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“Director Chen?” The few of them were shocked. Having been working at the company for so long, this was the first time they saw director Chen so enthusiastically treated an outsider.

Manager Zhang’s face turned somewhat ugly. He was no fool, he knew today he had stumbled upon a muzzle.

“You are?” Qin Chao looked at the man before him, Is he Chen Qiang?

“My name is Chen Qiang, director of this company.” Chen Qiang warmly said, “I did not expect that you’re actually Miss Long’s fiance. Oh, for you to come to our company, this is a great honor for us.”

What? Fiance? Hearing this word, Qin Chao was amazed. His mother! She made my status too f*cking high. Why didn’t she just say I cohabitate with her instead!

“That, I am not….” Just as Qin Chao was about to explain, this Chen Qiang passionately said.

“Qin Chao, our meeting today is fated, don’t you think? How about this, we recognize each other as brothers. I am older, so later on, you can call me elder brother Chen. As for me, I will call you brother (affectionate bromance form), what do you think?”

“Em, no problem.” Qin Chao did not oppose, in any case, the opposite party is indeed older than him, so calling Chen Qiang as elder brother would not make him suffer a loss.

“Haha, good, I know you’re a bright person, brother. At night, elder brother will invite you out to a dinner to formally welcome brother here. Hahaha!”

Chen Qiang said, embraced Qin Chao by the shoulders and then laughed like they already have years of intimate friendship.

Cold sweat pouring down from Qin Chao’s head, This character….If someone told him Chen Qiang has never been a gangster, Qin Chao would not believe it no matter what.

“That’s right, brother, about your position….” Chen Qiang’s eyes swept around for a moment before finally fell on manager Zhang’s body and then he said, “How about this, why don’t you become the vice manager of the Human Resources department, this one is the manager, Zhang Chusong, you two should get to know each other.”

“Hehe, oh, we’ve already known each other.” Qin Chao said with a smile. But cold sweat trickled down from Zhang Chusong’s head. He did not expect director Chen to take the initiative to cozy up with Qin Chao.

Alice was dumbfounded, she thought Qin Chao was just a normal poor third-rate college graduate. In the end, the other people finally become the vice manager of the HR department.

Only Shi Xin who did not seem surprised, sure enough, he really enters the company.

“So you guys know each other, then good, manager Zhang will also come with us tonight.” This was how Chen Qiang usually handled his subordinates, by simultaneously showing his kindness and might.

“I, I think I have to pass….Tonight, I have something to do, something to do….” Zhang Chusong immediately declined.

“Oh, so manager Zhang does not want to give me face.” Chen Qiang cheerfully laughed, looking at his HR manager. Zhang Chusong was scared, he suddenly remembered about one problem with director Chen, and that is, if someone refuses his drinking invitation, this big boss is easy to get angry.

“We can always drink later.” Qin Chao waved his hand, “Moreover, I would like to start working as a small staff.”

“Then let’s drink on another day. Moreover, I suddenly remember that I have a plane to catch, so I can’t be with brother in the evening.” Zhang Chusong was stunned, as soon as Qin Chao said it, Chen Qiang immediately pushed off the drinking invitation on another day. But then, this director frowned, “But, how could elder brother let brother be a small staff in elder brother’s company!? How about this, just tell elder brother which department you like, I will immediately appoint you as that department’s manager.”

Hearing this, Zhang Chusong was shocked, This director Chen is going all out to win over this man called Qin Chao. Who exactly is he? How could he make director Chen like that!

“I think it’s better to be a small staff, I want to start from the beginning.” Qin Chao still insisted on his own idea. Although he relied on his relationship with someone else to enter the company, he did not want to directly living off a woman.

He believed that by virtue of his own ability, he can rise little by little.

“Since brother insists then elder brother will not put aside your interest.” Chen Qiang nodded, “So be it, brother can go report to Li Xue, it just so happens that she currently lacks an assistant.”

“Okay, no problem.” Hearing this, Qin Chao finally felt relaxed. Assistant is good, at least, it is a legitimate occupation.

Su Xianqin, you old man, just wait. Within a year, I, Qin Chao, will certainly come up with five million.

This five million target was not small, in addition to a full-time job, he still needed to find other ways to make money. Of course, illegal things were out of the question.

“Shi Xin, help my brother go through the formalities. Later on, he will be one of us, so you guys have to take care of him.”

Chen Qiang told the people around him.

“Certainly, certainly.” Zhang Chusong awkwardly smiled. But Alice happily stole Shi Xin’s work, saying.

“Brother Qin, right? I will help you with the formalities.” Alice started to fill out a form for Qin Chao and then handed it to him, “Take this to Business department manager’s office on 11th floor, look for manager Li. Yes, I’ll take you there.”

“Go on, brother. Elder brother has to catch a plane to Dongchuan City to meet with several of our clients there, so I won’t be in the company these few days. If you need something, just give elder brother a call. You can ask Alice my phone number.”

With that, director Chen looked at his watch and rushed to get out of the company.

As soon as Chen Qiang walked away, the pressure on these few people went away with him. Qin Chao also did not want to make it hard on them, so he took the form and went to the 11th floor with Alice.

