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The room’s furnishing was very simple, nevertheless, as a whole, it gave people quite a serene feeling.

Inside the room, Naoko went straight to a cabinet on her own initiative. She opened the first drawer and took out a tea cup, a teapot and a can of tea. Then she walked to the next room to brew the tea.

Soon, after the tea was ready, she poured a cup and placed it in front of the elderly. And then she poured one for Lei Yin and herself.

After drinking the tea, Naoko knelt behind the elderly and began to gently massage her shoulders. As she rubbed the elderly, Naoko said, “Grandma, because some time ago I published a number of articles in a magazine, the Japanese Association of Young Writers invited me to participate in their annual young writers’ conference in Nagoya. Taking advantage of that, we’ve come here to see you. How are you recently?”

“I am fine. What about your father and mother, are they okay?”

Naoko answered, “Father was still very busy with works, but they are in good health. Big brother and brother are also well.”

“Then what about you?”

“I am fine. Please don’t worry about me.”

The elderly nodded in satisfaction, “Then I can rest assured. Naoko, why don’t you introduce me to this young man.”

Naoko immediately blushed, totally afraid to look at Lei Yin. She leaned over and whispered in the elderly’s ear, “Grandma, he is the man I have been waiting for.”

Hearing the reply from her granddaughter, the elderly quietly watched Lei Yin. After a while, she suddenly said to him, “Please take care of Naoko.”

Lei Yin seriously replied, “I will. Please don’t worry about it.”

“Grandma… thank you!” Hearing her grandmother’s response, Naoko was pleasantly surprised. Just then she was worried about her grandmother’s perception of Lei Yin, but now she felt relieved.

The elderly did not ask about Lei Yin’s career, family, or other problems, but just casually talking with him about trivial things in life. Seeing their interaction, Naoko became jubilant and thus acted like a pampered little girl, which she rarely showed, smiling without care by Lei Yin’s side.

After talking for quite a while, a burst of quarrel came from the store outside.

Hearing this loud argument, the elderly slightly frowned.

“Grandma, let’s go outside and see what happened, okay?” Naoko said to her.

The elderly nodded and stood up.

When the three walked into the shop, they saw a thirty-something-year-old man was arguing with Ikehakura Soshi.

At this time, the man angrily exclaimed, “Are you kidding me, I know that thing is definitely here, why don’t you take it out.”

“I am sorry, Sir, we really don’t have the thing you said.”

“That’s bullsh*t. I know you must have hidden it.”

“Sir, please be reasonable, how could we give you something that we don’t have?”

That man was furious, “Call your boss, I want to personally ask him.”

Ikehakura Soshi became somewhat impatient, “The last time you came here, I have clearly told you that we don’t have it here, but you don’t believe it. How many times do I need to say it?”

“You lied to me, bastard. Just call your boss here!” The man heavily slammed the table with his palm.

“I am the boss here, how can I help you?” The elderly walked over and said to the man.

“You’re the boss here? Are your surname Kigo?”

“Yes, I am.”

At this time, Ikehakura Soshi went over to the elderly, leaned over and whispered to her.

After hearing to what she said, the elderly carefully looked at the man and after a while, said, “Sir, can you tell me why you insist this shop has the thing that you’re looking for?”

At this time, the man has a very complicated look, as if he was struggling to decide about something. After a while, he deeply looked at the elderly and said, “I am sorry, excuse me.” After he finished saying, he turned around and walked out of the antique store.

Unable to believe the man so easily left, Ikehakura Soshi couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“Grandma, what is the thing that man looking for?” Naoko asked.

After withdrawing her gaze from that man’s back, the elderly said, “He was looking for the sacred Sword.”

“Sword? Do you mean the Sword at the shrine in the little room in the eastern part of the house?” Naoko said is a surprise.

“Yes. The two of you come with me.” With that, she walked back inside the house.

The elderly took them to a locked small room that looked like a utility room at the eastern corner of the house.

“Naoko, do you remember this room?” At this point, the elderly suddenly said.

Naoko replied, “Of course I remember. Moreover, I also remember that you warned me to never come close to this room, under no circumstances, much less to go in.”

The elderly did not speak again. Instead, she took out a key and used the key to open the door.

After she opened the door, the elderly said, “Come with me.”

The room was dark. Apart from the door, the only source of light came from one small window. Because it was never opened for a long time, the room was filled with a faint musty smell.

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