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 The two people have just made their relationship official, but because of work duty, Qin Chao was transferred to Dongchuan City, which separated the two for two months.

Finally, after reuniting for a few days, they have to encounter a f*cking year of separation. Qin Chao thought that he and Su Ji were really beset by disasters.

God deliberately tested the two, once again put the two of them apart.

On the surface, it seemed like this old man Su Xianqin has taken a step back. But after Qin Chao thought about it, he and Su Ji actually suffered a loss.

Even if the old man does not agree, the two of them can always elope together. But now, they were forced to separate for a year. Unable to meet each other for an entire year was indeed extremely annoying.

“Brother Qin, where are you going?” At the school security office, Qin Chao was packing his belongings. Just then Zhang Li came in. Seeing Qin Chao, he was immediately startled and then asked.

“Oh, Zhang Li, it’s you.” Qin Chao patted this lad on the shoulder, “I cannot continue to work here. I have to pack my things and leave today.”

“What?” Zhang Li was surprised and hurriedly said, “Is this because director Su fired you!? This is not good. Brother Qin, wait here, I will find director Su and reason with him!”

“No, don’t!” Qin Chao quickly grabbed this impulsive young man, “I am not fired by director Su. I am the one who wants to resign.”

“Why?” Zhang Li did not understand, “Isn’t brother Qin doing good here!”

“Because….” Qin Chao was about to speak, but at this time, Chen Yinyang also came in. Seeing Zhang Li pulling Qin Chao by the arm, his eyes lit up and he immediately cried.

“Oh, you two bad guys, taking advantage while I am away, you two secretly do this thing. Whatever it is, Renjia wants in.”

“Go to hell, don’t talk nonsense here!” Zhang Li immediately gave this intrepid security team leader a glare, “Brother Qin is going to resign, I am stopping him!”

“What?” Chen Yingyang suddenly widened his eyes, “You are going to resign?”

“Em, yes….” Qin Chao nodded. Unexpectedly, Chen Yinyang immediately cried, pulled another arm of Qin Chao, and constantly pound Qin Chao’s chest with his small fist (Author: Em, it should be big fist).

“You ungrateful guy, how could you dump Renjia like this….Huhuhu, I don’t want to live, Renjia’s virginity was taken away by you!”

Oh my uncle! Cold sweat poured out of Qin Chao’s head, what does your virginity have to do with me! Go find that electric baton Wang!

“Em….It seems like this is not the right time for me to come….”

At this time, an enchanting voice suddenly came from the door. When the three turned around, they saw the beautiful figure of secretary Qin Lin standing at the door.

At this time, Qin Ling was also shocked because of what she saw in front of her. Three big men pulling each other’s arms. One of them even shouted about his virginity being taken away.

Too crazy….

“Ai! Don’t misunderstand!” Qin Chao suddenly had an impulse to kill someone. He lifted his foot, kicked Chen Yinyang and Zhang Li to the side and walked toward Qin Ling.

“Secretary Qin, is there something I can do for you?” Qin Chao grinningly asked.

Qin Ling rolled her eyes, “At this time, you can still smile, I really admire you.”

She then handed Qin Chao an envelope, “This is your two months salary from director Su. Since we haven’t registered your bank account, we can only give you cash.”

“Cash is good, cash is good, I like cash.” Qin Chao quickly took his salary.

“Greedy.” Qin Ling cast him a look of despise, “What are you going to do after you resign?”

“I don’t know….” Qin Chao could not help touch his nose, “I think, I am just going to apply for a job at a small company to do copywriting and the like. Based on my university major, I can only do this stuff.”

“Well, you know my number.” Qin Ling said, “I know some people. If you can’t find a suitable job, give me a call, I will see if I can help you.”

“Hehe, since secretary Qin has said this sentence, even if I die, I am satisfied.” Qin Chao laughed. But that old fox Su Xianqin blocked me from relying on Su Family influence. And Qin Ling is also one of Su Family people.

If I let her help me, that old man Su Xianqin will certainly have something to say about it. In any event, I won’t give him a chance!

“Still a smooth talker.” Qin Ling was somewhat sad. She gently patted Qin Chao on the shoulder, “In the future, keep in touch.”

“How about a hug….” Qin Chao said and spread out his arms.

Initially, he just wanted to tease Qin Ling. Unexpectedly, this beautiful secretary really stepped forward and hugged him.

“Actually, you’re a pretty good person….”

Close to Qin Chao’s ear, Qin Ling quietly left this sentence. After that, Qin Ling turned around and walked away.

In his arms, there was a vague remain of Qin Ling’s fragrance.

“Brother Qin, if you leave, what are we going to do?” Seeing Qin Ling walked away, Zhang Li and Chen Yinyang stepped forward and piteously asked.

“Two big men….Em, one and a half big men, give me a break. When I find a job, I will treat you guys to a drink.”

With that, Qin Chao no longer hesitated, turned around and left the school. But before he left, he first took off his security uniform, including the blue shield logo and neatly put it on the table.

On his body, there was still that trench coat given by Su Fei.

Qin Chao took a glance back toward this Guangyuan Institute with a nostalgic look. After all, he has worked here for quite some time and somewhat reluctant to part with it. In particular, he did not stay until summer where he can sit at the school gate watching the passing female students’ bare thighs.

