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With Jiang Dong’s help in blocking the old man Yang, the two finally arrived downstairs.

Looking at Qin Chao opening the silver Mercedes-Benz’s door, Li Xue suddenly gave Qin Chao a strange glance. What is the relationship between the two men that the other can casually lend a Mercedes-Benz to the other party? She curiously thought.

Li Xue almost left her house with only the clothes on her body, she did not take anything. The only things in her hands were her handbag and the little white kitten.

“Meow, meow!” That little kitten meowed and fiddled Li Xue’s chest with its paws, which caused Qin Chao to feel envious.

He gentlemanly pulled open the door for Li Xue, letting her in.

“Take me to the nearest Hotel, my head hurts and I want to rest.”

Li Xue felt terribly upset, not because of leaving the old man Yang, but because she felt sorry for her late husband Yang Fan.

“Okay.” Qin Chao also did not talk much, he just drove the car to the nearest Hotel.

Along the way, the two did not even say a word. Li Xue’s mood was very complicated and Qin Chao also did not know how to comfort this somewhat miserable beautiful widow.

After all, she was his boss.

Just now in her apartment, in order to goad the old man Yang, he deliberately put his arms around Li Xue and said she was his woman.

Women can be vengeful, so he was afraid if this manager Li would make things difficult for him in the future because of this.

His uncle, how could I encounter this kind of f*cked up things in my first day of work? Could it be I am doomed to have an occupation related to fighting and killing for my whole life?

“Do you think….I am really pitiful….?” After a long time, Li Xue finally muttered some words, which was filled with a bit of resentment.

“Cough, cough, no, how could manager Li say that?” Qin Chao quickly refuted, “I just feel that life has been difficult for manager Li. A single woman supporting her deceased husband’s father is worthy of the greatest admiration.”

“That’s silly, do you really think so?” Li Xue looked at Qin Chao at a glance, seemingly able to see through his mind.

“But I do….I do think so.” Qin Chao hastened to refute.

“Don’t lie to me, it’s all written on your face.” Li Xue suddenly sighed, leaned back and said, “A lot of people in the company are sympathetic to me, but I don’t want their sympathy, so I desperately work all out to improve my performance in the company.”

“I’ve heard that; Manager Li’s performance is stellar.” Qin Chao tried to console.

“But what’s the point….” Li Xue faintly said, “Although what the old man Yang said is improper, many clients did come to me because of my beauty. If I, Li Xue, have an ugly face, how could I have this result?”

“Manager Li, your beauty is the gift that God has given you.” Qin Chao rolled his eyes, “Since you have such a good look, treat it as your capital, there’s nothing wrong in that.”

“But I want to rely on my ability.” Li Xue said, “Director Chen is also the same; It seems like he doesn’t care about my performance and only think that I am beautiful; always wants me to be his mistress.”

“What? That’s unbelievable.” Hearing Li Xue disclosing the matter about the company’s director, Qin Chao could not help but touch his nose, “This guy, Chen Qiang….There’s actually such a thing.”

No wonder he knows Long Belle, this Chen Qiang really is not a good thing.

“Aren’t all of you men like this?” Li Xue said somewhat contemptuously and glanced at Qin Chao, “You’re all animals who think with your lower part; When you see a beauty all of you will stop. When do you care about our thoughts?”

“Cough, cough, you can’t say that….” Qin Chao somewhat embarrassedly said, looked up and glanced at the back through the mirror and then continued to drive.

“Humph, am I wrong?” Li Xue did not seem to be in a good mood, “Just like my father-in-law, in such an old age doesn’t he also covet my beauty? Ai….”

With that, Li Xue lowered her head. The kitten in her arms meowed, its little paw touched its master’s ice-cold face.

Li Xue has stopped talking, so Qin Chao was also unsure of what to advise. Since Li Xue considers herself as a capable woman, I’ll just let her sort this out herself.

Qin Chao silently drove the car and parked at the front of a Hotel.

“Thank you for helping me tonight, since you’ve helped me land such a big contract, I should take out you to dinner.”

Outside the Hotel, Li Xue’s face has turned cold; She coldly said to Qin Chao, “However, right now I am not in the mood. But I will definitely pay it back in the future.”

“No need to be so polite, manager Li.” Qin Chao politely said. Looking at the ice cold face in front of him, he suddenly realized that the previous beauty who was drunk and always asking him to f*ck her while on his back was incomparably cute.

“Have a good rest, I am going back now.”

Seeing Li Xue like this, Qin Chao did not have the mood to joke. After watching Li Xue entered the Hotel, he came back inside Jiang Dong’s Mercedes-Benz.

Sitting in the car, he silently smoked a cigarette.

The night outside was very quiet. Unlike Dongchuan City, Sunan City did not have too many nightlife. However, like this night, many things aren’t quite calm.

Qin Chao’s mood swung up and down. After finishing the cigarette, he finally threw out this vice of his, slowly turned on the car and ready to leave.

Li Xue’s charmingly silly raving constantly emerged in his mind. She has a very hot body, coupled with her widow status, she would definitely be wild (hungry like a wolf) in bed.

