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Ai Xiaoxue, feeling aggrieved, said, “I just took you to the police station, but someone at the top put you in jail, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Humph, didn’t you say I am international recidivist!” Qin Chao threw the pickpocket in his hand toward Ai Xiaoxue.

That pickpocket has already fainted in fright, did not struggle at all.

“Have you found out how many of my criminal records?”

International recidivist! Li Xue was taken aback. This Qin Chao, who exactly is he?

“No, I don’t.” Ai Xiaoxue handcuffed these several criminals, saying, “Your criminal record is clean, there’s nothing in it, my mistake.”

“F*ck, ‘my mistake’ and that’s it?” Qin Chao rightly said, “If not you, how can they put me in the detention center in the first place?”

“I told you that has nothing to do with me.” Ai Xiaoxue stressed her answer, “Besides, I brought you to the police station because you broke more than 30 people’s legs!”

Broke more than thirty people’s legs! Li Xue was shocked, My God, how terrible is this man!

“Humph, if not for them trying to cause trouble in school, why would I beat them?” Qin Chao thought that the policewoman in front of him was one of those ‘(having) big boobs but no brain’ girls, unable to distinguish right from wrong, “Could it be, you just want me to watch them knock down our school, beat up my colleagues and break our legs?”

“You can rely on the law, not on your own force.”

“The law?” Qin Chao sneered, “Is that the thing that wait for us to get beaten and take those fellows to squat in jail for several days and then let them out just like that?”

Qin Chao coldly looked at the female police officer, “Ai Xiaoxue, don’t joke with me. If I don’t have the strength, the one laying on the ground is not them, but me, Qin Chao. At that time, you still want talk to me about the law? Can the law cure my body?”

“Humph, you can’t use violence to do heroic things!” Ai Xiaoxue muttered.

“Wrong.” Qin Chao immediately corrected her, “I am not going to mess with other people for no reason, but anyone who provokes me is certainly not going to end well.”

With that, he walked toward Li Xue, intending to leave the place with her.

“Where are you going!” Ai Xiaoxue immediately blocked his way.

“Where am I going? To work, of course. Do you think we’re here to play?” Qin Chao was not happy talking with this policewoman.

“No, you can’t leave yet, I have to record your statement first!” Ai Xiaoxue quickly said.

“Record your uncle!” Qin Chao did not want to see this woman one second more, “We have a very important business meeting. If you want to record something, just record your own statement!”

“Qin Chao!” Ai Xiaoxue refused to step aside, “I will not let you go away today!”

Li Xue was in a bind, their meeting with the Chuanwei food company’s executive was very important. If they failed to show up, that would be bad for their company’s reputation.

Qin Chao looked at the stubborn beautiful policewoman, touched his nose, suddenly pointed to a spot across the street and yelled.

“Bad, someone is being robbed!”

Hearing Qin Chao’s voice, the two beauties immediately turned their heads to look across the street.

Taking advantage of this distraction, Qin Chao took out his old lucky bike from his spatial ring and placed it on the ground.

At the same time, he pulled Li Xue, this beautiful female boss, and put her on the back seat.

Li Xue was surprised to see this bicycle, which she did not even know where or when Qin Chao got it. Moreover, it also has a GPS in it, she thought, is this really a bicycle?

“Qin Chao?” When Ai Xiaoxue turned her head back, she saw Qin Chao already on a black bicycle and somewhat stunned. “What, what are you doing?”

“Run away, of course!” Qin Chao smiled at Ai Xiaoxue, “If you want me to stay, you just need to catch up with me!”

With that, Qin Chao pedaled the bike. A familiar feeling returned to him, it seemed like his old lucky has been lonely for a long time.

Sparks flying from the wheels, the bike whistled through the wind, instantly disappeared from Ai Xiaoxue’s sight.

The police hat on her head flew away by the wind and fell to the ground.

This policewoman stood there for a long time, not knowing what exactly just happened.

It seemed like Qin Chao has run away….But where did his bike come from?

But Qin Chao did not give a thought about what that policewoman’s thought of him. He rode his old lucky with lightning speed toward the restaurant where they have an appointment with Xin Kun.

This was the first time Li Xue sat in this kind of vehicle. Several times because of the sharp turn, she was stunned and screamed.

When she was still in college, she also often sat on the bike with her boyfriend. However, she never experienced such a speed. This bike was even faster than motorcycles!

Like the wind, they soon arrived at the entrance of a luxurious restaurant.

This was a Chinese restaurant, a classy place with gorgeous decoration. After Li Xue got down from the bike, while she was not paying attention, Qin Chao quickly stowed away the bike.

“Hey, where’s the bike?” After turning around and saw that the bike has disappeared, Li Xue could not help but ask.

“Um, in a place where you can’t find.” Qin Chao mysteriously smiled to Li Xue. The later thought that her assistant suddenly seemed mysterious.

He did not seem like a normal person. Not only he was very powerful, he can subdue four criminals easily and even break their arms.

