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Regarding this arrogant, unruly girl, Kazumi has classified her as one of those unreasonable creatures; So she said dryly: “Sorry, I am working right now, please don’t bother me.”

Mingyu Jizi’s eyes flashed a trace of anger, but she quickly controlled her anger and said: “But your manager does not think so.”

Kazumi felt a bit strange and turned to look at the front counter. Only to see the half bald, fat, middle-aged man constantly made a ‘go on’ gesture toward her, meaning that she should talk with her. Seeing this, Kazumi could not help but dishearten. She began to think whether she should or should not remain in this bookstore doing a part-time job.

This time, Mingyu Jizi continued: “I will not keep you for a long time, let’s go to the lounge over there.”

Knowing that if she ignored this ‘princess,’ she would continue to bother her, Kazumi thought for a moment and finally followed her to the customer lounge.

After taking her seat, Mingyu Jizi said: “I don’t want to beat around the bush, I want you to leave Ogata Yasuda. You can open your price. As long as it is reasonable, I will give it to you.” She took out a checkbook from her handbag and lay it on the table.

Kazumi felt a headache, Why are these rich people always thinking about things so self-righteously?

“Too shy to say it? It doesn’t matter, you can write any amount you want in this blank check. If I feel it is reasonable, I will sign it.” Mingyu Jizi threw the checkbook in front of her.

Kazumi’s mouth slightly twitched and then said: “Are you really that determine to ask me to leave that guy, instead of trying to get that guy disappear from my eyes?”

Mingyu Jizi coldly said: “Do you think I’d believe that, if you don’t resort to some kind of method, Yasuda would really fancy such a woman like you? I advise you to stop while you’re ahead. Did it ever occur to you that you are a woman with an ordinary family background? Even if Yasuda really wants to be with you, there won’t be any good result. You see nothing but his money only, but I can tell you for sure, you have no chance to marry him. The upper-class society in this world is not as simple as you think. Yasuda’s father and his family will not allow their future heir to marry a woman with an ordinary background like you. To become his wife, the woman must be a perfect match for him. To be honest, I’ve always regarded him as the ideal future husband candidate. The one who worthy of him is only me. Therefore, I advise you to sever any kind of attachment to him, take the money and leave.”

Kazumi did not speak, just quietly looking at her. After a while, she suddenly said: “Do you have 10 yen?”

“What?” Mingyu Jizi did not understand what she wanted to do with it.

“Oh, right, you are a big miss, so you should not have this kind of small exchange. What about 100 yen, or 500 yen, do you have it?”

Although completely unaware of what she wanted to do, Mingyu Jizi dug out a 500 coin from her handbag.

“Give it to me, okay?” Kazumi said.

Mingyu Jizi, without much thought, gave her the coin.

After she took the coin, Kazumi nodded and said: “Ok, deal. From now on, Ogata Yasuda is yours. Later on, keep him on a tight leash, don’t let him run around, especially here.” With that, she stood up, ready to leave.

“Wait a minute, what do you mean?” Thinking that she was being fooled, Mingyu Jizi angrily looked at her.

“You still don’t understand? Just now I sold Ogata Yasuda for 500 yen to you. You can do whatever you want with him. However, I’ll give you one piece of advice, it is best to tie him up with chains or lock him up in a cage. In short, don’t let him run around.” After patiently explaining to her, Kazumi turned around and walked away.

Mingyu Jizi flew into a rage and shouted: “Gennai Kazumi, stop! O, Ogata….” She can’t believe that the one standing at the door watching her was her ‘future husband candidate.’

Why is he here? Didn’t he go to uncle Maeyama’s banquet? Mingyu Jizi was scared as she looked at the strange and indifferent look of Ogata Yasuda.  

“O, Ogata-senpai, how come you’re here?” Mingyi Jizi has a quick reaction, she immediately smiled at him and said.

Ogata Yasuda coldly said: “Good thing I left the party earlier, otherwise, I would have missed such a wonderful scene.”

Mingyu Jizi quickly explained: “Ogata-senpai, listen to me….”

“No need to explain, I’ve heard everything that you just said. I don’t know when did you start to have the qualification to meddle in my affairs.”

“Sorry to interrupt, as an outsider, I have no qualification to speak, but can you two move your quarrel to the outside? This is a reading place, the two please conduct yourself with dignity.” Kazumi suddenly said aloud.

“B*tch, shut your mouth off!” Mingyu Jizi can’t wait to rush to tear her rotten mouth.

Hearing what Mingyu Jizi just said, Ogata Yasuda scowled and coldly said: “The one who needs to shut up is you.”

“Ogata-senpai, do not be confused by this woman, she is a scheming woman.”

“I told you to shut up, didn’t you hear?”

Seeing that their quarrel was getting more and more fierce, Kazumi immediately made a very irresponsible decision: Ignoring them.

Even if they scared away all the guests or blew this place up, it has nothing to do with her. Big deal, if that dead fatty fired her, she could just go find another part-time job elsewhere. Thinking about this, she walked out of the lounge without saying anything.

Seeing that Kazumi was walking away, Ogata Yasuda immediately stopped in front of her and said: “Kazumi, listen to me, don’t listen to this woman. I really like you.”

Kazumi turned her face to gave him a look and suddenly slapped him on the shoulder and then said: “Little brother Ogata, I have sold you to this beautiful sister. Later on, you have to listen to her, ok. Remember, do not come here looking for me, understand?” With that, she bypassed him and went out.

Looking at her back, Ogata Yasuda felt angry and funny at the same time, What does this woman take me for?

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 220 Negotiation Part 3

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    How sad, that they are still in this stand still. Ogata needs to do something that will break down Kazumi’s wall around her heart, and change what she thinks of him.
    This is kinda torture for all of us. Ogata is forever getting rejected, Kazumi is forever being annoyed, and we have to forever listen to this going back and forth but never moving forward.
    All I can say at this point is; I hope something will happen to break the loop, please. Lol


    1. Don’t you f***ing dare root for Ogata. Even Lei Yin’s rebel friend is a better candidate than this as***le and the only thing that should happen to break the loop is Lei beating Ogata until he is half-dead and than beating whoever comes from Ogata’s family to create trouble for Lei Yin and Kazumi.


      1. You make a good point. Either way stuffs going down, but I’m thinking Kazumi should take this time to finally get over her trauma and get some, lol (As in, open up and get a boyfriend).


      2. Also, when I said Kazumi should get a boyfriend, I mean in general. Not just Ogata, but anyone, for the sake of her trauma being lifted and some burden being lifted from Masashi’s shoulder, from worrying about her.


        1. I do agree that she should get a boyfriend to heal her of her trauma but it can’t be Ogata. She should get a boyfriend and make Ogata go crazy on not being able to “conquer” Kazumi, then he does some dumb s**t threatening Kazumi’s boyfriend so that Lei Yin gets to beat the f**k out of him. If she starts dating Ogata I will either drop this novel or never read the parts that have him and Kazumi


  2. Ogata Yasuda is appearing a lot, so i’m guessing there is a small chances that he might one day become Kazumi’s boyfriend, or else why would they be mentioning so much about this annoying ass playboy Ogata Yasuda…Becasue right now it seem he is a really change person, all just for Kazumi… well lets hope its not true.


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