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After calling for Xin Kun’s driver, Qin Chao helped put the man back into his car and handed the contract to his driver, telling him that the contract was very important, if he lost it, Mr. Xin would be very angry.

The driver gingerly took the contract and then drove his as-dead-as-a-pig pass out drunk boss back.

When he got back to the White Rose Hall, Li Xue was sitting there looking at him with a faint smile.

“Done.” Qin Chao said to Li Xue as he made a victory sign. The later smiled and strangely said.

“You, assistant Qin, are quite savvy.” Li Xue no longer showed Qin Chao her cold look but rather a complex expression, “What you did just now, deceived even me, your manager.”

“Cough, cough….” Qin Chao dryly coughed twice, “Isn’t there a saying, to deceive the enemy, one must deceive one’s own people first? This is also hard for me, manager Li. Moreover, after drinking so much, my stomach begin to feel uncomfortable.”

“You’re uncomfortable?” Li Xue obviously did not believe it, “You have such a big alcohol capacity, look at how many empty bottles of Daoguan 25 here, you almost finished them all.”

“Oh, right, ahem….” Qin Chao touched his nose, “My personal record is beating more than 30 people in drinking, but that was for drinking beer. This is my first time drinking these many cups of liquor.”

A man beating more than 30 people in drinking….My God, is this guy still a human? Did he grow up drinking alcohol and not milk?

“Well, anyway, today’s case has been handled by you.” Li Xue said and picked up a cup filled with liquor, “I, Li Xue, give my respect for you with this cup.”

With that, learning from Qin Chao, she directly poured that cup of liquor into her mouth.

Finishing this cup, Li Xue’s complexion directly changed.

Her face suddenly went pale, and then, two traces of red appeared on her cheeks. Her breathing became somewhat rapid as she looked at Qin Chao with somewhat hazy eyes.

“So, so uncomfortable….” Li Xue felt that her stomach was on fire. She could not help but lie on the table, unable to sit straight for half a day.

F*ck me, of course it’s uncomfortable! Qin Chao was stunned, thinking, I am a cultivator, that’s why I can drink it. And Xin Kun is obviously a heavy drinker. But you, a light-drinker, directly drank a cup of liquor, this is what you’re going to get!

Qin Chao quickly walked over, reached out his hand over Li Xue’s back and gently patted twice.

An influx of true qi wrapped Li Xue’s stomach, helping her digest the alcohol.

But, after all, it was not her own true qi. Therefore, the alcohol went from the stomach toward her bloodstream and arrived at Li Xue’s brain.

A cup of liquor was enough to take this girl down.

Li Xue felt strange. How, how could Qin Chao drink so many cups and still okay….I, I just drunk a cup and am already like this….

“Manager Li, don’t drink anymore, I’ll send you back home, okay?”

“Get, get away from me!” Li Xue suddenly pushed Qin Chao away, grabbed that bottle of liquor on the table and started to pour it into her mouth.

His mother! Still want to drink?

Qin Chao quickly snatched away that bottle of liquor in Li Xue’s hand. But not before this female boss swallowed a mouthful of it, smirking at a glance at Qin Chao.

“Hehe, Qin Chao….You idiot, why did you become my assistant….”

Then, after a cute belch, she hazily said, “I, I told the company I want a female assistant. Why, why would they give me a male assistant….Moreover, he dressed like a rascal, I knew he is not a decent man as soon as I saw him….”

Qin Chao touched his nose, feeling helpless. Do I dress like a rascal? Do men in suit and tie the only decent people in Li Xue’s eyes?

“Yang, Yang Fan….” Li Xue began talking of a person’s name, “You, you b*stard! Do you have any idea that, after you left, all, all men want to bully me!”

The corner of Li Xue’s already red eyes hung a teardrop; Looking at Qin Chao, she began to shout.

“That, that Zhang Chusong….Chen Qiang….And, and Xin Kun, that fatty, all of them want me, the widow to accompany them in bed! Pei, there, there are no good men in this world!”

Hey, I am also a man….Qin Chao was helpless, This beautiful boss of mine thinks all men are the same.

Em, I must be an outstanding man in her eyes, so she excludes me from her list.

“Also, that new assistant is, is not a good thing!” Li Xue’s words directly stunned Qin Chao, “His, his eyes are always looking at my chest, and, and my butt….Men!”

“There, there is also your father….He gambles everyday and loses everyday….In, in order to pay his debt, I, I even sold the car….Yang, Yang Fan, you b*stard, why, why must you force me to take care of you father right before you died! This, this old creature, even wants me like the others, do you know that?”

What the! this is a big news….Qin Chao was stunned. I never thought Li Xue’s father-in-law has his eyes on his daughter-in-law. This Li Xue is really pitiful, she actually married into this kind of family.

“Yang Fan, take, take me with you….” Crying, Li Xue stood up and rushed forward and slapped Qin Chao, “I, I don’t want to be alone….And suffer alone….”

“It’s all right….” Qin Chao suddenly sighed and embraced his female boss. He quietly patted her on the back, not taking this opportunity to take advantage of her.

Qin Chao’s body was warm like a heater. As the warmth transferred to her, Li Xue suddenly felt comfortable.

