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“Master, you can control that power now?” Rei Li said, pleasantly surprised.

Lei Yin shook his head, “No, this is nothing but good luck. In that half a month in Sweden, in order to cope with the possible appearance of the super espers, I began to try to control that energy. Maybe because I survived two years ago, I found out that the energy seemed to have an inexplicable change. I tried to gently guide the output of that energy with my internal force and stopped it when it reached a certain level. While doing so can indeed achieve both the ability to use a portion of that power without getting it out of control, but the balance between the two is very fragile; If it’s not well controlled even a little bit, that energy will immediately strike back. That night when I vomited blood, I was not faking it, it was nearly out of control that time.”

After hearing this, Rei Li can’t help but let out a sigh, “Master, thankfully you’re all right this time. What about the site?”

“It has already been completely sealed by the lava.”


Lei Yin nodded, “Yes. At that time when I spread the explosives in that site, I found out the area was close to volcanic layer, that’s why there are natural hot springs in the vicinity. As long as a hole is created in the active layer by a blast, the lava below will well up. So I concentrated on putting the explosives on the weakest point. You should know about the rest.”

“So, the whole site is sealed up?” Rei Li cannot help but feel a bit disappointed.

“This is the best result. The things inside cannot be used by today’s technology, even if they can be used, it will only be abused for the military. According to our previous plan, we should now be able to enter the negotiating phase.”

Rei Li thought for a moment and then said: “Master, Do you think they really believe this is an accident?”

“No, it is dubious at best. But now the site has been destroyed, for them, there is no need to waste manpower and resource to catch you. Now our only leverages are their shady experimental videos and data files. These should be able to force them to stop pursuing you. We’re running out of time, you should go back.”

“What about you, master?”

“Right now, I certainly can’t show myself in front of other people. Otherwise, everyone will know this is a setup. Don’t worry, since I can come here by myself, I naturally have a way to leave. After a time, I will find you, but before that, you need to be careful.” After tapping him on the shoulder Lei Yin slowly walked away.

After Lei Yin disappeared, Rei Li cheered up a bit and immediately ran toward where they parked their plane.


  No one knew when it began; On the internet suddenly appeared a strange video clip.

In this clip, people can see that some people were doing a strange experiment. But the object of the experiment was actually human.

Although the clip was only a few minutes, it was surprisingly clear. Not only that, over time, more and more similar clips began to appear on the internet, moreover, the content was increasingly bloody and nauseating.

In less than a week, the clips have spread like wildfire all over the world, becoming the trending topic.

There were those who said the experimental clips were fake. But more people thought that they were real because no special effect can make such realistic experimental scenes.

If these were true, then where did those inhuman experiments come from?

These video clips not only caused great reactions from the common folk, they also aroused the interest of the government. More and more people began to look for the original source of these clips. Unfortunately, no one knew where these video clips came from. They seemed to be suddenly spread on the internet.

News or newspapers may be subject to state regulation and control but the internet belongs to the world. As the sensation from these clips continued to increase by the proliferation of share button, some people began to be afraid.

They knew that these video clips were just a very small part of videos or information that were leaked by people, who intentionally hid some of the most crucial parts. If the leaker fully disclosed all the videos and data, the consequences would be absolutely unimaginable.


Hearing the knock from outside the door, the middle-aged man put down the newspaper in his hands and then said: “Come in.”

The one entering the room was a middle-aged man in a white gown. He said to the man sitting on the sofa: “Your excellency, I have just received a call from Rei. He said things went well, the other side accepted our conditions.”

Lei Yin sipped the tea and said: “Things temporarily come to an end. As long as those pieces of evidence are in our hands, they are still going to be restless all day. We need to be careful in the future, as long as we put our guard down even a little bit, they will come and bite us again.”

Chang’an nodded his head: “I understand, your excellency.”

Lei Yin stood up and walked to the window watching the outside rain, which gradually subsided. After a few minutes, he said to himself: “Looks like the rain is almost over.”

Chang’an smiled and picked up the newspaper on the table.

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