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The man’s face changed, Rei Li immediately received his heavy punch on the belly.

Rei Li crouched down in pain, but he greeted his teeth, not making any sound.

Seeing Rei Li was beaten, several dark group members wanted to rush over but was stopped by Rei Li.

Rei Li stood up, looked at the man in front of him and sneered: “Aren’t your country often claim to be the champion of human rights? Is punching a prisoner with no ability to fight back what you call human rights?”

“For people like you, there is simply no need to talk about human rights.” The man sent another punch to his lower abdomen once again.

When he wanted to add another punch, the woman stopped him, “Mr. Rhodes, now is not the time to be emotional. The above wants to get the things inside the remain as soon as possible. Please don’t waste any more time, okay?”

Hearing that woman, the middle-aged man revealed a flash of anger. But he stopped punching Rei Li. He turned around and said to the man behind him: “Treat them well, but if they there is a suspicious movement from them, immediately execute on the spot.”

“Yes.” The man immediately rushed over and bring the other 30 or so men to take Rei Li and his men to the back.

When passing through their side, Rei Li finally saw the look of that woman. The woman was about 25-26 years old, looking very beautiful. Especially her eyes which can poison people’s mind to attract their attention. Although she, like others, wore the same camouflage outfit, Rei Li could see that she has a very good figure.

When he was looking at the woman, she was also looking at him. He did not know if it was just an illusion, but Rei Li noticed the woman was looking at him with strange eyes.

The man called Rhodes used a rope ladder to climb down the pit with more than ten soldiers. The woman and the young man who previously talked looked at each other and followed suit.

After they began to climb down, Rei Li suddenly said to the man in front of him: “Hey, I want to take a pee.”

The man sneered, “I advise you not to play tricks, if you really can’t hold it anymore, you can pee right there.”

Rei Li stared at him but did not make any sound.

The man sneered again and turned his head back.

After a while, Rei Li suddenly said: “Hey, how about we talk about business?”

The man did not want to talk to him, but feeling a bit bored, he casually said: “What kind of business? Don’t tell me you want me to let you go?”

“Don’t worry, I will not make such an idiot request. I am just curious, how did you know I was here? If you are willing to answer this question, I will tell you my private Swiss bank account as well as the passwords.”

The man’s heart palpitated, this was indeed a very enticing condition. The Black Dragon is an international underworld organization which has business in the black and white world. As its leader, his personal asset must have been absolutely astronomical.

Although his heart was really tempted, seeing the 30 something people guarding nearby, he knew he has no way of completing this business. Although money is a good thing, life is more important. Although Rei Li has already been caught, if someone leaks this secret, he will definitely not have a good end.

The man coldly snorted, “No comment.”

Rei Li smiled. From this man’s eyes, he knew he must have been tempted. He just can’t agree to it because there were people nearby. Rei Li went on to say: “I believe your subordinates are also interested in this money. Then how about this, why don’t you take half of them? The remaining half will be divided among your men. With this, they would not say something they should not say.”

Just as he expected, the eyes of the more than 30 people guarding nearby began to change, brimming with desire, but nobody dared to make a noise.

Their superior managed to swallow down a mouthful of saliva with great difficulties. After looking around at his own men, the man turned his gaze toward Rei Li.

After thinking for a long time, the flash of desire in his eyes gradually dimmed.

“What about it? Have you considered it? The money in my account is much more than you can imagine.”

“Shut up!” The man shouted.

His men could not help but look at him with surprise in their eyes.

Realizing his gaffe, the man immediately quieted down. After a while, he said to Rei Li: “If you dare to speak about that again, I will immediately seal your mouth.”

“What a pity.” Rei Li deliberately sighed.

Seeing Rei Li did not make any sound, the man turned his head back.

His heart still beat rapidly. Just now, he really came close to agree with him. But after a careful thought, he knew that this was impossible.

Having three people know a secret is not a secret at all. And here, there were more than thirty people. Even if all of them get their money to shut their mouth off, it was still difficult to ensure, in the future, no one will intentionally or unintentionally say it. Therefore, he absolutely cannot take this risk. If it was only him, he certainly did not want to refuse such a ridiculous conditions. This man called Rei Li is the leader of the Black Dragon, just thinking about how many zeros are in his bank account was enough to make his scalp tingle.

Night on this deserted island was no different than the night in other places, and because, for most of the time, it was deserted, the natural atmosphere here was richer than those so-called resorts. If there were no unwanted visitors such as these heavily armed unpleasant men, perhaps this would be a delightful evening as usual.

Except for the fireflies that often occur in the summer, one can hear the sound from all sorts of insect or frog in the distance.

Before long, when the man turned his head again, the silent Rei Li suddenly revealed a surprised look.

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