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Late at night, a medium-sized manned aircraft quietly flew over the Sea of Japan and head straight to the open sea.

At about three o’clock in the morning, the plane landed on the beach on a deserted island.

After the plane stopped, more than ten men in black leotards stepped down from the plane.

At this time, a thirty-year-old man who seemed to be the leader came down from the plane and immediately commanded his people to pull the plane into the woods to hide it.

Then the man said to his men with a sinking voice: “These few days might be a little hard on you. Now go to rest, we will continue again tomorrow. But remember, don’t make fire or lit up a light.”

“Yes.” Those men in black outfit answered in unison.

That man wanted to immediately go to that place, but he knew that night at subtropical jungle was very dangerous. Moreover, they have been on a plane for hours and already tired by now, so it was better to take a break.

The next morning, after eating something, Rei Li immediately went deep into the jungle with his men.

After walking for about two hours, they finally arrived at their destination.

Last time he came here was three months or so ago, the spot where they dug out the dirt was already overgrown with small trees and various kinds of weed.

Following the memory of the marks that they previously left, Rei Li finally managed to find that specific spot.

Unlike before, they did not need to bury the whole site again, and just need to dig deep enough to where the gap was.

Thus, starting from when they arrived that morning, Rei Li and his more than ten men began to dig the soil with digging tools as if they were miners.

In addition to the five surviving dark group members who previously came here, the rest were new dark group members who did not know what was buried underneath. Days and nights, under Rei Li’s command, they kept on doing the thing that was unfamiliar to them


“Mr. Chen, everybody is ready and can start at any time.” A man in front of a middle-aged man said.

“Have the injured brothers got there?” Chang’an looked up and asked.

“Yes, they have arrived.”

“I know, I’ll go out.”

That member gave him a salute before he walked out of the room.

“Little Rei, don’t let something happen to you.” Chang’an’ pale face showed his anxious look.

Ever since they exchanged fires with those special forces, although they eventually won, their dark group members suffered heavy casualties. In the end, he decided to temporarily evacuate the remaining members away from Sweden.

With a sigh, Chang’an slowly stood up and walked out of the room.


A week later, on the island, the more than ten people have dug a pit nearly thirty meters deep, eight meters long and ten meters wide. Approximately the size of a half basketball court.

Previously, they did not need to dig so wide, but due to Rei Li’s memory error, the digging location was not that accurate, so much so that they only found the gap after digging for more than five days.

Because of fear of being detected, Rei Li chose to rest at day and dig at night. Working under the dark environment was also one of the reasons for their slowness.

Looking at the seemingly bottomless gap, Rei Li suddenly had a disquieting thought.

Can I really use these things inside to avenge master?

Taking a deep breath, he slowly walked toward the gap.

Just as he was about two to three meters away from the gap, all of a sudden, gunfire can be heard from above. One of the bullets hit the ground in front of him.

Hearing the gunfire, the face of all the people in the pit immediately changed.

Looking up, they saw several heavily armed men in camouflaged fatigue stood near the edge of the pit.

Several dark group members wanted to pull out their guns, but Rei Li immediately shouted, “Nobody move!”

He knew that they could not survive a shootout standing in this narrow environment.

Rei Li then looked up and loudly said: “We surrender.”

After a while, someone up there loudly said through a loudspeaker: “Everyone put your weapons on the ground now. If you have any unusual move, we’ll immediately shoot.”

Rei Li said to the more than ten dark group members: “Do as they say, throw your guns on the ground.”

Everyone began to quietly take out their guns and threw them on the ground.

That man up there continued: “Now everyone climbs one by one.”

With ashen face, Rei Li walked to the rope ladder in front of him and then slowly climbed.

Seeing this, the rest of the dark group members had not choice but to follow, one by one.

After climbing out of the pit, Lei Yin saw more than a hundred guns, as well as searchlights, were aimed at him. He roughly calculated that they have at least a hundred people. Seeing their appearance, all of them should be well-trained soldiers.

“Put your hands up.” A man shouted to him.

Rei Li shrugged and put his hands above his head.

Suddenly, he found out that he cannot move his body as if being sealed by wax. This experience of unable to move his body was not the first time for him. Previously in Sweden when they exchanged fire with them, he had experienced this once. He immediately knew these people have at least one Esper among them.

“Done, you may cuff his hands.” At this time, a female voice suddenly sounded.

Rei Li could not help but surprise for a moment, Is that Esper a woman? Although he would like to see her, because the searchlights that were too powerful, he cannot clearly see ahead.

This time, a man came and cuffed his hands with handcuffs.

Just as the man was about to cuff the other dark group members, a young male voice said: “Add one more.”

That man added a pair of handcuffs on his wrists. After this, Rei Li found that his body can move again.

After everyone has been handcuffed, a 40-something man walked up to Rei Li with a smiling face and said: “If it weren’t for you, we really have no way to find this place. Moreover, you even helped us dug up the site, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Rei Li said with a smile: “You’re welcome. As long as you no longer fart in front of me, I will be satisfied.”

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 216 Heart Of A Man

      1. Not necessarily, he’s just trying to get revenge for Lei Li by using the aliens he knows about. So he didn’t mean to get caught, but it’s still dumb of him to get caught so easily.


    1. nah there’s no way he’s not acting to drag this guy out from the shadows and for two reasons Lei Yin’s shouldn’t have vaporized and Rei would know that, two knowing that they can successfully track him or his team there’s no way he would go back with the same team.


  1. Kind of a dumbass move there rie lei. Seriously if this guy didn’t exist 90 percent of Musashi’s problems would disapear. What a dumbass. He ALWAYS plays into the hand of the enemy. ALWAYS. Such a stupid charachter should have died already.


    1. A little harsh, but mostly all true! I feel, Rei Li is the only one who always gets hurt and needs saving! Sometimes I thought that it was intentional and he was going to betray Lei, but he’s actually just useless! For all the boasting of being Masashi’s deciple in his last life and the fact that all Black Dragon people are highly skilled, you’d think he’s never learned a thing from either!


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