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The twin brothers showed the “unable to believe” look on their faces. To them this was impossible, they have simultaneously used their telekinetic ability to create a combined force field. Inside this force field was basically a sealed environment, nothing can move inside it, including the previous bullets that were coming at them.

Seeing that the man was getting closer and closer, the two people’s eyes once again showed the frightened look. While launching their telekinetic ability, they must maintain a high degree of concentration, in other words, they had no way back now. As soon as they recovered their telekinetic ability and tried to escape, it was highly likely that this man, with his amazing speed, would easily overtake and kill them.

Thus, they had no choice but to increase their telekinetic power.

At this time, the blue veins on the two brothers forehead were already exposed, and blood constantly dripped from their bleeding nose. Their appearances were very similar with the look on Jiro Yamahara before he died.

After arriving at the spot less than two meters in front of the two brothers, Lei Yin finally stopped. Seeing this, the two brothers’ eyes revealed a slightly relieved look.

At this time, Lei Yin suddenly looked at them and sneered, “Are Espers so great?” As soon as he finished saying, with an incredible speed, his right hand moved across their necks.

Suddenly, the grass on the ground and the three branches resumed their “swaying by the wind,” that huge block of ice seemed to be instantly disappeared. The twin brothers, with great terror, looked at the man in front of them, and then slowly fell to the ground. As soon as their bodies touched the ground, their young heads separated from their neck.

The few men in black that saw this scene felt chilled to the bones. Just now, they have already lost their confidence when they saw many of their companions inexplicably died by his sword. But now, the five Espers who they secretly referred to as monsters were also killed by this man, the next target should be them. Thinking of this, these special forces, who never thought of escape, could no longer withstand the fear. They immediately turned around and ran away.

Lei Yin did not go after them, just watching them leave with an indifferent expression.

After a while, his face suddenly showed a strange expression. Then, he put his hand on his chest and, with a “poof” sound, his mouth spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Master!” Rei Li screamed and rushed over to support him.

The severely wounded Chang’an also ran over to his side, “Your excellency….”

Looking at the two people’s red eyes, Lei Yin wryly smiled, wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth, and bitterly said: “Looks like I really have to say goodbye this time, don’t die you two.”

“Master, you….”

Patting their shoulders, Lei Yin pushed their hands away from him, and then, after smiling at them for a moment, finally, he suddenly disappeared in front of them.

“Master!” Rei Li knelt on the ground, crying out loud. His voice rang through the forest.

Looking at the direction where Lei Yin disappeared, Chang’an slowly walked to the nearby two men in black’s corpses and took their two submachine guns.

“Little Rei, now is not the time to cry, we have to take revenge for his excellency.”

Looking at Chang’an’s calm countenance, Rei Li stopped crying and stood up. Then, with the same calm expression as Chang’an, he slow took the submachine gun that was handed to him.


“Three hundred members of special forces almost being wiped out, and how do you want me to report this?” In the spacious office, a fifty-something-year-old man slapped the report on the table with his palm.

“I, I am sorry, their combat effectiveness is far beyond our expectation, but their casualties are not small either.”

The man sneered, “Oh, so you’re an excellent commander for dealing that much casualties on the enemy, right? This is not a good excuse, don’t forget, the opposite party is a gangster organization and you are the elite of the military, do you think this is a reasonable result?”

“I am sorry, Sir.”

Glancing at him, the man sighed and said: “Tom, you have really disappointed me this time.”

“I am sorry, uncle.” The petty officer said, ashamed.

A bit powerless to sit down, the man suddenly said: “You mentioned in the report that your team saw those five monsters were killed by a man using a sword, is that true?”

“Yes, according to these team members, the man can suddenly appear and disappear like a ghost. All the people that were near him when he appeared were killed by him, including those Espers. But we have received the latest report that said the man seemed seriously injured because someone saw him spit blood. Later on, he suddenly left them; Now his fate is unknown. But according to Rei Li’s reaction at that time, he may well have died; According to the then team members report, at that time, Rei Li called him master.”

“Rei Li’s master? Is he Yan Yuxiao who was rumored to have died ten years ago? Is he really not dead?” The man pondered.

“Although according to hearsay Yan Yuxiao is already dead, nobody has ever seen his corpse. Moreover, even though that person’s face is a bit different than Yan Yuxiao’s face ten years ago, maybe he has a facelift. But there is one thing I don’t understand, even if he is Yan Yuxiao, he is still an ordinary person, it should be impossible for him to do that thing.”

The man said in low voice: “There is one thing you may not know, two years ago, at the research site off the coast of New York, those people at the G area had an encounter with the Black Dragon. At the time, a mysterious man in a hooded face appeared and killed more than three hundred well-trained veterans and mercenaries in less than five minutes. Moreover, his killing technique is very similar to the one in your report. In light of your report, we should be able to conclude that that mysterious person may really be Yan Yuxiao. He is likely an Esper with unknown abilities. According to rumors, Yan Yuxiao never lost to anyone in his entire life. If he really is an Esper with special abilities, then all this can be reasonably explained.”

“Uncle, what should we do next? Should we continue to send people to catch Rei Li by force?” That petty officer asked.

“No, we don’t need to act rashly this time. According to this piece of report, it seems like Rei Li wants to take revenge on us. If this is true, then he would have to look for something powerful that can compete with us. And that something is exactly what we want to obtain.”
Seeing the mysterious smile that appeared on the corner of his uncle’s mouth, the petty officer could not help but somewhat confuse. He did not understand what “something powerful”  that his uncle said really means.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 215 Sword Part 2

  1. lol, I would like to see their face if this “something powerful” turn out to be nuclear bomb instead of the alien specimen they want, though that’s unlikely to happen.


  2. Okay. Im freaking out right now if lei yin really disapeared. Only hoping that it wouldnt be too long just like last time. TT^TT

    tnx for the chapt~


  3. Hopefully Rei Li doesn’t do something stupid to jeopardize the whole situation, and fall into the US trap. If Lei Yin is still alive and comes back to this, he would likely not be able to ever go home, trying to fix little Rei’s mistake. All I can think about is the waiting Naoko.


  4. Wow, didn’t expect him to literally disappear.
    It is fine for a new story to begin with a new body since we have no idea of his background and his past relationship with developed characters.
    But a new body right now will be so weird because as the reader, we know he has a family and a fiance Naoko waiting for him.


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