Then from that policewoman’s mouth, she heard his ‘glorious’ history….

Is he from the underworld?

Did I just receive an underworld boss as my assistant? My God, that’s crazy! If I my grandpa knows this, he is going to scold me to death.

But, this man seems reliable….

Not having this kind of feeling for a long time, Li Xue looked at the man in front of her with mixed feelings.

“What, manager Li? Is there something wrong with my face?” Noticing Li Xue’s eyes, Qin Chao could not help touch his face, “Or is my face too handsome, so you can’t help but look? Hehe.”

“Pei, don’t act indecently here.” Li Xue’s good impression on Qin Chao was destroyed immediately. Her face turned cold and said, “The man who we are going to see is the Chuanwei’s executive, Xin Kun. You now represent the face of the company, so you must not look like a thug.”

“Rest assured, manager Li!” Qin Chao turned his hand, pulled out a gold-rimmed glasses and put it on.

At that moment, his entire temperament changed, switching directly from the wild to the gentle and mature. His poise was no different than those wealthy young masters.

“Manager Li, what do you think? Is this okay?”

Qin Chao’s 180 degrees transformation was too much for Li Xue. She unconsciously blurted out.

“Who, who are you?”

“Cough, cough, manager Li, I am your assistant.” Qin Chao put a warm smile on his face, “What? Don’t you recognize me?”

“Qin Chao….You must have attended an acting school….” Li Xue could not help but say, “It’s like you turn into someone else!”

“Isn’t this what you want?” Qin Chao looked at Li Xue with a fleeing sad, prompting Li Xue to appear at a loss for words.

“Stop talking nonsense, just come with me.”

This manager Li thought that she couldn’t understand her new assistant. She can only straighten her clothes and walked toward the restaurant.

“Hello miss, may I ask for how many people?” At the door, a waitress immediately came and greeted them.

“We already have a table with Mr. Xin.”

“Please wait a minute.” The waitress went to ask the front desk for a moment and then came back and said, “At the White Rose Hall, please come with me.”

The waitress led the two of them to a spacious room on the second floor.

At this luxuriously decorated room, there was a round table. A fat middle-aged man sat there. With a cigarette in his mouth, he smiled at Li Xue.

This fat man put down his cigarette and was about to speak, but when he saw a tall sturdy man came in behind Li Xue, his face suddenly changed and his smile disappeared.

“Manager Li, you’re not on time!” This Xin Kun changed his words and began to complain, “I like to do business with someone who is on time. Manager Li, with you like this, I begin to doubt about your company’s credibility.”

“I am sorry, manager (previously Bos) Xin!” Li Xue apologized, “For making you wait, we have a little traffic situation.”

“What do you apologize for? You don’t even have any sincerity.” Xin Kun complained and said, “I like to discuss issues with liquor. Since you’re late, as a punishment, you have to drink three cups.”

With that, Xin Kun pushed a bottle of Daoguang 25 (A domestic liquor brand) on the table.

On the back, Qin Chao could not help but raise his eyebrows, A liquor.

“Okay, I am willing to drink three cups of this as a punishment, as long as manager Xin is satisfied with this.” After years in the business world, Li Xue has built a bit of tolerance toward alcohol. However, what she must drink tonight was a liquor (A liquor in Chinese typically has 40-60 % alcohol by volume). The thought of drinking this liquor three cups in a row made her face somewhat white.

Seeing this, Qin Chao knew that this was the time for him, as the assistant, to debut.

“Manager Xin, forcing the lady to drink is not polite, let me do this on behalf of manager Li.”

With that, Qin Chao went forward and stopped in front of Li Xue.

“Manager Li, who is this?” Xin Kun did not even look at Qin Chao but ask Li Xue instead.

“Manager Xin, this is my assistant.” Li Xue introduced and winked at Qin Chao, signaling him to move aside. But Qin Chao waved his hand just stood there.

“In that case, since you want to do this on behalf of her, it is actually possible.” Xin Kun rolled his eyes and said with a smile, “But for each of her cup you need to drink three cups, that’s very fair don’t you think?”

Qin Chao inwardly sneered, You want me to get drunk first and then make your move on Li Xue, right?

Your scheme is good. But too bad, you choose the wrong opponent.

Li Xue kept signaling Qin Chao with her eyes, this three cups for each cup is a joke. This is liquor, not beer.

“Fair enough.” Qin Chao said with a smile, “But, manager Xin, you have to pay for this drink.”

“Okay, no problem.” Xin Kun imposingly waved his hand, “As long as you drink your cups, no matter how many they are, I will pay.”

“It’s a deal, manager Xin.” Qin Chao immediately opened that bottle of Daoguan 25 and poured it into the cup, “Then I first pay my respect.”

With that, he directly poured that cup of liquor into his mouth.

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  2. and the worst thing, there are stupid people in this world that thinks like this…

    “Humph, you can’t use violence to do heroic things!”

    there are no heroic things that doesn’t use violence.

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