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Qin Chao was not thoroughly shameless. After taking advantage a couple of times, he withdrew hand and placed it on Li Xue’s waist.

“Don’t get me wrong, if I don’t hold, you will fall.”

“What does it have to do with you if I fall?” Li Xue angrily watched this nasty assistant, wanting to get away from his hand but somewhat unwilling.

Although this hand was somewhat evil, it made her feel warm. She felt as if her deceased husband returned to her side, embracing her in his bosom.

The bus slowly moved toward their destination.

The buses in Sunan City were somewhat unsafe. The crowded bus has created a good situation for thieves.

Therefore, many of them will use this time to secretly make their move.

At this time, Qin Chao can feel a hand stretching over from the side cutting Li Xue’s handbag.

This hand was very skilled, if it were other people, they would not aware of it. Unfortunately, Qin Chao was an exception. Let alone a hand, he can even feel a bullet.

He lowered his head and saw the hand clutching a small knife trying to cut Li Xue’s leather bag.

“Dude….” Qin Chao immediately moved his hand from Li Xue’s waist. In a lightning speed, he grabbed that evil hand.

The owner of that hand went panic, trying to pull his hand back. But Qin Chao tightly clutched his hand, not letting it go.

“Let, let go of me!” That man immediately shouted. When Qin Chao looked up, he found out that the man was the one who Li Xue stamped with her foot just a moment ago.

“Let go of you?” Qin Chao sneered, “After you tried to steal from her bag? In your dream.”

As soon as Qin Chao said that, it immediately attracted other people’s attention.

“A pickpocket?”

“Everyone pay attention to your pockets!”

“Who, who’s the pickpocket?” That man immediately argued, but he looked somewhat anxious.

“Not a pickpocket?” Qin Chao let him looked Li Xue’s handbag, which already has a small cut mark on it, “If you’re not a pickpocket, then what is this?”

Li Xue looked down and was stunned to see that there was a hole in her bag. This able manager immediately went angry.

“Qin Chao, don’t talk nonsense with him, send him to the police station.”

“What do you want me to do in the police station!” That man immediately shouted, “I didn’t steal anything, that’s not me!”

“It doesn’t matter, you can explain later it in the police station.” Qin Chao sneered, still clutching the man’s hand.

“That’s right, send him to the police, d*mn thief!”

“There is a police station at the next bus stop, turn that thief there!”

The people shouted in indignation. Among these people, some have experienced the bitterness of being stolen off their phones, their wallets….

“Let him go, or I’ll kill you.” At this time, a few men squeezed over. Apparently, they were the thief’s accomplices. Looking at how many they were, the surrounding crowd quieted down, all went silent.

“Oh?” Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, “There are actually many of them.”

“Qin, Qin Chao….” Seeing these many people, Li Xue was somewhat afraid. She pulled Qin Chao’s sleeve and weakly said, “Just, just let him go.”

Qin Chao cannot help but smile. Although this female manager looked tough on the surface, she was still a woman on the inside.

“It’s all right.” Qin Chao still not letting that man go; He said, “I want to see how they’re going to kill me.”

“Humph, you’ll see.” One of them who seemed to be their leader coldly said, “When you get off, we will get off. If today I, Duan Zhi (severed finger), don’t break your legs off, I will change my surname into yours!”

As soon as he said that, Qin Chao immediately noticed the man only has four fingers on his right hand. His little finger was nowhere to be seen.

Looks like this thief got caught once and someone cut off his finger, that’s where he got his nickname.

“Very well, I don’t mind destroying the rest of your fingers.”

“A fool, let’s see how you’re going to cry later!”

That Duan Zhi coldly snorted.

Seeing his accomplices coming to help him, the pickpocket who was caught by Qin Chao looked at him in defiance.

In his life, Qin Chao hated pickpockets the most. These people have hands and feet, but they were unwilling to work, just wanting to steal the result of other people’s hard work.

Their happiness was completely built on the suffering of others.

In Qin Chao’s freshman year, someone stole his phone. That phone was his father’s gift when he went to college, it was his first handphone, an imported Nokia.

At the time, it worth more than 1500 yuan. After using it just for a few months, it was already not in his hand.

Not only his father blame him for it, for several days, he did not even have a phone and had to get a replacement card and get a domestic one.

Although losing a phone was bad, some people even lost their wallet. Not only the money, their ID card, and various other cards disappeared just like that, forcing them to go to the public official to get their cards back.

While Qin Chao was lost in memory, the bus suddenly stopped. The back door was opened and a few people tried to squeeze in.

“Get off and I’ll beat you to death!” That Duan Zhi threatened.

“Fine, let’s get off the car.” Qin Chao pulled that pickpocket and pushed through the crowd.

“Hey, wait for me!” For fear that something bad would happen, Li Xue quickly followed. In the unlikely event that Qin Chao was severely beaten, she would run to the police station to ask for help.

Qin Chao and that pickpocket squeezed out of the car, followed by five of his accomplices, as well as Li Xue.

Li Xue calmly stood to the side, waiting for the bus to drive away. After gathering her courage, she said to these people.

