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When they went out of the restaurant, it was already 9 o’clock in the evening. Most of the taxis were rushing to their pool for the shift change. After waiting for a taxi with Li Xue for half a day, no one stopped to take them.

“D*mn it, how come not one of them stop!” Qin Chao was very depressed. With a drunk Li Xue, he cannot take her by bike.

Feeling helpless, Qin Chao had to fish out his cellphone and make a call.

“Where are you? If it’s ok, come pick me up at XX intersection.”

After that phone call, ten minutes later, someone drove a car to pick him up.

The car was a silver Mercedes-Benz. Jiang Dong’s head popped out of the window and his mouth grew wide as he looked at the drunken beauty on Qin Chao’s back.

“F*ck me, don’t tell me you want me to take you to a Hotel with her! D*mn, if second miss knows this, she’ll take a knife and cut me!”

“B*stard, what are you thinking about!” Qin Chao can’t help but scold, “This is my f*cking new boss. We’ve just concluded a business deal and drunk big. Now I am sending her back to her home.”

“Oh, since it’s like that, it’s okay then.” Jiang Dong helped Qin Chao opened the door, “Come on in.”

Qin Chao took Li Xue to where Su Fei usually sat and prepared to put her in.

But Li Xue, in her drunken state, without asking it first, embraced Qin Chao and cried out.

“Yang Fan, come on, f*ck me….”

“F*ck!” Jiang Dong cannot help but turn back, “Are you still denying there’s nothing happen here? She’s telling you to f*ck her!”

“Are you deaf!” Qin Chao can’t help but feel angry; He began to suspect about Jiang Dong’s IQ, “Didn’t you hear she’s calling the name Yang Fan! That’s her dead husband, it has nothing to do with me. I just want to quickly take her back to her home, otherwise, it would be more troublesome.”

“You’re ‘trouble’ is quite beautiful.” Jiang Dong stared at Qin Chao with disbelieve, “Do you dare to say you don’t have any idea toward her?”

“F*ck your grandpa!” Qin Chao cursed, “If I don’t have any idea toward her then I am a f*cking eunuch. But only animals act on that idea. Your father, I, also afraid that Su Ji will castrate me. I have found her address, it’s in River Gan street no 12. Go, drive!”

“Since you’re not going to mess around, then I am relieved.” Jiang Dong is a famous chatterbox; While driving, he can’t help but talk.

“You should know that our second miss is not that easy to fall for a man. For years, many handsome and distinguished guys have chased her, but she regarded all of them as air, giving them the cold shoulder. Alas, Qin Chao, if you mess around, you could break the second miss’ heart. Not to mention her, even I, Jiang Dong, will go all out against you!”

“Right now, I am going to let you die, do you believe it or not!” Hearing his words, Qin Chao was upset, “Didn’t you hear what I said previously? She is my boss. She just had too much to drink, should I put her on the road, leaving her for the tramps?”

“That’s actually a good idea….” Jiang Dong touched his chin, “Do you want me to kick her off the car now?”

“D*mn, now I want to kick you off instead!” Qin Chao raised his brows, “His mother, this is my boss, don’t you get it! If something happens to her, your father, I, will be fired from my job.”

“Oh?” Jiang Dong was curious, “I’d like to know what our big bodyguard Qin do for work now?”

“Assistant manager for an advertising company.” Qin Chao casually said.

“Pfft!” Who knew, Jiang Dong actually laughed out loud, “Hahaha, assistant, manager, hahaha!”

Qin Chao finally cannot bear anymore; He stretched out his foot, kicking the driver seat from the back, “Why are you laughing!”

“Qin Chao, Qin Chao, you, this beating-people-without-mercy guy, actually work as a well-mannered assistant manager! That’s so incredible!”

“F*ck, your father, I, also feel this is incredible!” Qin Chao angrily said, “If not for Su Xianqin, that old dog….That old man forcing me to leave the campus, how could I run to another place and become someone’s assistant!”

“Master is just trying to temper you.” Jiang Dong was a very loyal butler; He respected Su Xianqin very much. Therefore, he advised Qin Chao, “So, naturally he was a bit hard on you. You should know who the second miss is; She is the daughter of the Su Family! If you, Qin Chao, have no identity other than a security guard, how could you marry the second miss!”

“What the, I don’t f*cking believe this.” Qin Chao said, “Su Ji and I love each other, what is wrong with that? Besides, even though I currently have no money, at least, now I earn a lot. Do you know how high it is my eight thousand a month salary as a bodyguard?”

Qin Chao said. Thinking about his previous bitterness, he could not help but begin to follow up his complaint toward Jiang Dong, “When we were fresh out of college, a third-rate college at that, we would be screaming bloody yes if we got a job with monthly salary of two thousand. You see, now as an assistant manager, my monthly salary is less than three thousand. Your master forced me through a trial with this salary.”

“Only eight thousand….” Jiang Dong casually said, “That’s not much. My monthly salary is tens of thousands.”

“Pei, what do you know!” Qin Chao was furious, if in those days, I have eight thousand as my monthly salary, Yang Shanshan will definitely not leave me.

“You upper-class people will never understand the hard work and bitterness of our lower class people.” Qin Chao sighed with emotion and then continued, “Take this female boss of mine; In order to support her family, she had to go out to accompany a pervert manager. If not for me, she would have been in other people’s bed by now.”

“Hey, looks like you played the hero saving the damsel in distress today!” Jiang Dong clicked his tongue, “Does this beautiful woman perhaps have a secret feeling toward you?”

