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At this time, most of the people have left the dining room. After eating two mouthfuls, Lei Yin went back to the room.

In the women-only spa locker room, Naoko was changing into the bathrobe. After she finished changing and turned around, she saw Akagi Miho strangely staring at her without blinking.

“What is it, Miss Akagi?” Naoko asked, somewhat puzzled.

“It’s nothing. Let’s go.” With that, she led her to the Onsen.

No one else was in this hot spring, the surrounding was very quiet.

After trying the water temperature by hand, Akagi Miho took off her bathrobe and placed it on the wooden basin. Then she went inside the Onsen naked. After she went down, Naoko took off her bathrobe and followed her.

Gero Onsen was referred to as Japan’s three famous Onsen. Because, in addition to its clean water that was free of impurities, it was also because it can be used as the treatment for some rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, and has a special curative effect on neuralgia and other diseases.

Although she has none of these illnesses, when her whole body soaked in the Onsen, Naoko still felt very comfortable.

Akagi Miho stretched herself in the water and said: “Looks like the arrangement of this gathering is pretty good.”

Naoko Ask: “Miss Akagi, how many times have you attended this gathering?”

“Five times including this. When I participate this gathering for the first time, I was dying of excitement, thinking that I was really valued. But later on, after participating for several times, I learn that it’s just a sympathy-type welfare.”

Naoko smiled despite herself.

At this time, Akagi Miho suddenly said: “Miss Hase, let me help you massage your shoulders, my technique is really good.”

“How can this be? There is no need.”

“No need to be polite, you can reciprocate it later. Come on, relax.” With that, she went to Naoko’s side, put her hands on her shoulders and slowly massage them.

Seeing how insistent she was, Naoko cannot help but relent.

After a while, Akagi Miho said: “Miss Hase, your body is really good, this is the first time I see such a beautiful body. Your body is so beautiful that even I, as a woman, can’t help but move.”

Hearing her straightforward praise, Naoko cannot help but redden, “You flatter me, Miss Akagi, your figure is also very good.”

“I really mean it, I rarely compliment other people’s figure. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“You overpraise me.”

Naoko found that Akagi Miho’s hand slowly moved from her shoulders down to her armpits, and was about to move forward.

“Miss Hase, can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?” Naoko was surprised to find Akagi Miho’s hand really moved forward toward her chest while her other hand slowly moved downward her lower abdomen.

“Can your boyfriend satisfy you like this?” Akagi Miho’s hand continued to move down.

“Miss Akagi, please let go of me,” Naoko said in a panic.

“Miss Hase, relax, I’ll give you a joy that no man can give. You should know, there are some things that only a woman can understand.” While speaking, her hand never stop moving downward.

But at this time, Naoko forcefully jerked her hands away and immediately went to the other side of the Onsen, and then looked at her in full alert.

“Miss Akagi, please control yourself.”

Seeing that she broke free from her, Akagi Miho was a bit disappointed.

After a while, she said to Naoko: “Miss Hase, do not be nervous. I won’t force myself on other people. Since you don’t like it, I won’t touch you again.”

Although she said that, Naoko did not dare to get close to her again. If her bathrobe was not in the direction of Akagi Miho, she would have left this Onsen as soon as possible.

Seeing how nervous she was, Akagi Miho said with a smile: “Actually, I just want you to experience some of the things that you have never experienced before, but I never thought your reaction would be so big. Rest assured, since I said won’t touch again then I won’t mess around anymore.”

After deeply glancing at her, Naoko said: “Miss Akagi, this behavior is wrong.”

“I am not really a lesbian, I just occasionally do that kind of thing with other women. Because I saw that you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, I couldn’t help myself. It seems like you really like your boyfriend because your reaction is the biggest among the women that I came across.”

“Beside him, I will absolutely not let anyone touch me, even women.”

“Humph, what good are those men? They’re just animals who are lustful for a beauty; When you have no value or is no longer beautiful, they will get rid of you like a trash.” Akagi Miho said with a sneer.

Glancing at her, Naoko said: “Although I don’t know why would you have this idea, he is definitely not like that. I am sorry, I have to go, please move aside.”

Akagi Miho smiled and very graciously stepped aside.

Seeing the path cleared, Naoko immediately went over to pick her bathrobe, put it on, and went to the locker room in a hurry.

Seeing her somewhat ‘run away in panic’ appearance, Akagi Miho smiled a bit and then buried her head in the water.

When she returned to her room, she saw Lei Yin watching TV, so she immediately ran over to him.

Holding her in his arms, Lei Yin asked in a low voice: “What happened?”

Looking up with eyes full of concern, Naoko slowly told him everything.

After she finished, Lei Yin frowned.

“Lei, please don’t hurt her, I can see that she’s just a pitiful woman.” Naoko watched her sweetheart’s face with worry.

Seeing her eyes, Lei Yin gently stroked her hair, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to her.”

Hearing his words, Naoko felt slightly relieved, “Lei, I was really scared just now. I used to listen about it, but this is the first time I encountered such a person.”

“It’s all right now.” Lei Yin softly said in her ear to comfort her.

“Lei…” Naoko deeply buried her head in his arms.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 221 Onsen Part 3

  1. I have to wonder. Naoko was beautiful all her life, the novel tell us that every chapter that she appears. But only since she meet Lei she began to suffer attemps of rape.

    Her first attemp of rape (that we know at least) was days after Lei reincarnated.

    The year that she distanced of Lei because hearth problems she living fine and pacefull. Then she return and confess her love for the MC, and bam! the annyoining playboy that was stalkinger decids go all rapist on her despite that her family is very rich and probably has means to retaliate.

    Even a women molested Naoko in this chapter!!!

    Is Lei cursed or something? Is like Conan that wherever he go here is a murder? XD

    Thanks for the translation Subudai.


      1. Still hoping for an Harem or the other characters do a move, like Aiko that doesn’t give up apparently. Brother complex can’t exist here since he’s not her brother. I really want to know how this continue!


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