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This woman always gave him an unexpected feeling. The pretty girls that he saw were too much, and many of them have had relationships with him. But a special girl like her was the first that he encountered. She has a calmness and astuteness that did not match her age, a one of a kind who did not seem to need any help from men, but still has a good very strong self-esteem. Because of this strong self-esteem, she did not need to dress up to attract the attention of other men, did not need to take into account about the relationship and need not tolerate other people’s rudeness. This was one of the women who was difficult to grasp. But at the same time, she was also a woman of marvelous attraction. Yasuda has never wanted a woman so badly like this.

He quietly went behind Kazumi. Looking at her slender and beautiful figure, Yasuda had the impulse to hug her tightly from behind, an impulse that has disappeared from his heart for many years.

After finding the book, Kazumi was ready to take it to that man, only to find that he was standing behind her and was looking at her with an unknown look.

“Sir, the book that you’re looking for is here.” Kazumi gave that book to him.

“Thank you.” After taking the book, Yasuda caressed the cover with his fingers.

Kazumi ignored him, turned away and went back to the unfinished bookshelf where the other guests jumbled the books there.

After looking up to glance at her, Yasuda once again stepped forward to come to her side.

Hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, Kazumi knew he was coming. But, she lowered her head and continued her work, pretending not to know.

In another corner of the bookstore, Take Asasei was looking at them with a complex look.

“Kazumi, how about we have a cup of coffee after work?” Yasuda suddenly said.

Kazumi appeared to be totally unable to hear him, her hands did not stop even for a moment.

Yasuda somewhat depressingly leaned his shoulder on the bookshelf: “Until now, you still don’t believe me?”

Finally, after she finished stacking the books in order, Kazumi turned around to look at him. After a while, she said: “You know, every time you come, little Take will be unhappy. Please do not come again, okay?”

Yasuda held his gaze on her: “As long as you agree to be my girlfriend, I promise I will never come here again.”

Kazumi’s expression turned cold, “Are you threatening me?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Just look for other people, such an ordinary woman like me is not worth your time. There are a lot of pretty girls out there, keep your sweet words for them.” With that, she walked to another shelf.

Yasuda ran up to take her hand and said: “Kazumi….”

But before he finished, Kazumi forcefully pulled her hand back, took two steps back and then glared at him, “I’m warning you, if you dare to touch me again next time, I will not be polite.”

Yasuda can only stare at her as she left.

In the evening after work, inside the female staff locker room, Take Asasei hesitantly looked at her friend who was changing her clothes.

After a while, she finally mustered up enough courage to say: “Kazumi, actually….Actually, you need not worry about me. I knew from the very beginning that he never likes me. So even if the two of you ended up together, I won’t be angry.”

Looking at the face of this excited girl, Kazumi good-naturedly said with a smile: “Why do you think I want to be with him? I told you, whether his is sincere or not, it has nothing to do with me. Think about it, a young master like him, even if he really is interested in a woman, she will just be his flavor of the week. As soon as the novelty is over, wouldn’t the end result be the same? A woman need not only love, a sense of security is also very important. Stop thinking about it, let’s go.” After that, Kazumi began to lock her locker.

Take Asasei looked at her enviously, “Kazumi, why are you always so rational?”

Kazumi gently tapped her head and said with a smile, “Fool.”

After walking out of the bookstore, sure enough, Take Asasei once again saw Ogata Yasuda, as always, stood outside waiting for them. Seeing them out, he immediately came over.

Kazumi pretended not to know him and pulled Take Asasei away as they walked toward the bus stop.

Knowing that she won’t be taking his car, Ogata Yasuda bitterly walked back to his car.

When the two were dozens of meters away from the bus stop, all of a sudden, a taxi stopped not far ahead of them. Then, from the rear door, came down a man in a short sleeve shirt.

After that man got off the car, he said a few words to the taxi driver and then walked toward the two girls.

Looking at the gradually approaching man, tears gradually welled up in Kazumi’s eyes. When that man was close enough that she was able to see the smile on the corner of his mouth, her tears finally slowly streamed down from her eyes.

“Kazumi, I’m back.” The man said with a smile.

Hearing that familiar voice, Kazumi’s tears continued to surge out like a broken faucet.

Looking at the usually sensible girl who, at that moment, was crying like a child as she tightly hugged a stranger, Ogata Yasuda who was sitting inside a sports car, could not help but feel a tingling sensation that he cannot endure.

Fortunately, he finally came back safely. Standing next to Kazumi, Take Asasei showed a gratified smile.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 217 Rain Part 3

  1. Hmm…… it’s so frustrating! I take the mc’s side and want oga something to fk off, but we know he really loves her and all. Fk this!


  2. Lol, even if his love is genuine I still would ship them, after he messed with so many girl’s feelings…not getting kazumi is his punishment !! Muahaha !


    1. if you read this novel from the beginning,in the earlier chapter when Kazumi and Rumi were talking about romance,Kazumi once said “you’re(Rumi) really lucky you’re not his sister”(something like that) meaning that: IF Kazumi isn’t his sister,she would love Lei Yin(like lovers not brother and sister relationship).

      so…in conclusion: Kazumi does have Bro-con.


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