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“Kazumi, can you help me find this book?” A handsome guy, who attracted women’s eyes wherever he went, went over to a bookstore employee and said.

Kazumi, who finished reorganizing the bookshelf, wrinkled her brows, took out a small book with a pen from her uniform and said: “Please tell me the title of the book that you wish to find.”

Ogata Yasuda casually mentioned a book title and then lowered his face to gaze at the girl busily copying the book title in the book.

Looking at her up close in her natural light blue uniform, he began to somewhat appreciate the rule established by the bookstore owner that required the employee to wear the uniform. Since that first time he saw her in a dress in the restaurant, he had never seen her in a skirt again. Regarding this extremely reluctant to dress up girl, he really was helpless. Fortunately, this bookstore uniform was a kind of half-skirt uniform. Although it can’t be compared to her good figure.

After she copied the title, Kazumi quietly walked to the front of the computer to query for the book.

Looking at the looming slender legs under her skirt uniform, Ogata Yasuda suddenly wanted to see what would this overly conservative girl look like in a miniskirt.

After finding the location of the book, Kazumi walked to the other side. Yasuda immediately went up to her side.

After vigorously putting a book on the bookshelf, a girl wearing the same uniform grunted, “I really don’t understand what does Yasuda like in that woman, who has a forever deadpan face.”

From nearby shelves stocked with new books, another girl came up and said: “A vain woman like her will not have a good end. I think Yasuda is just playing with her. Before long, Yasuda will dump her. At school, people said that she seduced Yasuda, what a shameless b*tch.”

The previous girl sneered, “If she didn’t do something like that, how could Yasuda be confused by her?’

“You guys don’t talk nonsense, Kazumi is not like what you said.” Take Asasei walked up to them and emotionally said.

But that girl said in disdain, “You are her friend, of course, you would help her speak up. By the way, if I remember correctly, wasn’t Yasuda good with you for a time? But I don’t know why he just doesn’t speak to you again. How do you feel about your friend robbing away your favorite guy?”

“Don’t, don’t talk nonsense.” Take Asasei’s anger came out through her eyes as tears.

Seeing her like this, that girl looked smug, “Oh, our princess looks very sad, is it because what we said about the relationship?”

Take Asasei was about to open her mouth to refute, but suddenly, a hand grabbed her right hand, then a cold female voice came from her side: “Little Take, leave them alone. Quarreling with this bimbo girl will only lower your IQ.”

“What, what did you say? Say that one more time if you dare.” That woman suddenly gritted her teeth and looked at Kazumi.

Kazumi lightly said: “Don’t you understand the meaning of these very simple words? Sorry, it seems like I still overestimate your IQ. But never mind, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a brain, as long as you have a body, that’s enough. There are many men whose IQs are not much different than you and would like a woman like you. If it still doesn’t work, you can go to Shinjuku to do compensation dating, there should be a lot of horny old men there.”

“You shameless slut! I will make you regret what you just said.” That girl’s body trembled, seemingly ready to rush at Kazumi.

“Unable to accept other people’s opinion, it really is your style. By the way, just so you know, I am a black belt in Karate in High School.” After that, Kazumi suddenly took a step forward.

Seeing her suddenly came over to them, the two girls were horrified and took two steps back.

After looking at them with her without-temperature eyes, Kazumi coldly said, “Before I am really angry, why don’t you two get lost.”

Awed by her aura, the two girls dared not say anything, turned around and walked away.

After scaring them off, Kazumi went back to Take Asasei’s side and said: “Are you okay?”

Still with tears filled eyes, Take Assei excitedly held her hand and said: “Kazumi, you’re so awesome just now. Are you really a black belt in Karate?”

After handing her a tissue, Kazumi laughed: “Fool, I was just lying to them. In High School, I was so busy with my study, how could I have the time to practice Karate?”

Take Asasei was wiping away her tears as she said: “Are you really just lying to them? Just now, you looked like you’re really good in Karate.”

Kazumi smiled, “Just like when we encounter a wild beast, if you’re afraid and run back, they will immediately pounce on you and bite you. But if you show no fear, they dare not attack you. Haven’t you learned this in your Biology class in High School?”

Take Asasei could not help but smile, “Come on, how could the Biology class in High School teach about this thing?”

Seeing that her friend had resumed her normal look, Kazumi said: “Ok, let’s get back to work, otherwise, the manager would have to curse at us.”

Take Asasei spat out her tongue and continued her unfinished work.

Secretly watching the scene from the beginning not far away from there, Ogata Yasuda’s eyes were suddenly suffused with a strange look.

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  2. Why can’t Oagata just fall off a bridge, tired of seeing his name. Everytime I see it, it feels like the author is gonna write some stupid redemption arc to make Kazumi fall in love with him.


  3. I do not understand why the author keeps bringing up Take Asasei, and forgot about Rumi. I am close to dropping the story because of Take.


  4. Fricking hate that Take Asasei b*tch I mean come on she is so dam useless only bothering Kazumi and making trouble can’t the author just I don’t know make her dissapear she doesn’t make any sense she’s trying to play Cupid after being played stsly grow up girl and stop crying every single f*cking time for god sake.
    PS: I hate that b*tch


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