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After a hard journey, they finally arrived at manager Li’s place.

Li Xue lived on the eighth floor of a small high-rise building, relatively remote from the company. Perhaps, manager Li has to squeeze into the bus to get to the office everyday.

“You take her up, I’ll just wait for you down here.” After parking the car, Jiang Dong, who clearly did not trust the character of Qin Chao, told him, “And if within half an hour you don’t get down, I will go upstairs and kill you.”

“F*ck, it seems like asking you to send me here was a mistake.” Qin Chao helplessly said. Although it was unlikely for him to do Li Xue, being suspected that much was very uncomfortable.

“I do not trust your character.” Jiang Dong curled his lips, “I don’t believe you can stand the advances from such a drunken beautiful lady!”

“D*mn, why don’t you come with me then!”

Qin Chao turned his head and angrily said.

“I am an honest man!” Jiang Dong stood straight, leaning against the Mercedes.

Qin Chao was angered to speechless by this guy Jiang Dong. He stopped talking to him and started carrying Li Xue, whose breath smelled of alcohol, into the building.

Because it was a high rise building, there was an elevator in the building. Qin Chao went into the elevator carrying Li Xue and went up to the eighth floor. The eighth floor has several tenants; Holding Li Xue’s apartment key, Qin Chao did not know which door to open.

“Hey, hey, manager Li, which one is yours?” Qin Chao patted Li Xue’s round *ss and asked.

“You do me, after that, I’ll tell you….” Li Xue mumbled, that glass of liquor has made her so horny. Qin Chao secretly thought, Later on, no matter what, I can’t ask manager Li to drink again.

“Do your hair!” Qin Chao was forced to say, “If I really do you, can I still go to work tomorrow? My manager Li, please tell me which one is your home?”

“Hihi….I, I won’t say it….” Li Xue’s somewhat cold hand reached into Qin Chao’s neckline. Even if Qin Chao was a cultivator, this sudden cold cannot help but make him feel tingles all over his body.

“Honey, my hands are so cold; warm, warm my hands will you….”

Li Xue cried out like a spoiled brat.

What the, you think I am heater?

Because Li Xue’s mind was still muddled by the alcohol, Qin Chao had to wander around the eighth floor of this building. The entire floor consisted of four apartments, from 801 to 804.

Qin Chao cannot possibly force his way into these four apartments one by one by kicking the doors.

While he was starting to get sweaty and anxious, he suddenly thought of a way.

He touched Li Xue’s slender legs and transmitted a little of his true qi to the opposite party.

As soon as his true qi entered Li Xue, in a flash, this beautiful female manager sobered a bit.

A glimmer of clarity restored to her flirtatious pair of silky eyes.

“Manager Li, you live in eight zero what?”

“Three….” Li Xue whispered. But the true qi quickly dissipated and she dizzily laid back on Qin Chao’s back.

But at least, Qin Chao got the answer he was looking for. He quickly came to the 803 room door and plugged the key into the door lock.

The key matched the lock, it was really here.

Li Xue’s apartment was quite spacious. After Qin Chao visually inspected a bit, it was 130 square meters. The decoration of the room was clean and tidy. When the two walked in, a white kitten meowed and stepped forward. It rested its small paws on Qin Chao’s legs.

This manager Li’s interest is quite good, she actually has a pet kitten.

Previously, Yang Shanshan was also particularly fond of pets. She had wanted to raise a Husky or Samoyed. Unfortunately, at the time Qin Chao cannot even afford to support himself, so it was simply impossible to meet Yang Shanshan’s desire.

“Meow, meow!” The kitten meowed twice, which Qin Chao found particularly lovely.

“Little Xue is back?” Just when Qin Chao wanted to put Li Xue back into her room, from a room next to them came a man’s voice.

Soon, a thin and short old man limply walked out of that room.

He had a smile on his face, but after seeing Qin Chao, the smile quickly disappeared and became grim.

“Who are you? What have you done to my daughter-in-law?”

This old man was Li Xue’s father-in-law, the old man who always spend his days gambling according to Li Xue.

At this time, when he saw his daughter on the back of a vigorous young man, he suddenly felt as if he was being replaced and about to be expelled from the house, so he immediately became furious.

“Hello uncle, I am manager Li’s assistant. She had too much to drink so I had to send her back.” Qin Chao did not want to mess with the old man, after all, he was Li Xue’s father-in-law. In front of an elderly, he had to speak more polite.

“Hug, hug me into the room….” Li Xue did very well this time, she tightly hugged Qin Chao’s neck and charmingly said, “I, I want you….”

“You son of a b*tch!” Hearing these words, the old man’s face went pale and immediately cursed. “You b*stard, you actually want to f*ck my family’s daughter-in-law! D*mn, today your father, I will fight you!”

The old gambler said, ran into the kitchen, took out a shiny kitchen knife and carried it back toward Qin Chao.

“Hey, slow down!” This was a big misunderstanding, Qin Chao quickly stepped back two steps and said, “Manager Li is drunk, her talking is incoherent.”

