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That ‘spicy hot’ liquid directly poured into his stomach. Fortunately, Qin Chao has the cultivator’s body, otherwise his stomach might really be burnt.

A glass of beer can be gulped down quite fast, but a liquor must be drunk slowly. If it too fast, it will hurt the stomach.

Li Xue exclaimed and immediately reached out to stop Qin Chao but it was too late.

“Rest assured, this is just a liquor, no problem.” Qin Chao put down his glass and gave his beautiful boss a faint smile.

“Good, good drink.” Xin Kun said with a smile, “However, there are eight cups left.”

Humph, this kid actually wants to spoil my plan. But this is liquor, even three cups in a row is enough to take you down, much less nine.

Xin Kun secretly thought. But at this time, Qin Chao has drunk his second cup.

The nearby Li Xue has a flustered look, she saw Qin Chao drank two cups of liquor in a row like they were just water. His face did not redden nor pale, still looked the same.

“Manager Xin, the second cup.” Qin Chao smiled and began to drink the third cup.

After seeing Qin Chao drink the third cup, Xin Kun’s face changed a bit. This kid has some alcohol capacity, even consecutively drinking three cups of liquor did not make him tipsy!

Can he really drink, or just faking it?

Humph, no matter what, the remaining six will take you down. The effect of drinking this liquor increase exponentially with each cup.

Let see if you’re still going to be so arrogant by then.

Xin Kun thought as he watched Qin Chao drink the fourth cup, the fifth cup….

When Qin Chao easily gulped down the sixth cup, Xin Kun began to feel restless.

He took the third bottle of Daoguan 25 (The first two have been emptied by Qin Chao), poured himself a little, and took a sip.,

F*ck, this is a real liquor, not a watered down fake, how could he drink like it’s just water!

Li Xue, all along, was staring with her big bright eyes. She did not expect that her new assistant was so good at drinking. Six cups of liquor in a row and he was still fine.

“There are three cups left, manager Xin.” Qin Chao took three cups and filled them to the brim.

He reached out his hands and each picked up a cup, wanting to drink them in one go.

Manager Xin swallowed down a mouthful of saliva, Does he not want his life anymore? How could he drink liquor like that?

After simultaneously drinking these two cups, Qin Chao’s eyes suddenly became dim. He swayed a bit and sat on the stool.

“Qin Chao, Qin Chao are you okay?” Li Xue was startled and quickly held Qin Chao for fear that he would fall out of the chair.

“I, I am okay!” Qin Chao cried out, “I can, I can still drink!”

“Yes, that’s right, manager Li’s assistant is a good drinker!” Xin Kun’s eyes glittered with delight, His mother, the alcohol finally took him down. “There is still a cup of liquor that he needs to drink!”

“Manager Xin, he can’t drink anymore….” As his boss, Li Xue did not want her assistant to pass out here, so she immediately said to Xin Kun.

“Very well, since he lost this round, manager Li must drink your three cups!”

D*mn, this son of a b*tch is too ruthless! Xin Kun’s words directly sobered Qin Chao up. Li Xue gnashed her teeth in anger, but she had no choice but to drink.

“Wait, wait a minute!” Just when Xin Kun was feeling pleased with himself, Qin Chao suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed that last cup of liquor, saying, “Who, who said I can’t drink? Here, drink up!”

With that, he picked up that cup of liquor and poured it into his mouth.

Li Xue and Xin Kun, the two people went silly.

D*mn, this kid can actually still drink in this condition.

“Qin Chao, are you okay?” Li Xue worriedly asked.

“I, I am okay, I can still drink.” In his tipsy state, Qin Chao waved his hand.

Xin Kun was secretly angry, why hasn’t he passed out yet!

“How about I call a taxi to bring you back?” Li Xue proposed.

These words tickled Xin Kun’s heart; He hastily said.

“Assistant Qin, right? Since he has drank too much, let my assistant drive him back.”

“Then thank you very much, manager Xin.” Li Xue immediately said.

“Who, who wants to go back!” Qin Chao stood up, moved to Xin Kun’s side, sat down next to him and embraced this fat man on the shoulder. He pointed to his nose and loudly said.

“Manager, manager Xin, you’re no fun.”

Suddenly being approached by Qin Chao who was full of alcohol smell, Xin Kun cannot help but frown.

Li Xue was also startled, staring at Qin Chao.

My God, this guy is going to play the crazy drunkard. He’s not going to take this opportunity to beat manager Xin, isn’t he?!

“Assistant Qin, you’re drunk.”

“I, I am not drunk!” Qin Chao shouted, “I, I want to ask you a question!”

“Assistant Qin, if you want something to say, just say it.” Xin Kun wanted to get rid of this drunkard as soon as possible so he can enjoy the place with Li Xue alone.

“Tell me, are you a man?” Qin Chao’s question caught the two people off guard. F*ck, what kind of question is this?

Xin Kun frowned, not knowing if should answer this or not.

“If you don’t say it, then you’re not a man. I, I guess you’re really not a man….”

This was a taboo word for the Northeastern men.