Too f*cking bad.

Qin Chao sighed and, taking advantage when no one paid attention, he put his luggage into his spatial ring and then walked out of the school gate.

Outside the gate, parked a black Toyota Land Cruiser.

Seeing Qin Chao came out, a black-suited sturdy man got down from the car and walked over to him.

“Friend, come with me.” That big fellow waved at Qin Chao. “You are invited by our big miss.”

Big miss? Qin Chao subconsciously glanced toward the car but the black window blocked his view. Is it Liao Shasha?

In any case, this big fellow is just a guy, he can’t do anything to me. Qin Chao put his hands inside his pockets and, without hesitation, confidently walked toward that Land Cruiser.

Who knew, when he got in, he immediately went silly.

Sitting inside the car was none other than the Dragon group, Long Tianzheng’s baby daughter, Chen Si’s sister, Long Belle.

“How come it’s you?” Qin Chao’s face was filled with surprise.

“Why can’t I?” Long Belle rolled her eyes at Qin Chao, “Am I not welcome here?”

“Of course not.” Qin Chao stylishly sat on the car. The black suited big fellow closed the door and slowly started the car.

“I just thought you’re here to look for the beauties in our school.”

Qin Chao pointedly said.

“You want to say I am lesbian, right?” Long Belle was smart, she immediately understood the meaning behind Qin Chao’s words.

“Ahem, it’s good that you know.” Qin Chao dryly coughed twice.

“Bah, what’s with this wishy-washy, you’re a big man aren’t you?” Long Belle gave Qin Chao a supercilious look.

“You came here just to mock me?” Qin Chao showed a puzzled expression.

“Of course not.” Long Belle smiled, “I heard that you were kicked out of the Su Family, so I am here to take you in.”

“Take me in?” Qin Chao blinked his eyes, “No can do, I don’t want to be a gangster!”

Qin Chao immediately showed his position, “Moreover, I promised to Su Xianqin to look for a serious company and start from small. I can’t join your underworld gang.”

“Bah, who said I am taking you, this pain in the *ss, to join my gang!” Long Belle gave Qin Chao her small middle finger and said, “Bast*rd, I just want to help you find a job, you seem to think my profession is dirty.”

“How could I!” Noticing the grievances in Long Belle’s words, Qin Chao quickly said, “I just want to find a real job….”

“Humph!” Long Belle coldly snorted, “This is easy, I have already arranged it for you!”

“Oh?” Qin Chao looked at Long Belle, thinking, Why would this girl want to help me? It seems like I smashed her place two days ago.

“Why are you looking at me with that look!” Long Belle raised her eyebrows, put both of her legs on Qin Chao’s lap, took out “520” cigarette from her pocket and lit it, “This girl do what this girl wants to do, now I want to help you, do you think I can’t?”

“This, seems fine.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, “But, what kind of work that you’ve arranged for me? Could it be a security in a nightclub?”

The girl’s legs were very slender, which put a perfect pressure on Qin Chao’s legs, making him feel comfortable.

“Can’t you think of anything else other than being a security?” Long Belle kicked off her boots, revealing a pair of white socks covering her two small feet, one of which flew and kicked Qin Chao’s leg.

“Here, look at this!” After playfully kicked Qin Chao on the leg, Long Belle pulled out a business card from her pocket and gave it to Qin Chao.

“Skyhawk advertising company chairman, Chen Qiang?” Qin Chao read the name on the card, “What, is this guy keeping you as his mistress?”

“Go to hell!” Long Belle displayed a deadly Northern leg, kicking Qin Chao on his chest. But Qin Chao’s chest was hard like a plate of iron, so her small feet felt hurt instead.

“This is one of my friends, as long as you go find him, he will give you a job.”

“Advertising company; Looks pretty good.” But Qin Chao still warily asked, “He isn’t a gangster is he?”

“Fart, does this girl only know people from the underworld?” Long Belle furrowed her brows and stared at Qin Chao, “Rest assured, this is a good company, their advertising business has a pretty good reputation in the industry. Not everyone can go in, so you should be happy!”

“Okay, okay, what do I do there then? Am I going to be a copywriter or something?”

“How should I know!” Long Belle threw up her hands, “When you get there, you can ask them yourself.”

“What?” Qin Chao was puzzled.

“I’ve told him about you, so you just need to bring this business card and show it to him, there’s my signature behind it.”

Long Belle pointed at the card. Qin Chao flipped the business card and saw a row of delicate handwriting. Incredible, this girl is so brutal, yet her writing is so delicate.

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 226 Introduce To A Job

  1. The more i read the more i don’t like Su Ji, then again it’s not all her fault her upbringing was faulty. I mean her family kept spoiling her left and right but honestly she knows Qin Chao’s background so she knows he has no means of legally making 5 milion a month ( she doesn’t know about him being the Chairman of Shasha’s company and to my great rage seems like Qin Chao also forgot ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He knows he is a chairman, but he doesn’t want to flaunt it because that position is basically just a life insurance for Yu Lu and Liao Shasha. Yu Lu and Liao Shasha know he would not abuse his position, that’s why they gave it to him.


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