But I chose to be the good guy and sent her home. Nevertheless, I still run into such an affair.

Am I, really a devil path’s cultivator?

Qin Chao’s mind began to be confused; The devil inside him suddenly woke up and began to corrupt his mini universe.

At this time, a very sexily dressed woman suddenly came and knocked on his car window.

“Sir, isn’t it boring to be alone? Would you like me to accompany you?”

That woman has a very heavy makeup; She stared at Qin Chao through the window.

The man’s figure was good, but she has yet to see his face. Forget it, I’ve done this for so many years, even if he’s ugly, I can endure it.

While she was imagining things, the man in the car suddenly lifted his face.

This woman was somewhat surprised, what a handsome face! But after she saw his eyes, that woman froze.

The pair of eyes were blood red as if they were dripped with blood. She suddenly felt very cold; A cold that made her tremble.

At that moment, the woman suddenly felt regret; regret for knocking at the window. She felt that the one sitting in the car was obviously a beast who can jump out of the car and shred her into pieces at any moment.

“Help, help!” That woman was frightened and fled in panic, before long, her shadow was nowhere to be seen.

Qin Chao uttered a low growl, he fought back his desire to tear everything and managed to stay in the car.

“Just taking my eyes off of you for a moment and you’re already like this.” At this time, a beauty in tight leather clothing suddenly appeared in the car.

Her jade green eyes fell on Qin Chao. Those eyes were actually filled with some concerns.

“You’re going to enter the Foundation Building stage soon, yet your heart is really heavy….”

For devil paths’ cultivators to enter the Foundation Building stage was actually very easy. For simple minded people, they could simply follow their desire and they would easily conquer the devils in their hearts.

But Qin Chao, unfortunately, was a man who liked to indulge in flights of fancy. Moreover, he kept his desires in check, unwilling to let them go.

In this way, his path to enter the Foundation Building stage was very difficult.

“You’re wasting your natural devil body….” Rosy said, stretched out her tender white hand and touched his shoulder, “So be it, I’ll help you this one time.”

The surrounding scenery seemed to transform, like being affected by mysterious space spell; Qin Chao’s and Rosy’s figure instantly returned to his lair.

Although this 40 square meter apartment was not big, it was quite cozy.

Moreover, it was relatively safe.

Rosy withdrew her hand, letting Qin Chao rolled down on the carpet. When he fell to the ground, he suddenly roared and swung his arms, seemingly wanted to tear Rosy into pieces.

“Hey, how could you be so rude to a girl.” Rosy smiled and waved her hand. Suddenly, a black ‘halo’ wrapped Qin Chao up.

This giant black cocoon trapped Qin Chao inside it.

He continued to struggle to get out but was unable to break it even a little bit.

“Only after you enter the Foundation Building (Level 4) stage will you be able to open the cocoon.” Rosy said, her body gradually turned into nothingness, “What a frustrating client….Next time we meet, there will be no such a good offer anymore….”

Her voice and her body gradually dissipated from the room, leaving behind such a cocoon.

But Qin Chao was unaware of what Rosy did to him, he was still stuck in his mini universe.

This mini universe has a completely different look. Darkness was everywhere, confining him in this invincible abyss.

“Let me out!” Qin Chao shouted. His voice traveled far, but no one responded to him. How could the mini universe turn like this? What is happening? He thought.

And at this time, in front of him, all of a sudden there was a row of corpses. Those corpses were familiar to Qin Chao, all of them were the people that died in his hands.

“Bring back my life….” Those corpses began to crawl up and walk step by step toward Qin Chao.

“F*ck, what the hell is this!” Qin Chao felt sick, Is this the zombie apocalypse?

“Kill them, kill them and you will be able to get out!” In this abyss, he suddenly heard a man’s voice. This sound was familiar to him.

“Who are you!” Qin Chao loudly asked.

“Who am I? I am you!” That sound was very clear, sending chill all over Qin Chao’s body. Sure enough, that was his own voice.

Before he can understand, those corpses have arrived in front of him. They waved their rancid paws, trying to grab Qin Chao.

“Evil King Sword!” Qin Chao really did not want to have too many contacts with these corpses. He subconsciously summoned the evil sword that resided in his body.

Like a dragon coming out of the sea, a black sword immediately jumped out of his body and floated in front of Qin Chao.

A fierce black light, like a small black Sun, brightly shone from that sword.

Several nearby corpses suddenly uttered a tragic cry, stabbed by this black light.

“Since I have to kill, I will kill!”

Holding his Evil King Sword, Qin Chao wielded it toward the several corpses in front of him, cutting them into two parts.

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  1. Just wanted to put it out there , It is very, hard to recognize your own voice , especially if you don’t hear it through some other device like a speaker regularly .
    Probably the only way to recognize it would be if you remember speaking that sentence , Which , in this case isn’t possible so technically there was no way Qin Chao would have known it was him speaking to himself .
    Unless he IS actually speaking to himself in which case it’s fine , crazy but acceptable .

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    1. yeah, i didn’t recognize my own voice when i heard it played back to me. it was way deeper than what i hear when i speak to people.


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