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In the kitchen, watching the-attentively-cooking-things Naoko, Lei Yin had a feeling that was hard to describe.

In his view, a woman in an apron was the most beautiful.

Although this view undoubtedly has some trace of male chauvinism in it, for a millennium-old ghost who lived in the Song Dynasty to the present, some ideas were difficult to change.

Walking toward her and putting his hands around her slender waist, Lei Yin said softly in her ear: “Are you tired?”

Naoko shook her head and then said softly: “Wait a moment, you will soon be able to eat.”

“Don’t cook too much food, just make it enough to eat, okay?”

“Em.” Naoko’s heart filled with a thick sense of sweet. She knew he did not want her to exert too much, but he did not know, cooking for the person that she loved was actually a pleasure to her.

At the dinner table, watching his hungry look, Naoko’s heart was filled with happiness.

Great, he’s finally back safely. Thinking of this, a trace of tears quietly, unknowingly fell from her eyes.

When she felt wet on her face, she quickly bowed her head and wiped it with her sleeve.

Just then, she felt a hand wrapped around her body, and then, she felt her face pressed against his chest.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting for so long.” Lei Yin softly said in her ear.

“Lei, sorry, I didn’t want to cry. But I can’t help it….” By this time Naoko was choked with sobs.

“Don’t worry, just cry, let it all out.” Lei Yin’s left hand was hugging her waist while his right hand gently stroking her hair.

Naoko finally could not bear it anymore, she tightly clasped his waist with her hands, letting her tears soaked his clothes on the chest.

The living room went quiet, between the Heaven and Earth it seemed like there was only this embracing couple.

After an unknown amount of time, Naoko slowly pulled her head back and found a large area of his clothes was already wet. She cannot help but blush and she whispered like a child that was caught doing something wrong: “I am sorry, I am going to get a set of clothes for you to change.” With that, she hurriedly stood up.

Lei Yin immediately hugged her, “Fool, don’t worry about it, let’s eat first, okay?”

Looking at his filled-with-pity eyes, Naoko felt sour in her nose and has the urge to cry.

After cleaning the tableware, Naoko came out of the kitchen and saw him laying on the carpet with back against the foot of the sofa watching television, his favorite relaxation pose.

“Come, sit here.” Lei Yin smiled at her and patted his own thigh.

Naoko blushed a bit and gave him a charming angry glance. Finally, she lowered her head and slowly walked toward him.

Really in love with her shy and charming look; When he saw her blushing as she sat down on his leg, Lei Yin could not resist tightly holding her in his arms.


“What, what’s wrong?” Feeling her lover blew some steam on her face, Naoko felt her whole body turned weak.

“I want you.” Lei Yin’s hand probed into her clothes, slowly stroking her delicate skin. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, not to mention the woman in front of him that was so so incredibly seductive; Finally, Lei Yin has been driven beyond the limit that he can tolerate.

“We, we can’t.” Naoko tremblingly said.

“Why? Don’t tell me it is best not to do strenuous exercise just after we finished the meal.”

“Because….I, I am having my period.”

Hearing this, Lei Yin wryly smiled, This is indeed the most terrible reason.

Not daring to tease her anymore, he pulled out his mischievous hand and then took her in his arms, being gentle and caring.

“I am sorry, Lei,” Naoko whispered her apology.

“Fool, no need to apologize for such a thing.” Lei Yin endearingly kissed her on the forehead.

“Lei….” Feeling her mood surged up, Naoko tightly hugged him as if wanting to integrate herself into him.

When she slightly calmed down, Lei Yin gently asked: “Did you get use to live with miss Sakurai?”

“Em. Miss Sakurai is a good person and she’s good to me.”

“Do you want to know who she is? I can tell you everything you want to know.” Lei Yin gently stroked her tear-stained beautiful face. “No, I don’t want to know. My grandmother once said to my mother, there are some things that the more you don’t know about them the better.” With that, Naoko buried her head back into his chest.

“Although this statement is not necessarily good or bad, I have to admit, your grandmother is a wise person.”

“I heard from my mother; Although my grandmother rarely spoke, she was a very clever person. She once served as a Miko in Ise Shrine. Unfortunately, at the age of 26, she died because of a heart attack. I have only seen her appearance in the picture.”

Hearing her slightly depressed voice, Lei Yin kissed her face and then picked her up, “After sitting for so long, you should be very tired, why don’t we go to sleep?”

“Em.” Naoko meekly nodded.

After putting her in the bed, Lei Yin suddenly remembered something. He pulled out a letter from his pocket and gave it to her, “This is this morning’s express letter, your name is written as its recipient.”

“Can you help me read it?” Naoko did not want to release her hands on him.

“Hey, if I open it and see that it’s a love letter, I’d be jealous.”

“Help me read it, okay?” Naoko chuckled.

Every time he heard her playful, pampered voice, Lei Yin’s heartbeat slightly accelerated and suddenly felt an impulse. This time, it was not an exception. He said with a wry smile: “If you’re going to continue to act like this, I will be tempted. Don’t you know how hard and painful it is to have something that you can only see but can not eat?”

Naoko looked at him, very pleased with herself.

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    1. they won’t know, but my guess is they already have plans to kidnap him in order to get to the assumed alive master.
      Then they will find themselves hitting an iron board and change their plans aim for either his sister or Naoko. <—–this isn't a spoiler, but my foreshadowing im just inferring what i think will happen.


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