Seemingly back into her husband’s arms, Li Xue quietly closed her eyes and tightly hugged Qin Chao.

Everyone has their own story. Even this beautiful woman was not an exception.

“Yang Fan….” Li Xue suddenly rubbed her body on Qin Chao and looked at him with her coquettish look, “I know it’s all my fault. I am willing to give myself to you, but don’t mess around outside, okay….”

With that, she reached out her trembling hands and began to undo the buttons in Qin Chao’s suit.

Qin Chao jumped in fright, This Li Xue is really drunk, what the hell is she doing!

He immediately held her hands, even if he was a beast, he would not do this kind of thing with a drunken girl.

Especially since Li Xue took him as someone else. D*mn, Yang Fan is dead already. He even died because of STD!

I am Qin Chao, I am not like him!

“Manager Li, you’re drunk, I’ll send you home.”

“Yang Fan, do me!” In Li Xue’s drunken state, Qin Chao was helpless; She desperately pulled the buttons in Qin Chao’s clothes and cried out, “If you do me, you wouldn’t be messing around outside!”

“What do I do you for!” Qin Chao did not know whether to laugh or cry, His mother, what is this thing!

I pretended to get drunk to deal with Xin Kun. But you, you’re not a drinker, why would you drink? With just two mouthfuls of liquor, you become like this, what am I going to do with you?

Qin Chao did not dare to transfer his true qi again because his devil true qi was very fierce. Just now he transferred a tiny bit of it and it was more than enough. If he added it a bit more, Li Xue’s body would burst out and die.

“Yang Fan, come on, do me, please!” Li Xue was still desperately trying to tear Qin Chao’s clothes. Qin Chao was forced to gently slapped his boss’ face and repeatedly said.

“Manager Li, wake up Manager Li. I am not that Yang Fan, I am Qin Chao!”

“Yang Fan, are you not interested in me?” Li Xue was unable to hear Qin Chao’s words: She kept saying, “You’re definitely not interested, right? That’s why you go out and mess around. Initially, I don’t want to do it with you because I am quite traditional, I want to do it after we’re married. I don’t know that you would search for it somewhere else. If you want, I am willing to do it with you now.”

A drunken person can be quite powerful, Li Xue’s effort finally achieved something With a few “pop” sound, several of Qin Chao’s buttons finally left his clothes and into Li Xue’s hands.

Li Xue’s body was jerked backward and nearly fell to the ground.

Qin Chao has no choice but to reach out and hugged this drunken female boss.

She is too aggressive in this state, I won’t let her drink again in the future.

“Yang Fan, Yang Fan don’t you love me anymore….?” In Qin Chao’s embrace, Li Xue slowly closed her eyes and moved her head forward to kiss Qin Chao, looking very attractive.

In the end, Qin Chao was still a man. At that moment, he was stunned by Li Xue’s beauty.

This stopped Qin Chao from reacting when finally Li Xue gently kissed his mouth.

Li Xue’s lips were somewhat ice-cold, just like her usual expression. But when she kissed Qin Chao, her action was particularly hot.

Her sweet little tongue probed into Qin Chao’s mouth, deeply kissing him with a wet kiss.

Kissing a beautiful woman in his arms, Qin Chao’s lust couldn’t help but surge up.

Because of the office uniform, Li Xue’s lower part was dressed in a skirt and a pair of cotton stockings. Therefore, when Qin Chao’s natural reaction appeared, it was clearly felt by her.

This unprecedented feeling made Li Xue gently shudder. She suddenly put her arms around Qin Chao’s neck, threw her head back and loudly cried, “Yang Fan….Make love to me….”

These two words sobered Qin Chao up.

His uncle, what am I doing! She is calling for Yang Fan, not me, Qin Chao! I won’t take advantage of her condition!

If he did Li Xue in her current condition, he would look down on himself.

He reached out his hand to steady Li Xue and said to her.

“Manager Li, wake up, I am going to take you home.”

With that, he put her coat on her, and then put on his own trench coat. Then he walked out of the restaurant carrying this beautiful female boss.

But the tragic thing was, Li Xue was drunk and Xin Kun the fatty has already gone away, so no one could pay for the drink. Even though he wanted to cry, Qin Chao had to use his own money to pay for it.

His mother, I haven’t got my salary, yet I have to donate this much. Why is this happening to me!

Qin Chao carried his female boss to look for a taxi, ready to send the boss back to her own home.

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    1. ‘Devil’ in cultivator terms usually doesn’t actually mean evil, it means complete disregard for other people and the rules that bind them. ‘Devil’ basically means Chaotic alignment, while -most- devils end up being evil because the fastest ways to gain power involve doing horrible things to lots of people and, as mentioned, devils don’t give the slightest sh*t about anything other than themselves. Some devil cultivators have their own personal codes that they will follow; a protagonist devil is typically the latter type and is usually defined as being intensely protective towards those people they consider important, and completely without regard for anyone who attempts to harm them or those people.

      Also taking advantage of her right now would cause him all sorts of problems in the long run, it’s just really not a smart idea even if you are an evil b*stard.

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