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Being summoned by his boss, Qin Chao quickly returned to the 11th floor. Standing at the door, he didn’t immediately knock. Instead, he crouched there, silently smoking a cigarette.

Li Xue’s life experience was pitiful and she was also a softhearted person. Unfortunately, her appearance was wrapped with a layer of ice, denying people from touching her heart. As a new assistant, Qin Chao naturally understood that Li Xue did not have a good impression of him.

Looks like if I really want to work, I have to work conscientiously. Alas, in the end, being a security guard is always more preferable, although the wage is not that great, it’s a worry-free job.

Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, finished his cigarette and then knocked the office door.

“Come in!” Li Xue’s cold voice came from the inside. Qin Chao opened the door and went in.

Looking up, manager Li saw Qin Chao has changed his outfit, so she nodded in satisfaction. But then, when Qin Chao came close, her eyebrows could not help but furrow.

“Why do you smell cigarette?” Li Xue coldly snorted, “You just smoked, didn’t you? Go out, when you don’t smell cigarette anymore you can come back.”

“What, is smoking not allowed here?” Qin Chao was a bit upset after being dictated like that.

“Although the company has no such provision and I don’t care about others, “ Li Xue earnestly stared at the computer screen, “But my, Li Xue, assistant may not.”

“All right, I’ll go out and wait for the smell to disperse.” Qin Chao did not want to quarrel with a beautiful woman, much less that beautiful woman was her boss. He can only shrug his shoulders and walk out of the door.

Standing in front of the office and looking at the passing colleagues, Qin Chao felt like a misbehaving student being punished by the teacher, which made him very uncomfortable.

At this time, Shi Xin went upstairs to send some files. Seeing Qin Chao standing straight in front of the manager office like a door guardian, she asked with a smile.

“What happens? You just started working, yet you’re already being punished?”

“Don’t mention it.” Qin Chao waved his hand and whispered, “Grandma Li doesn’t like people who smoke, so she sent me out to scatter the smoke. This is too troublesome, looks like it’s not easy to get along with her.”

“Then you can just stop smoking.” Shi Xin giggled, “If you stop smoking, it will benefit your health.”

“Rest assured, I am quite strong.” Qin Chao said and patted his chest, “Cigarettes are nothing to me.”

“Hihi, such a stubborn guy. Then I’ll leave you to your punishment, I have to send these files.” Shi Xin said and was about to leave.

“Little Xinxin, don’t go, stay here and talk with me for another minute, okay.” Qin Chao cannot help but tease.

“Screw you, do you think I am as busy as you? I still have a lot of work to do.” With that, Shi Xin walked away holding the files.

Qin Chao was bored to death and wanted to smoke but he was afraid Li Xue would kick him out again.

At this time the office door suddenly opened.

Li Xue’s head popped out and coldly looked at Qin Chao.

“Is the smoke smell scattered yet? If so, you can come in.”

She finally let me in. Qin Chao inwardly rejoiced, stood up and went into the office.

“Before you start, I have some things to say to you.” Li Xue sat at her boss chair, looked at Qin Chao and said, “First, I don’t care what method you used to enter this company, but since you are now my, Li Xue’s assistant, I want to see your ability to work. If you don’t have it, you can just get out.”

“Second, no smoking. I hate smoker. Since you are my assistant, you must follow my rules. When you get home, you can smoke as many as you want.”

“Third, during work hours, we can only talk about business, you can’t talk about private things. This is a workplace, so I don’t want something unpleasant to happen between the two of us. If you agree to these three, you can start working.”

Sitting there, Li Xue waited for Qin Chao’s answer.

Qin Chao secretly angry, he can see that Li Xue only regarded him as a small fry.

“Okay, it’s just three requirements, I can live with that. Manager Li, is there something you want me to do?”

But, no matter how angry Qin Chao was, he has decided to come here to work. So, regardless of her requests, he can do accordingly. Of course, if the boss requires him to do some unwritten rules….Ahem, he can also do that.

At this time, Li Xue discovered that Qin Chao’s eyes were looking at her in a lewd way, so she immediately became a bit angry. She coldly snorted and pointed at the nearby small table.

“You can sit there. I want you to sort out the information about the Chuanwei food company and send it to me in the afternoon!”

Without saying anything else, she immediately arranged something to do for Qin Chao.

Since it was his work, Qin Chao has nothing to say. He sat on his seat and turned on the computer.

“If there is a phone call, you have to take it first!” Li Xue added a sentence before continuing her work.

Qin Chao searched for this Chuanwei food company using Baidu. At the same time, he secretly watched Li Xue using his peripheral look.

This beautiful widow has a good figure. Sitting there with *ss pressing the chair, her body formed a perfect curve, with clear and beautiful lines.

Her husband did not have the good fortune to sleep with her and died early. Moreover, he died because of STD. If she were like other women, she would definitely not accept this. But Li Xue was able to accept this and even willingly take care her father-in-law; A kindhearted woman indeed.