Chen Qiang arrived at downstairs and walked toward a black Land Cruiser.

“Big miss, everything is good.”

“What about Qin Chao’s mood?” Long Belle languidly sat at the back seat, looking at the man, who appeared to be respectful toward her, in front of her.

“It’s good, he seems happy. But, big sister, your fiance’s temper is very strange, I offered him a manager position, but he refused, insisting on becoming an ordinary staff.”

“You don’t need to care about that, just let him do whatever he wants to do.” Long Belle waved her hand, “He is that kind of man.”

“No problem, since big miss said it like that, then I am relieved.” In the company, Chen Qiang is the boss. But only he knew that, for a long time, he was a gangster. Once, he was almost being hacked to death on the street.

Fortunately, Long Tianzheng saved him, making him his subordinate.

Later on, he wanted to come clean, so he set up the Skyhawk advertising company. Nominally, it was an independent company, but actually, it has a tight relationship with the Tianlong group.

Many Tianlong’s advertising businesses were contracted to Skyhawk advertising company. Thus, by drawing support from Tianlong group’s big boat, Skyhawk company received a lot of benefits.

“You did good, uncle Chen. Tonight, I’ll treat you to a meal.” Long Belle casually said.

“Haha, no need, no need.” Chen Qiang was sharp, he knew Long Belle was just exchanging pleasantries, “I have to catch a plane, catch a plane.”

Nobody knew if Chen Qiang really has a plane to catch. In short, Qin Chao was holding the form; After receiving the hint from Alice, he knocked the door of the Business department manager’s office.

“Please come in!” Came the voice of a woman from inside the room. The sound was a bit cold, freezing people upon hearing it.

After he sighed with emotion for a moment, Qin Chao pushed open the door.

Who knew, when Qin Chao saw the woman’s face, he was a bit stunned.

Qin Chao has seen many beautiful women from all kinds of types. Therefore, his body should have some kind of immunity toward beautiful women. However, seeing the woman in front of him, Qin Chao could not help but stay still.

Too beautiful! He did not know what adjectives that were appropriate to her besides these two words.

The woman in front of him seemed to be the goddess of ice and snow. Besides her appearance that was nothing more beautiful can be imagined (too beautiful to behold), she also seemed to have an “iceberg” personality.

Seeing Qin Chao came in, the woman looked up, wrinkled her beautiful brows, and asked.

“Who are you?”

“Manager Li.” Qin Chao remembered the woman’s name, Li Xue, Sure enough, she is worthy of her name (Xue means snow). “I am a newcomer that was sent here to be your assistant.”

Qin Chao politely said. Since this was a proper job in a proper company, Qin Chao did not carelessly talk like a pervert like when he was still among other security guards.

“Oh?” Li Xue frowned even more deeply. Her attractive eyes swept Qin Chao several times, “Since you are an employee, why don’t you wear the company’s uniform?”

“Ah, I am sorry.” Qin Chao immediately said, “I just came to the company, no one has sent me a uniform.”

“Go to the front desk and tell them to get you a set. Put on the uniform and come to see me again!”

Finishing her sentence, Li Xue waved her soft hand. The meaning was clear, Qin Chao was dismissed.

Qin Chao helplessly touched his nose, turned around, closed the door and returned to the 10th floor with tail tugged between his legs.

“Why are you here?” Seeing Qin Chao came to the front desk, Shi Xin could not help blink her eyes and asked.

Qin Chao looked at this previously-silent-but-has-clear-eyes girl, gave her a smile and said.

“Manager Li said that my clothes are inappropriate, so she wanted me to put on the uniform and then went back to her again.”

“Hehe, manager Li is a very serious person, you’ll get used to it.” Shi Xin could not help but laugh, she felt that Qin Chao’s smile was warm.

“Uniform, right? I’ll help you get it!” Alice volunteered, “Brother Qin, your body is good, I am going to pick one that is best for you.”

With that, Alice quickly disappeared from the corridor.

Actually, how could she pick the best uniform? All uniform are basically the same.

“Don’t be angry with her, she is just a bit vain.” Shi Xin blinked her eyes at Qin Chao.

“Em, yes!” Qin Chao said with a smile and leaned over the front desk, “That’s why I like you a bit more. Beauty, what is your name?”

“So you’re a smooth talker….” Shi Xin giggled, “My name is Shi Xin. Be careful not to show it to your boss, or she will be angry.”

“That iceberg old woman….” Qin Chao clicked his tongue and said, “With such a serious face like that, she would get old really quickly.”

“How could you say that manager Li is an old woman?” Shi Xin could not help but say, “She is only 25 years old.”

“Only 25?” Qin Chao pretended to be surprised, “She must have the face of a 25 years old but the heart of a 55 years old! My God, working under such a person, how could I live!”

“Now you’re starting to complain!” Shi Xin cast him a disdainful glance, “Didn’t you insist on wanting to start from small just a moment ago?”

“Ahem….” Qin Chao dryly coughed twice, “I just want to see you happy, so I grumble a bit. By the way, little Xinxin, can you tell me what kind of person this manager Li is?”

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