“What the, you have too much imagination.” Qin Chao lit up a cigarette and started to smoke, “We are just in a ‘superior-subordinate’ relationship, don’t let your imagination run wild. Right now, I just want to work well so that I look good in front of Su Xianqin. Chasing girls? I don’t have any energy left for that.”

Moreover, I don’t want to fool around this time, my current romantic debt is already dragging my butt.

“If you say so.” Jiang Dong began to worry, “But you have to earn five million….That’s a bit difficult.”

“Mr. Jiang Dong, if you know a good way to earn it, can you please share it with me?” Qin Chao thought that since Jiang Dong has been in the upper-class society for years, he should know some ways to make money.

“I do know a way for you to make five million. But, there is some risk in it, and it also needs someone with character.”

“Do tell. I, Qin Chao, have the best character!” Hearing about a way to make money, Qin Chao, who cannot help but feel excited, immediately asked Jiang Dong.

“Buy a lottery ticket. If you keep buying one hundred tickets a day, in a year, chances are, you will earn that five million.

“F*ck….Me….” Qin Chao can only say such words….

“You don’t want this approach?” From the rearview mirror, Jiang Dong can see the reluctant face of Qin Chao. “If you don’t like such a civilized way to make money, I have another way. But, it is a little difficult.”

“Your uncle, I think winning a lottery is way more difficult!” Qin Chao angrily said, With how many lottery buyers in China are, how much the odd of five million landing on my head?

Moreover, Qin Chao did not think that he was a lucky person. Although he tried buying lottery tickets since childhood, other than toothbrushes or towels, he never got anything else.

However, he could make a wish to Rosy to win five million in the lottery; For a devil, that’s a mere trifle.

But Qin Chao immediately gave up the idea because if he relied on making a wish, it would mean he did not rely on his own ability. If he got the five million with Rosy”s skill, he would be too ashamed to look for Su Ji.

“Tell me, what way?”

“Are you sure you want to hear?”

“Nonsense, of course.”

“Are you REALLY sure you want to hear?”

“F*ck, Jiang Dong, if you say are you sure again, I’ll tear your d*mn mouth!”

“Very well, since you’re in such a hurry, I’ll tell you.” Jiang Dong said as he continued to drive the car.

“First of all, this method is relatively brutal, but the result is also relatively fast. If you’re willing to go into action, this method is certainly suitable for you. Not even five million, if you want, you can even get ten million.”

“Hell, so much nonsense, just get to the point.”

“Rob a bank.”

“Jiang Dong, your uncle!” Qin Chao’s tiger body shook in anger, he really wanted to tear Jiang Dong into a half.

“It certainly is a viable option.” Jiang Dong insisted on his point of view.

“Just stop it!” Qin Chao became disillusioned, “My agreement with Su Xianqin is I have to earn it through legitimate businesses. This illegal thing will not fly.”

“What? Is there such a requirement?” Jiang Dong widened his eyes in surprise.

“Nonsense, if not, why would I f*cking ask you?”

“Looks like there is only one way left.”

Jiang Dong thought for a moment and said.

“Is there another way?” Qin Chao thought that this Jiang Dong has a lot of ideas, if one does not work, he would come up with another one.

“Change your girlfriend, find a father-in-law who has no money.”

“Jiang Dong, stop the car.”

“Why? Do you want to get off the car?”

“I am afraid if I kill you now, the car would crash on the sidewalk.”

“Hey, Qin Chao, you don’t pay attention to what I say, don’t you? I am helping you with good intention, yet you want to tear my mouth.”

“Help your uncle! How could you say this thing will help me! This is no different than a f*cking scam!”

Qin Chao was furious; It seemed like Jiang Dong wanted him to take the wrong decision.

At that time, Li Xue who has been silent all this time suddenly cried.

“Yang Fan, come on, do me, please.”

“Manager Li, can’t you sleep for a bit….” Qin Chao got a big headache; He reluctantly asked Jiang Dong.

“Jiang Dong, do you know how to put a drunk person to sleep?”

“There are two ways, do you want to hear them?”

“Quickly say it!”

“The first one is to sing her a lullaby.” Jiang Dong said, “If you think you have a good voice, you can coax her to sleep with it.”

“D*mn, I don’t know how to sing, why don’t you sing her instead!” The thing that Qin Chao did not excel the most was singing. If he sang her a lullaby, it was highly likely that Li Xue would get a nightmare instead.

“I am not good at singing either. Then let’s go to the second method.” Jiang Dong coughed twice and said.

“What is the second method?”

“Strike at the main artery on her neck.” Jiang Dong made a rough measurement on his own neck.

“Let me practice it on you first, you won’t mind, won’t you?”


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13 thoughts on “Chapter 237 Why Don’t You Try It

  1. It still seems weird to me that this is an issue. Doesn’t he have 51% of the shares of Liao Shasha’s company? That should be easily enough to earn the money without working at all. And it’s all legitimate…


    1. It was said that the money could not be earned trough means related to Su Ji and her family, but Qin Chao was introduced to Liao Shasha thanks to them initially, so maybe it doesn’t work.

      Also Qin Chao himself said that it wasn’t really his money and that he was just here to make sure the share of the company are not stolen.


  2. Nope, sorry, I can’t buy Qin Chao complaining about being poor when he has the controlling interest in a major goddamn company. The author is dumb and if he wanted to take the story this direction that should never have happened to begin with.


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