But, if she can warm up to me, that would be better, hehe.

Qin Chao was indulging himself in flights of fancy, I will use my unsurpassed charm to conquer this female boss. After that, my career in this company will have a meteoric rise, the future is limitless.

Em, what’s the difference between this and being a gigolo then! If I do this, Su Ji will certainly look down on me.

While thinking about this, the phone on the table suddenly rang.

Qin Chao remembered that Li Xue told him to answer the phone.

So, he reached out and picked up the phone.

“Skyhawk advertising company, may I help you?” Qin Chao did not forget this simple greeting. After all, he did work for other companies for a period of time. It’s just that, he was dismissed not long after he started. The reasons were vary, from being pushed aside, slandered, or just being hated by the boss….

“Who are you?” The other side spoke with a heavy male voice, which quizzically asked him, “Where is manager Li?”

“Hello, I am manager Li’s assistant, if you want something, you can just tell me about it.”

“I don’t want to speak with you, put manager Li on the phone.” The other side directly said to Qin Chao in a very arrogant manner.

My God, you think you’re great, aren’t you? He cannot help but say, “I am sorry, manager Li just went to the bathroom, if you want to say something to her, you can talk about it with me first.”

“I’ll just wait for her!” With that, the other side abruptly hung up the phone.

Interesting guy.” Qin Chao put down the phone, looked up and saw Li Xue’s questioning gaze.

“Who was that? Why did you say I am on the toilet?” Li Xue was very dissatisfied, she didn’t seem to like Qin Chao’s acting on his own initiative to say she was unavailable.

“A man. He wanted to talk to you.” Qin Chao waved his hand, “He may be your friend, but in the office, we cannot talk about private things. Therefore, I turned him down.”

“You!” Li Xue gave Qin Chao a glare, “What friend! He is the boss of the Chuanwei food company!”

“Gee, turns out to be a boss.” Qin Chao curled his lips, “No wonder he talked in such a hurry.”

“Next time, pay attention a bit.” Li Xue withdrew her sharp eyes and continued, “Chuanwei company is going to be our largest client. If we can win this one, our company’s performance will greatly improve.”

“I know. I just finished compiling the information, I will send it to you now.” Qin Chao then sent the information that he gathered to Li Xue through the local network.

“So soon?” Li Xue was somewhat surprised, she thought that Qin Chao was simply a pesky guy who doesn’t understand anything. So, she just let him do some works, letting him answer the phone. Until one day, she will find a reason to kick him back toward director Chen.

Unexpectedly, the guy was somewhat skillful, the information that he found was very useful and his sorting was very clear.

In his previous works, Qin Chao has done many assistant jobs. Organizing information was a mere trifle to him. In particular, now he has access to Dafa group’s internal channel. Therefore, to inquire about a company’s information was simply a breeze.

However, although Qin Chao was nominally the Chairman of the Dafa group, it was basically just a virtual position. Liao Shasha and Yu Lu seemed awesome because they gave Qin Chao their shares in the company. But, his grandma! He was nothing more than their life insurance. If Qin Chao wanted to make money, he has to work hard.

However, since he can access their internal channel, he might as well use it.

At this time, the phone rang again.

Qin Chao immediately picked up the phone and put it on his ear.

“Skyhawk advertising company, may I help you?”

“Why it’s you again?” The other side spoke in a heavy male voice. Qin Chao secretly thought, F*ck, I am the one who should ask why it’s you again.

“Is manager Li back yet?” The voice on the phone asked.

“Oh, manager Li. She is still in the toilet. I think it will take her a while before she comes back.” Qin Chao could not help but tease his female boss, who, on cue, immediately showed him an angry look.

“When she’s back, tell her to give me a call!” The voice on the phone seemed impatient.

“Them whom am I speaking?”

“I am Xin Kun!”

With that, the opposite party abruptly hung up the phone.

Xin Kun, my god, according to the data, he is indeed the Chuanwei food company’s boss.

“You made an unauthorized decision again.” Li Xue coldly looked at Qin Chao, “Who gave you this right?”

“Manager Li.” Qin Chao righteously said, “This guy is calling you, again and again, wanting to talk to you, so there must be something important. If we put him on hold, he will get anxious. If he is anxious, whatever the matter is, it will surely be beneficial to us.”

“It’s not him who’s anxious, but me.” Li Xue rolled her eyes at Qin Chao, “You keep your mouth shut, I am going to give him a call.”

With that, Li Xue picked up the phone on the desk and was about to call the opposite party’s back.

But Qin Chao stood up and actually held Li Xue’s soft small hand.

Like receiving an electric shock, Li Xue hastily withdrew her hand and angrily stared at Qin Chao.

“Manager Li, you’re too anxious.” Qin Chao spread out his hands to show that he has no malice, “If you’re too impatient to give him a call, you will fall into his trap.”

“Are you the manager, or I am the manager here?”

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