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Besides Chang’an, the dark group members standing next to Chang’an and those Espers looking at them from the among the trees also watched this scene.

“What’s happening? Where did that man go?” One of the twins asked in surprised.

Suddenly, he heard a strange noise coming from behind, then, it was as if something fell to the ground.

At the same time, the twins clearly saw Rei Li, who has been floating in mid-air, all of a sudden fell down.

“Peter, what’s the matter?” Peter was the one responsible for handling Rei Li, so, seeing this, the twins immediately turned and asked.

But Peter was unable to answer them because his head has been separated from his neck.

What stood behind them was only a headless corpse whose blood gushed out of his severed neck. Perhaps because of the stiff joints, he did not fall down just yet.

Seeing this bizarre scene, the twins and two other Espers who stood near Peter freaked out, they did not know what just happened. They can only gawk at the slowly contracting muscle tissue on Peter’s severed neck.

“Pe, Peter!” One of the Espers called out.

Just then, one of the twins seemed to see something from the corner of his eyes. He quickly turned his head and saw next to one of the Espers suddenly appeared a man dressed in black clothes.

“David, be careful, there’s someone….”

But before he finished, he saw the man suddenly disappeared, but David showed an incredibly horrified look.

“Save me….” Tears welled up in David’s eyes. As the tears gushed out, bright red liquid continued to seep out from a very fine line on his neck

“Pa!” David slowly knelt down and then his entire upper body fell to the ground. When his body fell, his head separated from his body and rolled to the side. The ever-gushing blood that came out from the severed neck dyed a portion of the ground with dark red color.

“David!” One of the twins who gave a warning called out.

Another twins subconsciously looked at the third Espers.

As he expected, that ghost-like black figure appeared beside that third Espers.

Having no time to think, he immediately raised his hand and unleashed his mind force on that shadow.

But the moment he raised his hand, that figure disappeared. Shortly thereafter, with a “Pop” sound, his huge strength knocked back that Esper to a tree trunk before coming to a halt.

That Esper fell down like a doll whose joint was broken. Then, his head fell down and stopped moving only after rolling several times on the ground.

“You monster, if you have the guts, come out and fight us face to face.” That twins called out, but with a slightly trembling voice, which revealed the fear in his heart.

Another twin also began to feel afraid. He cannot imagine such a creature actually exist in this world. Although all of these seemed very long, the opposite party actually took less than twenty seconds to dispatch three modified Espers. That unable-to-be-explained-by-common-sense terrifying speed has gone far beyond the power of Espers.

After their transformation, they turned from ordinary people into Espers with much greater power. Through continuous training and tests, he and his brother thought that, except for the people who were similarly transformed like them, no one can pose a threat to them. Those who previously bullied them now looked just like ants in front of them.

However, after seeing one Esper after another killed by that mysterious shadow in front of them, unprecedented fear filled their hearts. They have never felt the threat of death so vividly like now.

Just then, not far away from their left, several pitiful yelling sounds suddenly sounded, followed by a disorderly sound of gunfire.

Like the falling dominoes, the scream and the sound of gunfire continued to sound from their left to their right.

Under the shine of searchlights, the twins saw the surrounding special forces around them suddenly fell down, one by one.

Like a virus that can quickly spread through the air, more and more of their people inexplicably fell.

“Monster, there’s a monster!” Seeing this, the other men in black went crazy, some of them simply took their assault rifles and carelessly strafed their surroundings, hoping to drive away the invisible demon.

But even so, the rate of which the men in black inexplicably died did not lessen. Three minutes later, except for a few men in black who were shooting like crazy, the other men in black who surrounded Rei Li’s group can no longer get up.

The intense fear has destroyed the twin brothers’ autonomic nervous system. They can no longer keep their false calm, the two immediately ran outside.

But they just ran a few steps, a faint shadow suddenly appeared five to six meters in front of them.

By this time, the twins finally saw that person’s face. He was the middle-aged man who previously killed Robert.

Just earlier, they wanted to seize this man and slowly torture him to death. But now, when they saw him again, a surge of chill unconsciously surged in their hearts.

“Who, who exactly are you!” The elder twin closely looked at him.

“Didn’t you just say you want revenge? Now I am giving you a chance to try.” Lei Yin dismissively said.

The twin brothers looked at each other for a moment, and suddenly shouted, “Then go to hell.” At the same time, they both raised their hands.

Everything did not seem to change in the slightest, at least in the eyes of outsiders.

But if you look closely, you’ll find everything in front of the twin brothers seemed to stand still.

The grass on the ground did not swing along with the night breeze like before. The nearby branches and leaves seemed to be sealed by huge blocks of ice.

Seeing the middle-aged man did not move, the twin brothers slowly revealed a proud smile.

But soon, their smiles disappeared, because they saw the man who was supposed to be sealed by their telekinetic power suddenly took a step forward, then another, and another. Then, he slowly walked toward them.

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