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“Brother, when did you come back?” Arriving at Lei Yin’s apartment, before she even sat down, Kazumi immediately asked a question. Previously in the Taxi, because of Take Asasei’s presence, she did not ask any question.

“Just got off the plane.” Lei Yin said while yawned. Although previously he had asked Rei Li to add more manpower for the protection of Kazumi, Rumi, and the others, he wanted to confirm it himself before he can feel assured, but because there was still some unfinished business, he can’t immediately go back to Naoko.

After a moment of silence, Kazumi said in a low voice: “After coming back this time, are you going to go out again?”

“Things have been handled for the most part, so I should not need to go out again.”

Kazumi’s face suddenly lit up, “Do you really mean it?”

Lei Yin smiled and nodded.

Kazumi’s eyes began to turn red, but she immediately lowered her head, not wanting him to see.

After a while, when she calmed her emotion down a bit, Kazumi looked up and said: “Brother, I’ll make you something to eat, okay?”

Although he had already eaten on the plane, the meal portion was very small, coupled with being asked again, he suddenly felt hungry.Therefore, Lei Yin agreed.

“Wait a minute, I’ll be quick.” Kazumi very happily stood up and went toward the refrigerator.

Because Lei Yin was out for nearly three months, most of the food inside the refrigerator have expired and were already thrown away by Kazumi. Fortunately, there were still some fresh eggs and noodles that she bought the day before yesterday. So, she took these things and went to the kitchen.

Watching the pot of water that was slowly being boiled, Kazumi’s heart was in peace, the corner of her mouth revealed a trace of a very relaxed smile.

Thank God brother finally came back without incident.

For two months, he has been out for two entire months. In these two months, not only I did not receive even a single phone call from him, I did not even know where he is.

After she had heard his conversation with Sasako-sensei, she was no longer the ignorant little sister. She began to vaguely know some of the things that were hidden behind her brother’s back. Therefore she intuitively knew that in this recent trip to overseas, her brother was going to deal with some very dangerous things.

This idea made her feel very uneasy, and this uneasy feeling would only get worse as times went on.

Although she can make up excuses so that Rumi would not worry about him, she was unable to make herself at ease. She was really scared; Scared that she could no longer hear his familiar voice, no longer see that kind of smile.

Now, he finally came back and all that she was worried about did not happen.

While she was thinking about things, the water finally boiled. She put the noodles into the hot water and then use the chopsticks to gently stir so as not to let them stick together. While waiting for the noodles to cook, she opened two eggs, put them together with the noodles and added some seasonings. Soon, a pot of egg noodles finally cooked. After she took off the apron, Kazumi put the egg noodles inside the bowl and brought it to the living room on a tray.

When she arrived at the living room and was about to speak, she found out that Lei Yin had fallen asleep on the couch.

After putting the noodles on the table, Kazumi turned off the TV with the remote and then slowly sat down next to him.

He must be very tired. Kazumi tenderly watched her peacefully sleeping brother.

Brother, do you know? Everyone thinks that I am strong, but they don’t know, that’s because I have you by my side.

Kazumi gently put her head on his shoulder and then quietly looked at his not so handsome face.


“B*stard, where have you been these past two months? You didn’t even make a phone call, I thought you were dead.” In the campus cafeteria, Takeda grabbed Lei Yin by the collar and excitedly shouted.

“Idiot, let go of me, you’re ruining my clothes.” Lei Yin can almost hear the sound of the buttons on his collar that was about to break.

“I care about you too much, if you can’t give me a reasonable explanation, I’ll never let you go.” As Takeda yelled these words, Lei Yin tragically found that a button has been ripped off.

At this time, Yoshikawa who was sitting nearby, leisurely said: “Hey, you two, don’t do this thing in the middle of this large crowd. Otherwise, people will think that you two have a certain kind of relationship.”

Seeing that guy said such remarks while drinking tea, Lei Yin exasperatedly said, “You, this bastard, only know how to gloat on the side. And you, why won’t you let go of me!” Lei Yin knocked Takeda’s head rather hard.

This move was really effective, the rebellious youth screamed, let go of his collar and, after clutching his head, began to loudly curse.

Lei Yin ignored him, pulled a chair and sat down.

After cursing for a while, feeling a bit lost, he sat down and silently stared at this guy who disappeared for more than two months.

Kazumi, who was sitting nearby, covered her mouth to laugh for a moment and then gave her brother the bag in her hands.

Lei Yin casually took that and pulled out a beautifully wrapped gift box and then placed it in front of Takeda, “A souvenir.”

“Don’t think you can wriggle out of this just by giving me this gift.”

“You guys also have the souvenirs.” Lei Yin pulled out a few gifts from the bag and gave it to Yoshikawa, Akira Shiraisi and Take Asasei.

“Is it for me? Thank you!” Take Asasei was pleasantly surprised to take the gift.

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