping it in front of his body.

“Bam!” The crisp sound of the three swords colliding rang far and wide. But, on the term of strength, Qin Chao was clearly the weaker one. Like a broken kite, he flew several meters back.

Crawling back from hell, this Mang Shan’s strength seemed to increase a lot.

Mang Shan was very aggressive; As soon as his swords caused Qin Chao to fly back, he quickly rushed over to him. With a rumbling sound, he appeared before Qin Chao’s body.

The two huge Horn Swords once again fell on Qin Chao’s body.

Qin Chao quickly crouched down, evading these two swords.

Fortunately, he was in the Devil Dog possession state, so his agility and reaction increased a lot. Otherwise, that sword can really take his life.

Like a whirlwind, Qin Chao quickly arrived at Mang Shan’s side that was wide open for attack.

At the same time, he scratched Mang Shan’s waist with his paw.

“Bang!” Mang Shan’s body almost instantaneously petrified, bouncing away Qin Chao’s claw.

“F*ck, are you kidding me!” Qin Chao cried foul; This was the same as cheating on Mang Shan’s side, Qin Chao simply cannot do anything about it.

But Mang Shan probably did not realize that he can activate his defense. He only knew how to wield his swords to kill and cannot launch any spells.

After discovering this issue, Qin Chao already has some calculation.

He wielded the Soul Binding Lock to tie Mang Shan down.

But with Mang Shan’s power, he can break free from it in just a second.

Therefore, almost at the same time, Qin Chao sent out his Evil King Sword. With his thought ability, that sword turned into a black light and flashed through Mang Shan’s head.

“Bang!” Mang Shan’s head was suddenly blasted by that black light. His headless body crookedly rolled to the side.

In order to kill Mang Shan, Qin Chao has used up almost all his strength. So, the Devil Dog Possession state quickly dispersed. Qin Chao somewhat half kneeled on the ground.

“This should be the last, right!” Qin Chao loudly cried out.

“Hihi….” Who knew, his own voice began to laugh.

“D*mn, that laughter is really f*cking ugly!” Qin Chao could not help but curse.

“After you kill this wave, you will be able to get out!”

“Okay then, bring it on!” Qin Chao has thrown caution to the wind, D*mn, your father, I, will stand here! No matter how many you are, I will kill all of you!

But the next second, Qin Chao was stunned.

He saw in the midst of darkness in front of him, came out a few charming familiar figures.

Yu Lu, Liao Shasha, Wu Xin, Su Fei….

These women were as beautiful as ever, but their eyes were vacant and cloudy. They walked like a robot toward Qin Chao.

“What, what happened to all of you?” These were the people that Qin Chao cared about. Seeing them like this, Qin Chao, naturally, anxiously asked.

But the girls did not answer him, still walking forward; They hugged and held his arms, legs, and body, tightly clinging onto him.

Qin Chao was afraid to use his power to shake them off. If he did, it will certainly hurt the girls.

“What happened to you, answer me?”

“Useless!” That pesky voice rang again, “They can’t hear you speak! Only by killing all of them can you obtain the true liberation.”

“F*ck, liberate your uncle!” Qin Chao immediately cursed, You want me to kill these people? Why don’t you tell me to commit suicide instead!

“Since you don’t want to do it, then get ready to be killed in this place!” That voice shouted in irritation.

When that voice fell, another beauty appeared in the darkness. That familiar beauty wore a red trench coat; It was Su Ji.

The girl lifted her wrist; The black Buddhist prayer beads glittered on it.

“Su Ji!” Qin Chao shouted, trying to wake Su Ji’s consciousness up, “Wake up, do you really want to attack me?”

“An!” But Su Ji ignored him, seemingly unable to hear him speak. Her mouth spat out a Buddhist incantation and a white seal mark came out. It spun in the air as it flew forward and hit Qin Chao.

The severe pain made Qin Chao spat out a mouthful of blood.

This seal mark was really powerful. Moreover, it was the bane of the devil’s path. Being hit head on like this, Qin Chao suffered a heavy injury.

The girls next to him seemed to have been rooted on the ground. The impact did not even budge them, still firmly clung to him.

“Su Ji, do you want to kill me?”

After he spat out that mouthful of blood, Qin Chao loudly shouted.

But her reply was the second incantation.

“Ma!” A green seal mark flew out, it fell from the cloud and crashed on top of Qin Chao’s head.

“Bang!” This attack was even more powerful than before. His mind instantly turned sluggish and he nearly passed out. All he saw in front of him was black.

“Su….Su Ji….” He almost can’t even talk. As he was being pulled by the several girls, he lowered his head, blood constantly dripped down from his mouth.

His heart ached, the pain made him want to die. Who on Earth was he, Qin Chao, that Su Ji actually hurt him? If she knew she killed me herself, that silly girl will definitely cry….

I, don’t want to see that happens, don’t I….?

“Kill that girl!” His voice wandered in the dark, enticing him, “If you kill her, you can be free, no one can stop you. You will be the greatest Devil God, everyone will prostrate themselves in front of you, trembling with fear!”

“D*mn….Why don’t you tremble before me….”

Qin Chao spat out some blood as he cursed.

Seemingly not satisfied with this answer, Su Ji lifted her wrist and said the third incantation.

“Ne!” Yellow seal mark spun and hit him. Its force was so great that Qin Chao’s skin and blood vessels began to tear into shreds.

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  1. It’s weird , They keep on insisting the one he really likes is Su Ji but constantly its proven otherwise ,
    He dreams of that other mortal girl whose name i dont remember and the most time he’s spent with is clearly Liao Shasha or Yu Lu , defenitely neither Su Ji nor Su Fei , It just doesn’t make sense for him to know her that well .

    Also , this is clearly his dream world created by seemingly Luo De to make him overcome his feelings , since he gave the excuse that every kill by Luo De counts as his but Luo De only killed mortals ?

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