“Nonsense, who said I am not a man!” Xin Kun finally became somewhat angry and furiously said.

“You’re lying!” Qin Chao slapped his thigh and laughed, “If you’re a man….How, how come you’re just watching other people drink and you, yourself did not! Manager Xin, Xin Kun! You definitely, definitely can’t handle alcohol, that’s why you didn’t dare to drink!”

“F*ck, you little brat, how could you say that!” Xin Kun was goaded by Qin Chao and directly revealed his ‘gangster’s’ part, “Who the f*ck does not dare to drink!”

“Good!” Qin Chao reached out, took two bottles of liquor and put it on the table in front of them, “Do, do you dare to drink with me!”

The other has invited him to drink, if he rejected this invitation, that would be the same as admitting he’s not a man.

In particular, in front of the beautiful Li Xue, Xin Kun definitely want to save his face.

Besides, looking at the drunken state of the opposite party, why would he still be afraid of him? Since he has prepared these bottles of liquor, he was ready for any sacrifice, he will take this kid down first and then Li Xue!

“D*mn, let’s drink, the one who doesn’t drink is the other’s grandson!” Xin Kun simply said, directly opened two bottles of liquor and poured himself a cup, “Today I, your father, will show you who is the liquor god here!”

“I, I don’t believe, in, in any god!” Qin Chao laughed and poured himself a cup with a trembling hand.

“Come on, drink up!” Qin Chao raised his cup and made a toast with Xin Kun. Both drunk a cup of liquor at the same time. Qin Chao swayed a bit, but Li Xue hurriedly stepped forward and held him.

“Qin Chao, stop it, you can’t drink anymore.”

Xin Kun put down the empty cup and smiled at Qin Chao. His stomach began to feel uncomfortable because of the liquor.

As long as I can teach this reckless kid a lesson, it does not matter if I have to drink a few cups of this hard liquor. In any case, I can vent it all on Li Xue, hehe.

“I am not drunk, let, let go of me!” Qin Chao unceremoniously stretched out his arm and pushed his boss to the side, “This is a matter between men, no woman can interfere.”

“Yes, this is a guy’s thing!” Xin Kun smilingly filled their cups to the brim, I don’t believe you won’t pass out after two cups.

“Come, drink up!” Qin Chao drunk his cup.

The two men did not hesitate to drink the second cup. Qin Chao looked a bit pale, sitting there blankly staring at Xin Kun. Li Xue was angry at him, so she stopped caring anymore.

Humph, since you want to show that you’re a man, I won’t care about you anymore!

After drinking the first cup, Xin Kun began to feel tipsy. But after finishing the second cup, his heroic spirit surged up; He slammed the empty cup on the table and shouted.

“See, see this! I am a man!”

“Real, real man….” Qin Chao sluggishly raised his arm and gave a thumbs up.

“Come, for the men, let’s drink!” Xin Kun definitely had too much to drink. He touched his belly, laughed and poured two cups of liquor.

Qin Chao took one of the cups and both drunk their cups like true brothers.

After the third cup, things began to get lively.

Xin Kun staggered and leaned sideway toward Qin Chao.

The two men were shoulder to shoulder like two people with years of friendship.

“Brother….Let, let me tell you.” Xin Kun put his arm around Qin Chao’s shoulder and began to pour out the grievances in his heart, “My life is bitter….That tigress in my house is already old and so d*mn ugly. I am so fed up seeing her every day….Us men, want to have an affair, don’t you think?”

“Brother!”  As if giving him his strength, Qin Chao also held Xin Kun on the shoulder, “I, I sympathize with you. My life is also bitter….I encounter a foul-mouthed boss….Alas, the two of us are on the same boat.”

As soon as Qin Chao said that, the nearby Li Xue’s vein bulged out. Aren’t your boss, me?

“Brother!” Hearing Qin Chao’s ‘confession’, the already drunk Xin Kun immediately said, “Don’t be sad. Since I am here, I will help you. Tell me what you want me to do, just say it.”

“Brother….” Qin Chao waved his hand toward Li Xue, “I, I have a contract. You, you sign this and I, I will be happy.”

“Good, sign! Sign!” Xin Kun glanced around with a vacant look, “Where, where is the contract….”

Li Xue felt a bit weird, but she hastily pulled out the contract from her bag and handed it over to Xin Kun.

Xin Kun was already familiar with this routine. He pulled out his parker pen and signed his name on the contract.

“Good, brother, you’re so awesome.” Qin Chao suddenly smiled and put the contract into two parts. He put one in Xin Kun’s arms and one in Li Xue’s hand.

“Brother, we continue, continue to drink….”

Xin Kun was still in high spirit; He held the bottle of liquor and yelled.

“Ok, no matter how much you drink, I will accompany you.” Qin Chao’s smiling appearance surprised Li Xue. This guy isn’t drunk! He is just pretending that he is drunk to cheat Xin Kun.

This is the textbook pig eat tiger!

Li Xue finally understood that her assistant was not someone who anyone can mess with.

“Come, let’s drink….” At this time, Xin Kun finally reached his limit; His head tilted forward and fell on the table.

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