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Having no way to refuse her, Lei Yin had to open the letter.

After reading the letter, he handed it to her and said: “This is the letter from the Japanese Young Writer Association. They said they appreciate the articles that you published in the woman’s magazine column and therefore, want to invite you to participate in their annual Conference in Nagoya. They also said they will be responsible for the round-trip ticket and hotel accommodation. If you decide to go, you can call the number on the letter.”

“No, I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to be with you.” Naoko buried her head in his arms. This time, the prospect of being away from him really scared her.

After thinking about it, Lei Yin said: “What if I go with you?”

“What did you say?” Naoko raised her head and looked at him in surprise.

“I mean, I will go with you to Nagoya. I have been looking for a chance to go out with you, this is that chance. After arriving there, it does not matter if you go to the conference or not, anyway, we’ll pay the tickets and accommodation ourselves. What do you think?” Because he had made her worried about him for so long, Lei Yin wanted to take this opportunity to make it up.

“What about your grade? You haven’t attended the class for more than two months. If we go, it would affect your study.” Naoko worryingly said.

“Relax, I don’t have to worry about my grades. As long as I pass the final exam, I can still continue my study as normal.”

“Really?” She knew her lover’s background was very deep, but she still has some concern and just wanted to confirm.

“Rest assured, there will be no problem.”

“If there is not going to be a problem, in Nagoya, I want to take you to see my grandma, okay?” Hearing that he really can go with her, Naoko’s face was somewhat red with excitement.

“Yes, I think it’s time for her to see her grandson-in-law with her own eyes.” He remembered she had a grandmother in Nagoya who operate an antique shop.

With a flushed face, Naoko retreated her face back into his arms.

Lei Yin smiled, lowered his head and kissed her hair, and then buried his head on her neck, immersing himself in her sweet fragrance.

After a while, Naoko charmingly scolded near his ear: “It’s all your fault for telling me that you will go to Nagoya with me, making me unable to sleep.”

“Hey, I am the most uncomfortable one here. Even though I have a sweet smelling great beauty in my arms, I can only see and can’t move my hands.” Lei Yin indignantly said.

A burst of sweet feeling filled Naoko’s heart; She gently scolded “Hate,” and then tried to curl up her body like a cat in his arms.


“What, you want to go out?” Hearing what Lei Yin said, Kazumi stood up in surprise.

“Don’t get me wrong, this time I will go with Naoko.”

Hearing this explanation, Kazumi was finally relieved, “Hate, why don’t you say it earlier.”

“Kazumi’s brother, what about your grades?” Take Asasei was a good student, the first thing that came to her mind was the grade problem.

“I am very close to each of the lecturers; They agreed that as long as I am able to pass the final exam, I can continue my study as normal.” Lei Yin talked nonsense.

“Is that it?” Take Asasei’s face was filled with envy.

Although Kazumi did not believe his nonsense, she was not worried about little things like grade. She just managed to wait until he came back, yet he was about to go out again. Although this time it would just be for a week or so, and there should be nothing dangerous, but she still felt a bit unhappy.

“When will you go?” Kazumi asked.

“In three days. Why don’t you go with us?”

“I can’t, I don’t want to see some R-rated scene there. Moreover, unlike someone here, I am a good student who attends class regularly.” Kazumi said with a smile.

“Hey, even if there is this scene, it will not be staged in front of you.”

“Okay. You guys have fun, just remember to buy some souvenirs.”

After he left the apartment, Take Asasei enviously said: “Your brother is really good to Naoko, oh, if only I could find a good boyfriend that would treat me like that.”

Kazumi did not speak. At this stage, she has basically accepted the fact that Naoko-sensei will become her sister-in-law. But every time she thought about the look of that little fool when she saw her brother, her heart was filled with some inexplicable pain.

“Kazumi, let’s go. Otherwise, we’re going to be late.”


After the two locked the apartment door, they walked toward the bookstore to do their part-time job.

Tonight, there was not too many people in the bookstore, so they can relax a bit. But even so, there will be a few pretty girls that would come here now and then.

They mostly came, not to read books, but to see the guy in a sports car that would often appear in this bookstore.

With a handsome look and tall stature, this handsome rich guy who rode a sports car is the modern version of prince charming in the eyes of many girls.

After a few months, more and more girls who came to this bookstore knew about the existence of this good-looking guy. So many girls deliberately dressed to the nines to come to the bookstore to look at him, hoping to attract his attention. But because of this, these beautiful girls also attracted other boys who came here with similar ulterior motive.

Ogata Yasuda did not know that because he often came here to look for Kazumi, the bookstore’s turnover improved by more than 5%. The manager of this bookstore was so happy.

“I want to talk to you about something.” When Kazumi, wearing the bookstore uniform, was stocking the new books, a young woman’s voice suddenly came from the side.

Kazumi turned around and saw that person was actually Mingyu Jizi.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 220 Negotiation Part 2

  1. Oh, is that one of the two girls who made a bet to see who could win over Masashi? And thought that Yusada was the only one qualified to really be with her?


    1. No, I think it’s meant to be because of all the screen time Ogata has been getting.
      So I just accepted that and am waiting for Kazumi to give in already, so we can move on for their stand still and see so progress. Lol


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