“What drunk!” The old man stared at him with his eyeballs, “I think you forced her to drink so that you can squeeze yourself into this house! Today if I don’t chop you into eighteen pieces, I am not a f*cking surnamed Yang!”

With that, he wielded that kitchen knife as if he was possessed by the spirit of Guan Yu – his bravery was supernaturally incomparable – and came rushing at Qin Chao.

But that old man’s shout awoke the-groggily-laying-on-Qin-Chao’s-back manager Li.

This yell coupled with the previous input of true qi from Qin Chao made this manager rubbed her eyes and straightened her back.

“How, how did I get here….”

Li Xue opened her eyes but was dismayed to find her father-in-law rushing toward her with a knife.

“Dad, what are you doing!” Li Xue suddenly exclaimed.

“Little Xue, you this shameless woman actually bring another man into the house. My son is dead and you think I am dead too, right?”

The old man stopped, standing there watching his daughter-in-law with hand carrying a kitchen knife and mouth spitting out curses.

“Dad, what did you say!” Li Xue’s face suddenly became unsightly. Qin Chao then put this manager down.

“Qin Chao, what’s going on here?” Li Xue frowned and looked at Qin Chao somewhat suspiciously.

F*ck me, this has nothing to do with me.

Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders.

“You drank too much, so I kindly took you home, but when I got here, I get this surprise welcome gift waiting for me.”

“You b*stard, still want to lie to me, huh? I f*cking know that you’re not a good thing, today I am going chop you for sure!”

With that, he rushed over again with his kitchen knife.

A shining kitchen knife was about to fall on Qin Chao.

Li Xue uttered a frightened cry as if Qin Chao would lie in a pool of blood in any second.

This old man was really cruel, he said he wanted to chop, he really tried to chop.

But how could Qin Chao let him? If he was really chopped by an old man with a kitchen knife, he would have no face to go out and show himself.

“Old man, you’re old already, don’t just wander around with a knife.” Qin Chao extended his thumb and index finger and gently pinched the falling knife.

As if it was clamped by an iron clamp, the old man was unable to pull the kitchen knife back no matter how hard he struggled.

Seeing Qin Chao was okay, Li Xue breathed a sigh of relieve.

“Dad, don’t talk nonsense, this is my assistant, today we went out to a restaurant to drink with a client.”

“Pei!” Who knew, this old man did not listen to his daughter-in-law’s explanation and cursed instead, “You think your father I, am an idiot! You shameless, you said you went out to drink, but I think you went out to have sex! D*mn, you think your father, I don’t know that you slept with your clients these many years? Otherwise, how do you think you can get your manager position?”

“Dad, what nonsense are you talking about!” Li Xue’s face went pale, this old man’s insult stabbed her deep into her heart.

“Humph, don’t think that your father, I, don’t know!” Failing to take back the knife, the old man stood there with hands on his waist and anger that cannot be peeled off, “Do you think since my son is dead, you can fool around everywhere? Let me tell you, even if my son is dead, I, his father, am still alive. Since you’re already married into our Yang family, you will die as a ghost of our Yang family!”

“Uncle, what you said is wrong.”

Hearing his father-in-law’s words, Li Xue’s body trembled and swayed a bit. Qin Chao hastily held her and said to the old man.

“You’re an old person, don’t take advantage of your seniority. Manager Li has married into your family, unfortunately, your son wasn’t convinced, so he closed his eyes and passed away. Legally, manager Li has no family relationship with you whatsoever. The reason why she always takes care of you is because of camaraderie, don’t get carried away.”

“B*stard, when it’s your turn to give your father, I, a lesson!” The old man Yang widened his eyes as he glared at his daughter-in-law, “You little b*tch, you look for an outsider to help you kill me, this old man, right!”

“Dad, don’t talk nonsense, I did not….”

“You did not?” Old man Yang coldly sneered, “Your mother’s fart! Since you’re already brought this man here, you’ve obviously ready to deal with me! Good, since that is the case, I will hang myself in this room. Anyway, you fickle woman already killed my son, if you kill me now, us father and son will be together again.”

With that, the old man began to find the rope in the house, it seemed like he really was going to hang himself.

“Dad!” Li Xue panicked, “Don’t get emotional, I really don’t mean that at all.”

She began to push Qin Chao, “Qin Chao, you better go now, otherwise, it will be more chaotic.”

“No!” Qin Chao’s temper flared up, His uncle! In Dongchuan City they call me master Qin. But today, I was actually cursed and framed by this old ghost, if this gets out, wouldn’t people laugh their heads off!

Today, I must rectify this once and for all!

“Manager Li, don’t stop him!” Qin Chao pulled Li Xue behind him, letting that old man Yang continue to look for the rope, “Today, I’d like to see if he really dare to hang himself here!”

With that, Qin Chao summoned his Soul Binding Lock from his spatial ring and, with a crash, threw it to the ground.

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