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Change always happens in a split second.

Explosion and terrifying shocks happened in an instant.

No one knew what happened. In a huge explosion sound which came without a warning, all those who have been standing on the ground jarred and fell to the ground.

Just like the beginning of the storm, that explosion was just the beginning, continuous explosions came from the ground beneath the surface. Although not as terrifying as the first one, the constant repetition of strong vibration made it feel like some kind of doomsday.

“What is happening?” That man loudly called out.

Suddenly, he heard a few screams from behind him. He turned his head and saw the nine handcuffed dark group members, as well as Rei Li, suddenly free from their handcuffs.

In the shortest period of time, they pounced on their nearest enemy. And the remaining few dark group members who were still handcuffed quickly ran to the nearby wood.

Because all of these happened all of a sudden, those soldiers were directly stabbed to death by those nine dark group members. After that, these nine people immediately snatched the submachine guns from the dead soldiers’ hands and shot the other guards. While shooting, they retreated to the woods.

The fifty people who guarded the pit, hearing the shot, immediately rushed over to give reinforcement.

But when they arrived, all of the dark group members have fled into the woods.

“Sir, do you want to go after them?” The man responsible for the guard talked to the leading man.

Looking into the dark woods, the leading man shook his head: “No need, they have nothing of value anymore. Now the most important thing is figuring out what exactly happened just now.”

Just as his voice fell, a burst of explosion shook the entire ground, like it was an earthquake, once again.

After the explosion, the man responsible for the guard pointed to the pit in front of them and said: “Sir, over there!”

Everyone looked at the direction where he pointed his finger at and saw the mass of glowing dark red color thing came out from the pit.

After that thing filled the pit, it immediately spread around. It burnt everything on its path.

The leading man, at a lost, cried: “Why is there a lava here?”

The surging material that came out from the pit and gave off massive heat was actually molten lava.

“Sir, we need to get out of here, right now. There could be a volcanic eruption here.” The man shouted.

Looking at the geological material that continued to well up, the leading man finally nodded his head and then walked away with his people.

At this time, the more than ten people who have fled into the woods were still in the dark, not knowing what just happened. In their mad rush to escape, after determining no one was chasing them, they finally stopped.

Some of them began to unlock the few who haven’t had the time to open their handcuffs. Rei Li personally went to one of them to unlock the handcuffs from behind.

“Thank you, boss.” That dark group member very gratefully looked back at him.

Rei Li smiled and said: “We are all brothers, no need for you to thank me.”

Suddenly, that dark group member felt a sharp pain coming from both of his hands.

Hearing his voice, everyone immediately turned over. The several dark group members who stood behind that man saw that the handcuffs were still unlocked. Moreover, a sharp dagger pierced through both of his hands. And the person who did this was none other than Rei Li.

For this incident, all dark group members were stunned. They did not understand why Rei Li would do such a thing.

“Boss, what are you doing?” That dark group members looked at him with an aggrieved look.

Rei Li sneered: “You still have the nerve to ask me what am I doing? The Black Dragon has kept you for more than twenty years, but no one thought that you’re even lower than a beast.”

A fear flashed through that dark group member’s eyes, but he immediately said: “We went through life and death with you, why are you doing this to me?”

“Do you still want to pretend? Very well, I will let you die with eyes close.” With that, Rei Li suddenly pulled out that dagger and then cut through the skin on that man’s left shoulder.

In the aftermath of a soul-stirring scream, on the spot on that dark group member’s left shoulder, Rei Li inserted two of his fingers and began to dig.

Feeling an intense pain, that dark group member screamed again. The others looked blankly at Rei Li’s action.

After a while, Rei Li pulled out a finger-sized thing with his fingers and held it out in front of that dark group member: “Do you think I don’t know that you’ve been using this signal transmitter to notify our location to those people?”

That dark group member’s face pale. Ignoring the pain from his left shoulder, he cried and said: “Boss, I didn’t mean to betray you. Please consider my years of risking my life for you and let me go.”

Rei Li very emotionally grabbed his collar and said: “You have the nerve to mention this? The Black Dragon have kept you for more than twenty years, but you actually did such a thing. Do you know how many brothers have you killed because of this? If today those people tried to kill us, who is going to let us off?”

“Boss, I beg you, please let me go.” Seeing the rage in Rei Li’s eyes, that man became desperate.

Rei Li let go of him and said in a very distressed tone: “For our previous friendship’s sake, I will keep your corpse intact.” With that, he raised his gun and shot that man in the head.

After that sound of a single gunshot, that dark group member slowly fell to the ground.

“Burry his body.” Rei Li said to the nearby two dark group members.

The two dark group member walked over quietly.

“The rest of you go prepare the plane and wait for us.” Rei Li somewhat wearily said.

The other members immediately complied, walking toward the beach.

Fifteen minutes later, after the two dark group members buried the body, Rei Li suddenly said to them: “Do you have any regret at joining the Black Dragon? I hope you will tell me the truth.”

One member shook his head and said: “We are all orphans who grew up in Black Dragon. Beside this, we have no other place to go.”

Another member did not speak, but his eyes showed his agreement.

Rei Li walked forward, tapped them on the shoulders and said: “If, someday, you find another place that you want to go, just let me know, I will let you go.”

“Thank you, boss.” Those two members together bowed to him.

“Okay, you two can go wait for me at the aircraft, I want some time alone.”

After saluting him, they left.

Looking at the pile of bulging mound before him, Rei Li quietly stood there motionless.

“Heart of a man. In this world, the most difficult thing to grasp is the heart of a man.” In this quiet woods, a male voice suddenly sounded.

“Master, you came.” Rei Li looked back, pleasantly surprised. He saw a middle-aged man stood behind him, Lei Yin in his mask.

“Master, are you alright?” Rei Li looked at him with worry.

Lei Yin smiled, “Since I am standing here and talking to you, of course, I am fine.”

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 216 Heart Of A Man Part 3

  1. I think they want to get Rid of the ship but they need the enemy to see the place be destroyed to finally have some peace. That is why he purposely lured the enemy to it. Lei probably had a way to Start the eruption of the volcanoes. They could have gave them the location of the ship but who would give their enemy a nuke that might be used on Them later.


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