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Nagoya is the capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. In size, it was second only to Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama.

Feeling that she was just an amateur magazine column writer and never published any books, moreover, she did not want to be seen by the readers attending the gathering, Naoko asked the venue staff to cancel her seat.

At her insistence, the forty years old Young Writer Association President finally agreed to her request.

Thus, Naoko hid in the crowd, very happily held her sweetheart’s arm as they strolled the venue.

Looking at the crowd of people, Lei Yin said to her, “Let’s leave this place, it’s too noisy here.”

Naoko hesitated, “I don’t think this is appropriate, let’s wait until the book signing event, and then we can leave.”

“Don’t worry, there are so many writers here, they won’t notice if one or two are missing. Didn’t you say you want to take me to see your grandma? Now is a good opportunity.”

Hearing Lei Yin’s words, Naoko’s eyes flashed with excitement and immediately agreed.

After they walked out of the venue, Naoko said with a smile, “Ah, what a great day, it’s good to be out here.”

Looking at her beautiful smile, Lei Yin cannot help but lower his head to kiss her pretty face, and then said, “Didn’t you just say this is not appropriate?”

Holding his arm, Naoko charmingly scolded, “Hate, you’re the one who encouraged me to go out.”

Lei Yin smiled and then said, “Visiting someone without bringing anything is not good, let’s go buy some gifts first.”

“Okay.” Seeing how attentive her sweetheart was, Naoko was very happy.

The two then went to the nearby mall to buy some gifts first.

Naoko’s grandma’s antique shop was located in Shikemichi, a small historical street in Nagoya.

At this historical street, which dates back to 18th century Japan’s mercantilist era, there was ancient warehouses, temples, and handicraft shops. It was filled with rich Japanese traditional folk style, which was one of the must-see places for tourists to visit in Nagoya.

When they arrived at the door, Lei Yin sized up this antique store. It was a typical Japanese traditional shop. The shop area was very big and has a house attached to the back. The structures were mostly made of wood and appeared antique. From Naoko’s introduction, this antique shop has more than sixty years of history. It was the crystallization of her grandfather’s effort.

After arriving here, Naoko was excited like a child. She impatiently pulled Lei Yin into the shop.

Inside the shop, they saw a middle-aged woman carefully wiping the goods on the shelves. Naoko said to the woman, “Aunt Soshi.”

Hearing the sound from behind, the woman immediately turned her head. Seeing that it was Naoko, her whole face lit up and said in a pleasant surprise, “Naoko, you’re here.”

Naoko smiled and said, “How are you?”

Ikehakura Soshi came over and took her hand, and then said, “I am fine, how about you?”

“I am doing great. Is grandma here?”

“Grandma is in the hall inside. And this is?” Ikehakura Soshi a bit strangely looked at Lei Yin.

“He is my… fiance.” Naoko’s face blushed as she made the introduction.

“Huh?” Ikehakura Soshi was surprised, she never heard anything about Naoko’s fiance before.

After giving a shy glance to Lei Yin, Naoko whispered, “Lei, this is aunt Ikehakura Soshi who helps my grandma with this shop.” In a moment of nervousness, Naoko forgot to say her sweetheart’s official name.

Lei Yin smiled, and then said to Ikehakura Soshi, “Hello, my name is Gennai Masashi, I am Naoko’s fiance.”

Ikehakura Soshi quickly returned to normal and immediately said, “Hello, my name is Ikehakura Shoshi, nice to meet you.”

Naoko was eager to see her grandma, so she said to her, “Aunt Soshi, we are going to see grandma. Oh, I almost forgot, this is a gift for you.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do this, I am already happy to see you come.”

“It’s just a small gift.” With that, Naoko pulled Lei Yin into the house.

Looking at Naoko’s excited expression, Ikehakura Soshi cannot help but sigh. Naoko finally has a fiance, she thought.

Naoko lived in Nagoya from elementary school to high school. It can be said that she saw Naoko grew up from a well-behaved little girl to such a beautiful girl. Along with Naoko’s grandma, Ikehakura Soshi had always been worried about Naoko’s weak body since Naoko was still a child, so she hoped Naoko’s fiance would treat her good.

The house at the back was similar in style to Takeda’s house. It has a garden full of flowers in the middle and rows of wooden floors, as well as paper doors separating each room.

Naoko went to the largest room in the middle and then gently called out, “Grandma, I am Naoko. Are you in there?”

When Naoko called out for the third time, the paper door was pushed aside and a silver-haired elderly with a kindly face walked out to see her granddaughter. After a while, she just smiled and said, “Naoko, you’re back.”

Naoko’s eyes gradually turned red. She made a bow to the elderly and said, “Grandma, I’m back.”

“Come on in and take a seat.” While talking, the elderly looked at Lei Yin who stood beside Naoko.

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  1. something feels off with the grandma, either that or I’m just overthinking it. I want to know more about his previous reincarnations… like at least once he must have been royalty… I wonder how that one went.


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