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Meanwhile, as he walked, Takeda  scolded, “This is the first time I see such a shameless guy, I really don’t understand what do those girls like in that man.”

Yoshikawa, his buddy for more than ten years, knew what he was thinking, squinted his eyes and said: “I think you’re jealous, am I right? From a professional point of view, a guy like him is very easy to get girls. He has a good look and he drives a well-known sports car, coupled with how good he is in flirting with girls, how can this guy not be called a ladies killer? Compared to him, I am also lacking. But don’t get me wrong, I just lack in the money department. As you know, my stubborn old man at home, afraid that I would overspend, will only give me a very little amount of pocket money each month, so I don’t even dare to buy a good car.”

Ashamed, the concerned party Takeda called out angrily, “B*stard, who would envy that dude? So what if he drives a branded sports car? What’s the big deal? One day I will drive my car here, at that time I will be more popular than him. Oh, why didn’t I bring my car here?” Takeda regretfully said.

Lei Yin said to Kazumi: “Although the suitor is a playboy, this also means that people have begun to appreciate you. It seems like not everyone is blind.

Kazumi curled her lips and said, “Who wants to be appreciated by a playboy? A man like him who thinks so highly of himself just makes me want to throw up.”

“That make sense, a playboy is inherently unreliable. In the future, the man who can be my brother-in-law, in addition to being nice to you, he must also pass my requirement. Yes, at the very least, he must be able to not be flattened by me in one minute.” Lei Yin said with a smile.

“Kazumi’s brother, are you serious?” Take Asasei interrupted, asking with a worried face.

“What, do you want to recommend a candidate?” Lei Yin teased her back.

“Ah, no.”

Kazumi very discontentedly said: “Do you want to sell me? Are you getting tired of me?”

“Let me think about it. Hmm, if I were to sell you now, who will help me clean my apartment?”

“Hate, you actually treat me as a cleaner.” Kazumi stared at him with clenched teeth.

“I cannot swear I never thought about it. You see, if I want to hire a cleaner, I have to pay that cleaner. But you are free. There is a big difference between the two.” Lei Yin seriously said.

Kazumi was pushed to the limit, immediately bit his shoulder.

“Hey, are you kidding me, that was just a joke, ah, you really know how to bite. Let me go, that hurts.” Lei Yin cried out.

While walking in front of them, Take Asasei could not help but laugh out loud. She looked back and was surprised to see the Kazumi, who usually has an indifference look, angrily bit her brother’s shoulder.

Amazed, Takeda suddenly felt Kazumi was a bit different. However, he couldn’t tell where it was exactly.

Hearing the doorbell, Lei Yin got up from the sofa and walked to the door.

Looking through the cat eye, he saw, standing on the outside wearing a hat that shielded the eyes, a very young girl.

“Who are you looking for?” Lei Yin opened the door and carefully looked at her.

“Are you Mr. Gennai?”

“Yes I am, what can I do for you?”

“I have something urgent that I need to talk to you, can I go in and talk about it?” The woman, when speaking, always bowed her head.

Lei Yin cast her a glance and said: “Please come in.”

Into the living room, the woman took off her hat, revealing a beautiful yet unfamiliar face for Lei Yin.

“Please sit down.”

“Thank you.” The woman sat down on the couch.

“Please wait a moment, I’ll get you a cup of tea.”

“No need.”

Lei Yin said nothing, just walked around behind the sofa to the kitchen.

The woman who was sitting on the couch suddenly felt something cold touching her neck, at the same time, she felt a hand tightly clutching her throat.

“Don’t move, or I’ll kill you.” “Mr. Gennai’s” cold voice floated into her her.

This sudden turn of events made her tremble in panic, but the hand that was clutching her throat kept her from making any sound.

“Tell me, who are you?” Lei Yin loosened his hand on her throat a bit so that she could speak.

“What, what are you doing?” That woman cried in fear.

“What an awesome acting. Long time no see, Sasako-sensei.” Lei Yin suddenly said softly in her ear.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about, my name is Tomoji, not Sasako.” That woman nervously explained.

LeiYin sneered, “You know what? When you cried just now, you forgot to change your voice and accidentally revealed your original voice.”

Hearing this sentence, that woman suddenly stopped crying, sighed and said: “I never thought you could actually see through me so fast, it’s not fun at all. But that thing you said is wrong. I didn’t forget to change my voice, but when you grasp my throat, for a moment I can’t change my voice. For you to be able to do this, looks like you’re also a master at changing your voice.” While saying that, the woman’s voice gradually changed, unlike her previous voice. By the end of her sentences, her voice has completely changed into Sasako’s voice.

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