“It is wrong to steal from someone else, just give up.”

“Hahaha!” Like hearing a joke, these pickpockets guffawed.

That Duan Zhi looked at Li Xue with a lewd look, “Beautiful, I, your uncle, don’t work, do you want to keep me as your mistress? By your appearance, you look like a female boss, surely you can afford me!”

“Pei!” Seeing the opposite party’s face that was filled with pockmarks, Li Xue somewhat disgustedly said.

“Let go of me!” That pickpocket that was caught by Qin Chao threatened, “Or we’ll break your legs.”

“Tell that to the police in the police station.” Qin Chao shrugged off and began to walk toward the local police station in the distance.

“Stop!” The few pickpockets suddenly blocked him; That Duan Zhi shouted, “D*mn, so you want to be a hero, huh! Beat him!”

With that, the few of them rushed toward Qin Chao, trying to test their “Kung Fu” on him.

From behind, Li Xue cried out in alarm; She quickly tried to move away from those pickpockets, wanting to go to the police station.

But Duan Zhi can read her mind; He immediately stopped in front of her.

“Beautiful, where are you going? Why don’t you play with this uncle?”

With that, he reached out his hand to grab Li Xue’s breast.

“Ah!” At this time, a few screams suddenly came from behind him.

That Duan Zhi was taken aback and quickly turned away.

He saw Qin Chao standing there unscathed, but several of his men lied on the ground, wailing while holding their wrists.

“Sorry, I have destroyed your partner’s hands.” Qin Chao’s hand was still holding the hand of, now, the somewhat pale pickpocket. He pulled out a cigarette with his other hand, put it in his mouth and lit it up.

That Duan Zhi trembled a bit, he understood why this guy did not afraid to get off the car. It turned out he knew Kung Fu.

This time, they bumped an iron wall.

Qin Chao pulled the pickpocket, walking step by step toward Duan Zhi. That Duan Zhi was alarmed; He stepped back, suddenly grabbed Li Xue and shouted.

“Don’t, don’t come here! If you come here, I’ll scratch her face!” With that, he took out a knife and showed it to Qin Chao.

Li Xue screamed but did not dare to move even half a step.

Qin Chao could not help but sigh, Manager Li, aren’t you a capable woman? How could you let yourself caught easily? As your assistant, this makes me sad.

Just when the situation was tense, a uniformed policewoman suddenly noticed this scene.

She immediately rushed over and caught Qin Chao’s eyes.

“Qin Chao, it’s you again!”

“Ai Xiaoxue?” This outstandingly beautiful policewoman with an almost perfect figure was still clear in Qin Chao’s mind.

“You!” Seeing Qin Chao, Ai Xiaoxue cannot help grit her teeth, wishing that she could pull her gun and shoot him in the face, “You beat people again!”

“Nonsense.” Qin Chao couldn’t help roll his eyes, “What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see what’s happening here! Big sis, we’re catching thieves; My boss was then caught by one of them, okay?”

Ai Xiaoxue turned around and looked at Duan Zhi who was holding Li Xue and a knife.

“Duan Zhi, it’s you!” This famous pickpocket already has several records. Therefore, when she saw him, Ai Xiaoxue immediately recognized.

“F*ck you!” That Duan Zhi, knowing how fierce Ai Xiaoxue is, pushed Li Xue toward her. Then, taking advantage of this, he turned around and tried to run away.

Ai Xiaoxue caught Li Xue first before she ran, trying to pursue him.

But this time, Duan Zhi has already run far away. As a professional recidivist, he has perfected the art of escape. Although Ai Xiaoxue went all out, she still failed to catch up to him.

Qin Chao smiled; Seeing a discarded coke can by the side of the road, he suddenly swung his foot, kicking that can.

The coke crossed the air in a perfect arc over Ai Xiaoxue’s head and then, precisely hit Duan Zhi at the back of his head.

The momentum of the can was big, that Duan Zhi felt as if he was hit by a stick. He directly fell forward and fainted.

Ai Xiaoxue wrinkled her eyebrows and furiously said.

“Who told you to help! I can catch him myself!”

“Yes! Of course you can catch him!” Qin Chao was also angry, D*mn you! You ungrateful b*tch, “When you catch him, we’re all going to be so d*mn old! Why don’t you just take these people away, we still have something to do.”

“Qin Chao, you’re too savage!” Ai Xiaoxue arrived by Duan Zhi’s side and could not help but angrily say.

“Pei, I am savage?” Qin Chao sneered, “I have to worship you police officer Ai, for letting me suffer several days in jail.”

Hearing this, the nearby Li Xue was taken aback. What? My assistant went to jail?

“That’s not my fault!” Feeling wronged, Ai Xiaoxue shouted, “Someone at the top did that to you!”

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  1. just letting people know, if you are looking forward to the reunion, it happens in the 330’s. at the current speed that isnt til late march/early april.


      1. like radio said, the class reunion that was mentioned like 3 chapters ago. the whole year thing and earning 5 mil isn’t over yet either at that point, at least i don’t think it is. it mention 5 mil a couple times but i couldn’t really understand since its mtl.


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